Who Is Network to Code @ Networking Field Day 21

There’s probably no hotter topic in networking right now than automation. At Networking Field Day, we got to hear the debut presentation by Network to Code and see what solutions they offer in the area. This post helps to introduce the company’s overall mission, be sure to check it out before diving into the video coverage.

NFD21 – NetBox Automation Integrations

Network to Code presented at their first Networking Field Day event this fall, and they packed a lot of interesting content into their time. In this post, they dig into their Netbox solution and its role as a robust source of truth within a network automation framework. If you didn’t catch their presentation live, be sure to watch the entire video from the event!

Itential Debuts at Networking Field Day 21

The team at Itential made their first presentation at Networking Field Day. They choose to make a splash at one of our biggest events of the year. In this post, they break down what they discussed in each part of their presentation. Be sure to check out what this company is doing with networking automation.

Arrcus: An Application of Modern OEM Principles for Whitebox Switches

Arrcus definitely made an impression on Amy Arnold after Networking Field Day. If nothing else, it spurred some pirate puns. But perhaps more importantly, she was impressed by their approach to whitebox switching. They showed off the latest with ArcOS, which now leverages advanced capabilities of the Jericho-2 chipset. Be sure to check out the rest of the post for all the details.

Fast Friday Thoughts – Networking Field Day 21

Tom Hollingsworth usually has some keen insights after a Networking Field Day event. As the organizer, it’s not surprising. In this post, he shares some quick thoughts about overall trends from the event. He’s seeing SD-WAN moving to become application-centric, automation getting a more human touch, and why owning the stack leads to disappointment. Be sure to check out the whole post for lots of great insights.

NFD21 Delegate!

Remington Loose was a first time delegate at Networking Field Day. While it can be a little intimidating to drink from the IT fire hose at such an event, Remington definitely did his homework. He profiles the presenting companies in this piece and what he expected to see from each. Now that the event is over, we can’t wait to hear what he thought of the presentations.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Tech Field Day is an event built around technical content from leading IT companies. But it wouldn’t be successful without the wonderful community built around it of writers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and more. Kori Younger shares her experience of becoming part of that community in this piece. We can’t wait to see her at future events!

Networking Field Day 21

Networking Field Day featured a heroic number of companies presenting over the course of four days out in Silicon Valley. We were thrilled that A.J. Murray was able to join us at the event. We can’t wait to hear more of his thoughts on the packed presenter roster and get some of his insights on the tech.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Stefan Fouant

If you saw a new face around the delegate table at Networking Field Day, it might have been Stefan Fouant! While new as a Field Day delegate, Stefan shared a lot about his background and perspective on IT in this interview with Gestalt IT. Be sure to check it out.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jeremy Schulman

Our super sized Networking Field Day had a lot of new faces at it, including Jeremy Schulman. While a first time delegate, Jeremy has had some experience on the other side of the table, so we can’t wait to see what he thought of the event. Be sure to check out this interview with Gestalt IT to get more background on what Jeremy is up to and where he sees IT going.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Micheline Murphy

Micheline Murphy recently did an interview with Gestalt IT, giving her background and thoughts on IT. Be sure to check it out before seeing Micheline around the delegate table at Networking Field Day. As a first time delegate at the event, we can’t wait to hear what she thought of the Field Day experience, and what presentations she enjoyed seeing at the event.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Scott Morris

We love having new delegates at Field Day events to keep the perspectives fresh and the voices vital to the conversation. Scott Morris was one of the new faces at Networking Field Day, and in this interview with Gestalt IT, he gives a little background on his context and background in IT, and where he sees it going.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Remington Loose

Networking Field Day was the first event Remington Loose attended as a delegate. If you haven’t already seen him around the table, be sure to checkout this interview he did with Gestalt IT. He goes over how he got into IT, where it’s going, and gets into his perspective on tech. It’s an interesting read and some valuable context.

Meet Field Day Delegate – A.J. Murray

A.J. Murray is one of the new delegates that will be attending Networking Field Day in October. We’re always excited to have new voices and perspectives around the table. Before you see him there, be sure to check out this interview he did with Gestalt IT to get to know his background a little better.

Networking Field Day 21

Aruba Networks is no stranger to Networking Field Day, and we’re thrilled to have them join us again at the event in October. They’ll be talking about their Aruba AOS-CX operating system for switches as well as reviewing Aruba’s Software-Defined Branch innovations. It should prove to be an interesting time, be sure to mark your calendar for the live stream.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Josh Warcop

Josh Warcop is one of the new faces we’ll be seeing around the delegate table for Networking Field Day. Before that, be sure to get to know him a little better with this interview from Gestalt IT.

Preparing for the BIG ONE: Networking Field Day 21

Bruno Wollmann is excited for Networking Field Day. The event looks to literally be one of the biggest ever. Seriously, there are so many presenting companies, the event runs for four days. It should prove to be a jam packed event full of the latest networking goodness. Be sure to check out our live stream to catch it all for yourself.

Network Field Day 21 – October 1-4, 2019 – Biggest Tech Field Day Event Ever?!?

Ed Horley can’t hide his excited anticipation for Networking Field Day. The event has had such a swell of interest from presenting companies, it’s been expanded to occur over 4 days. It will be jammed packed with prominent presenters and diligent delegates, so mark your calendars!