The Future of Sports Wi-Fi Is Intelligent With Extreme Networks

In this post, Tom Hollingsworth looks at what Extreme Networks is doing with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on their platform to improve wi-fi. Tom has some healthy skepticism about these buzzwords, but was impressed with what Extreme has been able to do in real world use cases, like providing improved wi-fi at stadiums. Extreme will be presenting at Networking Field Day this week, be sure to watch their presentation on our live stream for more details.

BLOG – Tech Field Day 20 – Estaremos lá!!!

It’s always great to expand the delegates that attend Field Day events. We’re really looking forward to seeing what Rodrigo Rovere thinks of Networking Field Day next month. He introduces the event series and introduces what he expects to see at the event in this post. With nine companies set to present, it should be an event packed with great content.