Network Field Day 28 – Day 3 Recap

As the last day of Networking Field Day came to end, Jordan Villarreal shared his thoughts on a few companies he has not heard of before. The third day of this event was full of presentations from Progress, Augtera, and Pica8, check out Jeremy’s positive thoughts here!

My Besties Awards – Network Field Day 28

This specific blog we found very fun here at Tech Field Day! Jeremy Schulman attended this past Networking Field Day, in his latest blog he talks about “Bestie Awards” that he gave out to presenters he felt were deserving. For example, Bob Friday from Juniper won the “Best off Camera” award! Check out to see what other awards Jeremy has given out!

Network Field Day 28 – Day 0

Join Jordan Villarreal, a Field Day delegate, on his thoughts and knowledge of Networking Field Day presenters before the event start date. He goes into quick detail on what he expects of some companies and what he is hoping to learn while being there. Take a look here!

Gluware to Showcase Network RPA Capabilities at Networking Field Day 28

Gluware presented on their newly released Gluware Network Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution at this past Networking Field Day! Take a look at their presentation layout here!

Friday Thoughts on the Full Stack

Writing on his own personal site, Tom Hollingsworth gives a few random thoughts about Networking Field Day, specifically focusing on the On-Premise IT Roundtable before it will be published to Gestalt IT. Check out Tom’s thoughts here!

Hello Augtera, Goodbye SYSLOG Problems

Jeremy Schulman attended this past Networking Field Day as a delegate. In this article he talks about the presentation from Augtera where they presented on ways that leverage a customer’s existing investments. Check out Jeremy’s thoughts here!

Network Field Day 28 – Day 1 Recap

Looking for a quick recap on Day 1 of May’s Networking Field Day? You’re in luck, Jordan Villarreal, a Field Day delegate, posted a Youtube video here about the presentations from Juniper Networks, Arista, and Netris. Check out his thoughts here!

Networking Field Day 28 Is Here!

Networking Field Day 28 is here! This event is packed with presentations from beginning to end from Arista Networks, Augtera, Gluware, PathSolutions, Juniper Networks, NetBeez, Netris, Pica8, and Progress. Follow along live on LinkedIn or the Tech Field Day webpage. You don’t want to miss it!

TechHouse570- Networking Field Day 28- Event Preview

Check out who will be presenting at May’s Networking Field Day from Girard Kavelines, a Field Day delegate. Girard is most excited to see presentations from Path Solutions, but he knows that each company will be bringing their “A” game. Check it out!

As a Network Delegate…

Jeremy Shulman will be attending the May Networking Field Day as a delegate. In this post he discusses what he will be looking for from presenting companies and what he isn’t going to be too interested in. Check out his thoughts here!

Pica8 Is Participating in Networking Field Day #28 on May 6, 2022 in Santa Clara, California

Pica8 is presenting at May’s Networking Field Day on Zero Trust Automation, single-term licensing, and productivity! Take a look here at what they have in store for the event!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jordan Villarreal

Meet our newest delegate, Jordan Villrreal! Jordan took some time to tell us about himself, check out what he has to say!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Martin Duggan

Check out our newest delegate, Martin Duggan! Martin is a technical leader and principal network architect, but in his free time he spends most days with his family trying to make “the perfect pizza”. Check out a little bit more about Martin here!