Bringing Network Automation Home With Anuta Networks ATOM

This piece covers the recent appearance by Anuta Networks at February’s Networking Field Day. There, they displayed the networking automation power of their ATOM solution, which includes the ATOM Cloud product to help cover nearly all aspects of a network — even if most of it is distributed through the cloud. Read on to learn the takeaways from their presentation, and check out the presentation itself for a technical deep dive of the solution.

The Fork in the Network to Code Road With Nautobot

On, Tom Hollingsworth writes about Network to Code’s Networking Field Day appearance, their Nautobot project, and the great path that they seem to be on. Tom also delves into the nature of open source projects, forks, and the role that developers play in the community. If you haven’t yet seen Network to Code’s Nautobot presentation from Networking Field Day, you can watch it on the Tech Field Day website!

Presenters React to Networking Field Day

A lot of great content was presented during Networking Field Day last month! The delegates were very happy to hear about the state of the networking industry from leaders in the technology that is driving the way we will do work in the future. From network analytics and provisioning to new solutions like 5G, every presenter brought something unique to the table. Check out this video to find out what the presenters thought of the experience!

Networking Isn’t Just a Tool

Writing for his blog, the “Networking Nerd” Tom Hollingsworth writes some of his thoughts as he sees all of the great companies and presentations come through Networking Field Day earlier this month. He writes that we need to treat the Network as more than just a tool that we can purchase and ignore in terms of investing further time, effort, and resources into. Head over to the Networking Nerd blog to read his take on the topic!

Even More Networking Field Day Headed Your Way May 12-14, 2021!

Ready or not, here comes Networking Field Day! We’re so excited to share so many updates with you! Writing for, event lead Tom Hollingsworth has this to say about the event. “This Networking Field Day event is packed with companies that are building the next generation of hardware and software to keep your networks operating at peak performance. They’re helping you solve the hard problems to keep your users happy and productive. Whether it’s a router, a switch, or a software platform, you’re going to find something here that you need to know about.” Check out all Tom’s thought and tune in live for Networking Field Day!

Scality Announces ARTESCA | Gestalt IT Rundown: April 28, 2021

This “bear” of a News Rundown features Tom Hollingsworth and Stephen Foskett, who discuss what’s new for the week of 4/28/21 in the IT industry. Tune in to hear about Scality’s announcement of ARTESCA, the University of Minnesota’s banning from Linux kernel development, and how one beaver was able to shut down the Internet access of an entire Canadian town. Also, Stephen talks about bears… like, a lot. Be sure to watch Scality’s exclusive launch of ARTESCA in partnership with HPE, only at Actual Tech Media and here at

Nailing Down Home Networking Issues With NetBeez

The mass transition from working in an office to suddenly working remotely created issues for troubleshooting connectivity issues. NetBeez has a history of finding new and innovative ways to collect metrics on networks, which they demoed their process at Networking Field Day in February. As Tom Hollingsworth mentions in this post on, “Thanks to NetBeez, we can solve one of the headaches of not having enough information about the home networks our users are contending with.” To learn more about NetBeez and their monitoring solution, be sure to check out their presentation from Networking Field Day on our website!

Presenters React to Security Field Day

With another successful Security Field Day event in the books, it’s always important to look back at what was top of mind for the presenters during the event. We focus on the slides and the questions and the way that everything looks on the published videos. However, there is more to Tech Field Day than just Powerpoint and presentation skills. Check out this video to see what the presenters think about the other parts of the Field Day experience that matter.

Tune in for Tech Field Day Exclusive at Cisco Live Global 2021

Be sure to tune in for Tech Field Day Exclusive at Cisco Live Global 2021! We will jump right into the Cisco discussions on April 13th and 14th. If you miss the live presentations, you can watch the videos that will be uploaded to the Tech Field Day YouTube channel shortly after! You can also follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #TFDx or #CiscoLive. Learn more in this post and video from our very own, Tom Hollingsworth!

Session-Aware AI-Driven Networking With Juniper Networks

Following Juniper Networks’ acquisition of 128 Technology, Juniper Networks introduced its Juniper Session Smart Networks at Networking Field Day in February. This platform is what 128 Technology SD-WAN is being transformed into. Additionally, Mist AI is being integrated into everything Juniper Networks does. To learn more about Juniper Session Smart Networks, check out the videos from Networking Field Day on our website!

Cisco Live Global 2021 Keynote Liveblog

It’s Cisco Live time again! Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth are live blogging the Cisco Live keynote. Head over to to check it out!

Presenters React to the Cloud Field Day Experience

Cloud Field Day happened earlier this month and the presenters are happy with the experience of everything involved! To see what makes Tech Field Day events special to companies, what they learned, and their thoughts on the overall experience of Cloud Field Day, check out this video and post on!

What Do the Delegates Think About Networking Field Day?

We love our delegates and were happy to have a great group join us for Networking Field Day in February! As our very own, Tom Hollingsworth, puts it, “One of the joys of working with a group of professionals and influencers like this is the fact that they are outspoken and love to share their thoughts around the event and the presenting companies.” To see what these delegates had to say about Networking Field Day, check out this video and post on!

Security Field Day Is Back March 23-25, 2021

Security Field Day is coming back! Join us March 23-25, 2021 to see the exciting lineup of presentations and experts from the security community. You can also use #XFD5 on Twitter to join the conversation, and for more about the upcoming Security Field Day, check out this video and post from Tom Hollingsworth on

Tom’s Virtual Corner at Cisco Live Global 2021 – Anniversary

Cisco Live has decided to go virtual again this year, and so has Tom’s Corner! Last summer, Tom Hollingsworth had made Tom’s Corner virtual for the first time due to the pandemic. This year, Tom’s Corner will be on March 29, 2021, starting at 7am PT virtually via Webex. For more information and how to join, check out Tom’s blog at!

Unifying SD-WAN and Edge With Cisco Catalyst 8000 Series

Hardware isn’t dead! Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says that the new Cisco Catalyst 8000 series edge devices have shown us how hardware can stay relevant in today’s tech world. Tom writes that the Cisco Catalyst 8000 provides “a platform at the edge to create networks, deploy containerized software, and manage it all from a central location.” At Tech Field Day last year, Cisco highlighted their new products like the Catalyst 8000. Check out the Cisco presentation from Tech Field Day 22 and Tom’s take on it on the Gestalt IT post.

Translating Your Network With Cisco Crosswork Network Controller

Cisco presented its Cisco Crosswork Network Controller at Networking Field Day last fall. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at this networking solution and states: “In short, the Crosswork Network Controller helps make your multivendor network environment homogeneous.” For more information and Tom’s thoughts, check out his post on!

Riverbed Wants You to Stop Being the Network Superhero

You might fancy yourself a superhero: running around, solving all the problems around you just in time to save the day. But doing all that can be exhausting and hard to keep up. Instead, Tom Hollingsworth thinks you should be a Supervillain…just hear him out! At Tech Field Day last year, Riverbed presented on how you can move away from being a “wrench turner” and instead become a “conductor.” With Riverbed harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, you too can have your own minions focus on the wrench turning while you focus on the scheming. Check out Tom’s thoughts on and the Riverbed presentation from Tech Field Day on our website.

Operationalizing Zero Trust Security With Illumio

Is zero-trust networking and security just marketing hype? Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says no. He writes that zero-trust is a tool that you can and should consider to make your network more secure and easier to manage. One specific version of zero-trust that Tom writes about is that from Illumio, who highlighted some specific use cases at Tech Field Day in December. Check out Tom’s thoughts on zero-trust security and Illumio’s offering on the Gestalt IT website!

Cisco Tetration Helps Keep Security From Getting Left Behind

Most technology companies are simultaneously dealing with two competing priorities: the need to move quickly in development and the need ensure to your projects are completely secure. Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says that the Cisco Tetration analytics platform can help you do both by helping creating and enforcing policy for app developers. Check out Tom’s thoughts on Cisco’s Tetration offering and how to “shift left” in your organization on the website.