Riverbed Showcases SD-WAN Enhancements at Network Field Day 19

Riverbed presented at Networking Field Day earlier this year, being no stranger to the event. To get their perspective on it, be sure to read former-delegate Brandon Carroll’s post on the Riverbed blog. They introduced their SD-WAN 2.0 to the delegates, in conjunction with SteelHead SD. This delivers SD-WAN with a robust feature set to provide security and flexibility without sacrificing performance. Make sure to watch their presentation video to see Brandon give a full demo.

Riverbed Enhanced SD-WAN

Pete Welcher returned for his fifth Networking Field Day last month, and it looks like he didn’t leave disappointed. In this post, he looks at what Riverbed presented at the event. They presented on their SD-WAN solution. Given the crowded field, Pete was interested to see how they differentiated themselves. They did this with a solid GUI and robust feature set, with an emphasis on digital experience and performance. He also shows how Riverbed’s history with WAN optimization naturally extends into SD-WAN.

Meet Wayne McFarkus

Al Rasheed heard a deep dive from Silver Peak at Networking Field Day earlier this year. They have a unique approach to their SD-WAN solution, positioning it not just as software-defined, but rather self-driving. What stood out in their presentation was how their solution takes a business driven approach to networking, making it work for the needs of the business rather than the other way around. Al runs through everything the company showed at the event. Be sure to read it before watching their complete presentation video.

I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt

Al Rasheed was one of the delegates invited to attend Networking Field Day earlier this month. At the event, he heard a presentation from Illumio. The company was an early pioneer in micro-segmentation, something increasingly important to reduce surface area on the ever increasing incidents of data center exploits. Al was impressed how they can bring increased visibility, particularly for application dependencies. Overall, he found that Illumio “killed it” during their presentation.

Intent Based Networking , Is it the next big thing ?

This post by Orhan Ergun does a great job of providing background on Intent-Based Networking, why it’s getting so much buzz, and what some of the tradeoff can potentially be. This sets up his thoughts from Networking Field Day presentation from Apstra, a startup active in this space for a few years and who have started to innovate into the Intent-Based Analytics world as well. Orhan certainly found their presentation impressive, especially compared to other competitive solutions.

Cisco Aggressively Ups Its SD-WAN Game

Cisco spent the bulk of their Networking Field Day presentation discussing recent updates to SD-WAN. Pete Welcher digs into the presentation in this blog post. For Pete, the big news of the presentation was Cisco bringing improved security to SD-WAN, with firewalls and other security features now included with Viptela SD-WAN. Pete sees this as the key to broadening SD-WAN into more diverse designs and topologies.

DNS Is A Chump!

Al Rasheed was one of the delegates at our Networking Field Day event last week, and got to hear from BlueCat Networks. The company provides enterprise DNS solutions to provide visibility, an automation framework, and agility without compromising on security.

Exciting SD-WAN Updates From Riverbed

Kevin Blackburn was along as a delegate at Networking Field Day last week. At the event, he got to hear the latest updates on SD-WAN from Riverbed. SD-WAN is a great tool for routing connections between disparate locations in the enterprise. Riverbed demonstrated how their solution allows this to scale to large networks by seamlessly managing the overlay and underlay with a unified approach. Kevin was also impressed by Riverbed’s new subscription model pricing, as well as their overall ease of use.

Disrupting DDI @ Networking Field Day (In Tweets)

BlueCat Networks shared a blog post detailing their team’s experience as a first time Tech Field Day presenter. The company broke down how they are innovating on the traditional query and answer nature of DNS. The delegates were impressed how BlueCat offers DNS, DHCP, IPAM services combined into a single source of truth. They then showed how this can have major implications for network automation.

The Recap: Kentik at Networking Field Day 19

Michelle Kincaid with Kentik wrote up a blog post detailing the companies recent presentation at Networking Field Day. The company is no stranger to the event, and it’s always great to hear their latest and greatest. The presentation updated the delegates on how Kentik is expanding the capabilities of their network monitoring by adding features for cloud infrastructure, service providers, and automation.

Cisco Catalyst 9800 WLC – The Most Flexible WLC Yet

Kevin Blackburn breaks down the release of Cisco’s new Catalyst 9800 series wireless LAN controller. Kevin is impressed that this isn’t a single appliance, but a true platform that can run in the cloud, on a switch, or on an on-premises appliance. The Catalyst 9800 series WLC are all based on IOS-XE code, providing modularity and flexibility. Cisco presented on this at Networking Field Day earlier this month, so be sure to check out their full video for a deep dive.

Day 1 – Networking Field Day 19

Networking Field Day is underway this week out in Silicon Valley. We’re thrilled to have Al Rasheed along for the event. He’s already written up some thoughts from his first day traveling to the event. This saw him meet with fellow delegates and looking forward to the coming presentations the rest of the week. Be sure to watch all the Networking Field Day presentations live this week!

Foskett’s Twelve: Network Field Day and SD-WAN

Romain Jourdan previews Riverbed’s appearance at Networking Field Day this week. He runs down the delegates who are at the even, and what Riverbed will talk about. Make sure to follow along on our live stream, and check out the full video soon after the event.

Networking Field Day 19

Al Rasheed will be a delegate at Networking Field Day, coming up next week! There is a packed roster of announced presenters, so make sure you’re following #NFD19 on Twitter for Al and the other delegates thoughts. Better yet, watch along on our live stream to catch all the presentations as they happen.