The Fork in the Network to Code Road With Nautobot

On, Tom Hollingsworth writes about Network to Code’s Networking Field Day appearance, their Nautobot project, and the great path that they seem to be on. Tom also delves into the nature of open source projects, forks, and the role that developers play in the community. If you haven’t yet seen Network to Code’s Nautobot presentation from Networking Field Day, you can watch it on the Tech Field Day website!

How Forward Networks Fosters Empathy in Tech

This article covers Forward Networks’ recent appearance at Networking Field Day, discussing how since their first even Networking Field Day appearance up until now, Forward Networks has focused on making the lives of network admins easier. This emphasis on empathy has propelled Forward’s products into the limelight, both here at Networking Field Day as well as in the minds of their customers. To learn more about what empathy means in the tech industry, read this article and watch Forward Network’s presentation.

Simplifying Network Automation With Itential

In their appearance at Networking Field Day in February, Itential showcased their network automation solution. This piece dives into what benefits the product offers networking teams and how Itential looks to make automation easier by reducing the amount of coding required by networking teams. Read on to learn more, or watch Itential’s Networking Field Day presentation to see for yourself how it works.

A Major Transition in the Way Networks Are Built With DriveNets

We were excited to welcome DriveNets to Networking Field Day earlier this year where they presented on their unique software that pairs with Whitebox switches to provide easy to manage networks. In addition, the DriveNets offering is unique in that it treats the networks as clouds. The Gestalt IT staff write that DriveNets is making waves with their innovative take on networking “that can move from the hyper-scalers and service providers into enterprise-level companies.” If you want to learn more, be sure to head over to the Tech Field Day YouTube channel and watch the DriveNets videos from Networking Field Day there.

Nailing Down Home Networking Issues With NetBeez

The mass transition from working in an office to suddenly working remotely created issues for troubleshooting connectivity issues. NetBeez has a history of finding new and innovative ways to collect metrics on networks, which they demoed their process at Networking Field Day in February. As Tom Hollingsworth mentions in this post on, “Thanks to NetBeez, we can solve one of the headaches of not having enough information about the home networks our users are contending with.” To learn more about NetBeez and their monitoring solution, be sure to check out their presentation from Networking Field Day on our website!

SOLIDserver Manages DDI With an API: EfficientIP at Networking Field Day

EfficientIP joined us for Networking Field Day in February where they presented their SOLIDserver DDI. We take a deeper look at this solution and its advantages in this piece by Gestalt IT. After evaluating the solution, they conclude “EfficientIP’s SOLIDserver DDI solutions work to provide resilient, scalable, and secure core networking services and integrate with modern IT practices with their API interface.” Check out this post by Gestalt IT for more information!

Networking Field Day 24: Takeaways and Highlights

NetBeez presented at Networking Field Day in February where co-founder and COO Panos Vouzis and CTO Panickos Neophytou discussed their network monitoring solution. This is the fourth Field Day event NetBeez has participated in, with the first being back in 2015! Be sure to check out their blog for highlights from this presentation, including a discussion of how NetBeez helps IT Infrastructure and Operations teams maximize the performance of their network.

Session-Aware AI-Driven Networking With Juniper Networks

Following Juniper Networks’ acquisition of 128 Technology, Juniper Networks introduced its Juniper Session Smart Networks at Networking Field Day in February. This platform is what 128 Technology SD-WAN is being transformed into. Additionally, Mist AI is being integrated into everything Juniper Networks does. To learn more about Juniper Session Smart Networks, check out the videos from Networking Field Day on our website!

What Do the Delegates Think About Networking Field Day?

We love our delegates and were happy to have a great group join us for Networking Field Day in February! As our very own, Tom Hollingsworth, puts it, “One of the joys of working with a group of professionals and influencers like this is the fact that they are outspoken and love to share their thoughts around the event and the presenting companies.” To see what these delegates had to say about Networking Field Day, check out this video and post on!

Juniper Gets “Misty” @ Networking Field Day 24

Jason Gintert had the opportunity to join us as a delegate at Networking Field Day in February and see Juniper Networks’ presentation. In this blog, Jason takes a look at the different topics and technology that the company presented, including its Marvis Virtual Network Assistant, its new EX4400 Campus Switch, and the acquisition and integration of both 128 Technologies and Apstra. To see what Jason had to say, check out his blog on!

Actions Not Words, Demos Not Slides

Forward Networks understands that in network operations, it’s never the same day twice. In February, Forward Networks showcased “what a day in a network operations professional’s life using the Forward Enterprise Platform looks like, from unboxing to integrations—covering killer use cases between” at Networking Field Day. To learn more about the Forward Enterprise Platform, check out this post from Forward Networks on its website, as well as the videos from Networking Field Day!

A Recap of Networking Field Day 24

DriveNets presented at Networking Field Day last month, showcasing what’s new and a live demo with multiple routers running on the same infrastructure. In this blog, Run Almog of DriveNets mentions, “Networking Field Day provided a uniquely-focused forum where we could discuss the issues surrounding this evolving space, giving us a unique opportunity to share our vision for building the network of the future.” Run also details DriveNets’ different sessions from the event. For more information, be sure to check out this blog and watch the videos from Networking Field Day on our website!


At Networking Field Day in February, Keith Parsons joined us as a delegate and had the opportunity to see Juniper Networks’ presentation. Keith was especially intrigued with its presentations related to Wireless LANs, including Juniper Mist. To see what all Keith had to say, check out this blog!

Network & Cloud Automation at Networking Field Day 24

Last month, Itential presented at Networking Field Day, where it showcased its latest product features and capabilities for automation across network and cloud infrastructure, receiving questions and input from our delegates. In this blog, Itential recaps the different topics discussed and even features tweets from those who were watching in! Be sure to check out its blog for more information and watch the videos from Networking Field Day on our website!

Wi-Fi Monitoring With NetBeez

Keith Parsons had the opportunity to join us as a delegate at Networking Field Day last month and saw NetBeez’s presentation. In this blog, Keith mentions that NetBeez has been presenting at Field Day events since 2015 and he has watched all of its presentations. He claims, “I’ve been impressed with their simple, yet powerful technology – taking low cost hardware, coupled with software built to solve actual network problems to bring a solution to IT departments who want to manage and monitor their wired and wireless networks.” For more of Keith’s thoughts on NetBeez’s presentations from the recent Networking Field Day, visit!

NFD24 – DriveNets

At Networking Field Day last month, Larry Smith had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and learn about DriveNets for the first time. DriveNets presented two products that stood out to him: DriveNets Network Operating System (DNOS) and DriveNets Network Orchestrator (DNOR). While Larry highlighted just two of its products, in his blog, he mentions that he plans to dig into more of its products. For more of Larry’s thoughts, check out his blog!

Presenters React to the Networking Field Day Experience

Networking Field Day was last month and the presenters are raving about the experience. The interactions with our delegates are what make Field Day events so special. To learn why companies participate in Tech Field Day events and what makes Networking Field Day stand out, check out this video and post on!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jason Gintert

Jason Gintert is a new delegate joining us at Networking Field Day next week! He is the co-founder of WAN Dynamics, a professional networking services company focused on WAN & cloud. He took a few minutes to tell us a little about himself in this Meet the Field Day Delegate post! Welcome to the Tech Field Day community, Jason!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Deirra Footman

Deirra Footman will be a new delegate at Networking Field Day this month! She is a Network Engineer and Tech Blogger. As a woman and person of color in the technology field, she understands the unique challenges those looking to enter the industry can experience and hopes to inspire others by sharing her story. To learn more about Deirra, check out her Meet the Field Day Delegate post!