Avoiding Automation Archipelagos With Extreme Networks

When it’s your turn to build the automation strategy for your environment, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of building a series of automation islands with no integration. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at some recent announcements that Extreme Networks made at Networking Field Day and how they can help you connect your automation archipelago.

BLOG – NFD20 – SnapRoute

At Networking Field Day earlier this year, we were happy to have Rodrigo Rovere attend as a delegate. He’s written on quite a few of the presentation, and in this post turns his attention to SnapRoute. For their first Networking Field Day presentation, the company showed off their Cloud Native Network Operation System, which moves away from a monolithic approach and embraces a cloud-native architecture. Be sure to check out their full presentation video to get up to speed.

All-In With SD-WAN and Fortinet

Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at the Fortinet presentation from Networking Field Day and discusses how ASICs may be the key to Foritinet finding their ante in the SD-WAN market. Can SD-WAN innovate through software alone? Or can custom hardware ASICs make the difference in performance? Tom discusses.

Defeating DDoS in the Network With Nokia

Denial-of-Service attacks are growing in size and number, especially as IoT devices become more commonplace. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at a new solution from Nokia using Deepfield and analytics to stop this malicious traffic in transit, which they discussed at Networking Field Day earlier this year.

What Are Your IoT Devices Up To? Nyansa’s Voyance IoT Has Answers

Nyansa has offered a pure play high velocity streaming analytics platform with impressive comparative capabilities for a while. At Networking Field Day, the company showed a new solution, Voyance IoT, which brings that analytic capability to fingerprint these connected devices, monitor performance, and alert admins of anomalous behavior. In this piece, Drew Conry-Murray gives the platform a complete overview.

Keeping the Network OS Contained With SnapRoute

The monolithic network operating system isn’t the most exciting. For Tom Hollingsworth, the category had a “been there, done that” feel to it. That’s why what SnapRoute presented at Networking Field Day was so exciting. They showed a rethought approach to the NOS. Instead of making everything a process running on the kernel, they break things up into a Kubernetes container. Tom reviews the performance and monitoring implication in this piece.

NSX-T Is Transformative for the Future of VMware

At their recent Networking Field Day presentation, VMware went into detail about their recent NSX 2.4 release. For Tom Hollingsworth, the release adds a lot of notable features and signals where the company is going in the future. Going forward, all NSX development will be on NSX-T for modern infrastructure, rather than the traditional NSX-V. Tom notes this effectively marks the end of the vSphere-centric data center. Don’t let the version number fool you, this is VMware being aggressive to remain vital to modern IT.

Fortinet Launches New SD-WAN and Firewall Appliance, Rebrands an ASIC

Drew Conry-Murray recently got a deep dive into Fortinet’s SD-WAN technology at Networking Field Day. One aspect that fascinated Drew in that presentation was how the company combined security and SD-WAN capabilities into a single device. The company recently debutted a Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), the FortiGate 100F, which provides the hardware foundation for that technology.

Netrounds Brings Testing to Network Infrastucture

Ken Nalbone give Netrounds’ presentation from Networking Field Day a closer look in this piece. They showed off their testing solutions that make it easier for IT to get visibility into application and network performance, and ultimately enable organizations to meet their SLAs. While the goal in the software-defined data center is to abstract infrastructure, that doesn’t eliminate it as a potential source of issues. That’s why for Ken, testing like Netrounds provides is essential

Using Machine Learning for IoT Security: NFD20 Demo

In this post, Bettina Baumgart from Extreme Networks outlines what the company presented at Networking Field Day earlier this year. Their message was based around using ML-driven security analytics and automated threat response for IoT to meet the rapidly changing IT landscape. The had an extensive demo showing just what is possible on their platform, so check out the post for the full technical deep dive.

BLOG – NFD20 – Fortinet SDWAN

In this post, Rodrigo Rovere takes a look at what Fortinet presented at Networking Field Day earlier this year. He was interested in hearing about their SD-WAN solutions and how they would stand out in this quickly crowding market. Fortinet really focused their presentation on their security differentiation based around their Security Fabric. While Rodrigo wanted a little more detail on the SD-WAN specifics, he found it an interesting presentation nonetheless.

Nyansa Wants to Be the IoT Sheriff

Nyansa returned to Networking Field Day with their presentation earlier this year. At the event, they showed their solution for how to handle the proliferation of IoT devices in the enterprise. In this post, Stephen Foskett looks at how they inventory the devices, verify connectivity and performance, characterize their behavior, detect and secure unusual actions, and verify that mitigations are working.

Validation Des Services Réseaux Avec Netrounds

At all Field Day events, we try to gather perspectives from across the data center and the world. That’s why we love this post in French from Mario Gingras about what he saw from Netrounds at Networking Field Day last month. Their agent-based network monitoring offers full programmability, while giving admins a look at the performance and immediate availability of key services. He digs into the architecture in the post. He found it an impressively complete solution, but one that’s relatively simple to configure.

Off the Cuff – NFD20 Wrap Up

From a rainy recording in Silicon Valley, Jordan Martin gathered together some fellow delegates from Networking Field Day to discuss what they heard at the event. They run down each presenter and discuss what stood out and struck their interest. Guests include Mario Gingras, Nick Shoemaker, Richard McIntosh, Brian Gleason, and Drew Conry-Murray.

Juniper Buries the Headline at NFD20

Brian Gleason thought Juniper Networks had one of the best presentations at Networking Field Day last month. Instead of focusing on routing and switching, the company took the time to highlight their free educational tools. NRE Labs particularly impressed Brian. Instead of being a lead-gen bait and switch, NRE Labs is a GitHub-hosted set of learning resources for network engineers not yet comfortable with automation and programming. It has lessons for beginners, but is also designed to help move beyond the basics. It’s a refreshingly helpful set of resources from Juniper.

BLOG – NFD20 – VMware – SDWAN

Rodrigo Rovere was a delegate at Networking Field Day last month, and got to hear the latest from VMware. The company focused on their SD-WAN portfolio, focusing on Velocloud. They showed how this can offer organizations not just easier networking across sites, but more security on top of it. This coordinated with NSX makes for a potent combination.

Netrounds Marries Active Testing and Monitoring to Validate Network Performance and Availability

Drew Conry-Murray is no stranger to networking, but he hadn’t heard about Netrounds until they presented at Networking Field Day last month. They offer a pretty straightforward solution for service providers and large enterprises: Active verification that services are up and performing acceptably. They do this by running a wide array of test agents to get a client-side perspective on these services. Drew also liked the automation features available, with APIs available for third-party integrations.

PathSolutions Helps Put the Data of Your Network to Good Use

In this post, Ken Nalbone looks at the network collection and correlation capabilities of PathSolutions. They were a presenter at Networking Field Day, highlighting their TotalView platform. By combining monitoring from across the data center with proactive alerting, Ken found it an intriguing solution.

SnapRoute – Is There Something New Happening in Networking?

SnapRoute launched their Cloud Native Network Operating System at Networking Field Day earlier this month. For Ed Horley, this marks a significant shift in thinking. It classifies networking as just another compute object with specific characteristics, one that is utilized to serve a workload. This takes networking from something apart, and sets it at the same level of the rest of the software-defined data center. It’s an interesting approach, and Ed digs into the implications in this piece.


Richard McIntosh was impressed with what he saw from Netrounds at Networking Field Day earlier this year. Using a series of network agents, they offer testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting, reporting back to a Control Center in a nicely put together GUI. They showed a demo using their API to deploy seven agents in seven countries with reporting starting to Control Center in under a minute. That kind of active monitoring is invaluable for modern networks.