AIOps: Using AI for Smarter More Efficient Operations

In this post, Peter Welcher delves into the growing significance of Artificial Intelligence in Operations (AIOps) and its transformative impact on Security Operations Centers. He explores how AIOps can streamline massive data streams by filtering out noise, predicting system failures, and offering automated, intelligent security solutions that adapt to the technological complexities of modern networks. The article also highlights several AIOps solutions, underscoring the importance of choosing tools with tangible benefits amidst a market proliferated with AI-enhanced products.

BackBox- Network Vulnerability Manager

Girard Kavelines delves into the technical advantages of BackBox’s Network Vulnerability Manager, a system designed to proactively combat cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. The Network Vulnerability Manager can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities as they appear, automating patches and upgrades across network devices for efficient remediation. The tool also enables multi-step upgrades in a seamless process, cutting down on intervention and enhancing the overall security of networks.

What Does Selector.AI Do?

In this blog posted on NetCraftsmen, Peter Welcher discusses Selector.AI, a startup in the AIOps field that focuses on the network domain. Welcher discusses the capabilities of the product, such as its ability to convert large amounts of data across multiple domains into actionable information, and the way it uses artificial intelligence as part of its core functionality. Welcher sums up that Selector.AI could offer significant benefits, such as being a single source of truth and the ability to democratize data access.

Aryaka Presented at Networking Field Day 30

Aryaka is not only a technology and product company, but also a managed service provider, and they recently presented at Networking Field Day for the first time to tell us more. In this article, Klaus Schwegler of Aryaka raves about their experience at Networking Field Day in January. Read his full thoughts on the Tech Field Day experience and Aryaka Unified SASE on their website, and watch their full presentation on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel.

Networking Field Day 30- Delegate Roundtable

In this article, Girard Kavelines writes about his favorite part of Networking Field Day in January…The Future Of Networking in 2023 Delegate Roundtable. Read his thoughts on the value of Networking as a Service (Naas) on his website.

Selector Is Evolving the Way We Operate Networks

David Varnum says, “Purpose-built vendor-neutral solutions like Selector are setting the stage for what’s to come with network observability.” Read his optimistic thoughts on the Overlaid website.

Anuta Networks Adds Synthetic Tests for On-Demand Network Performance Monitoring

Drew Conry-Murray gives his thoughts on the “sensible addition” of the active assurance capability of ATOM, the network automation and orchestration software from Anuta Networks. Check out the article on the Packet Pushers website.

Network Monitoring With New Anuta ATOM Active Service Assurance

This article talks about the newly released Anuta ATOM Active Service Assurance feature. ATOM ASA is a monitoring capability that detects threshold breaches, and enables organizations to fulfill SLAs from get-go. Read the full story on Gestalt IT, or watch the demo of ATOM ASA on the Tech Field Day website.

Ep 112 – NFD30 Special!

Networking Field Day Delegates A.J. Murray, Tim Bertino, and Girard Kavelines share their thoughts on this event in this episode of the Art of Network Engineering Podcast. Listen to their thoughts here!

I’ve Got 99 Problems but a Fortinet Isn’t One

Girard Kavelines raves about FortiSwitch, FortiManager, and FortiLink as “making onboarding the easiest thing you’ll ever experience.” Check out his full review of Fortinet’s presentation at Networking Field Day in January on the TechHouse570 website.

Managing Campus Fabric With AI-Driven Automation With Juniper Networks

Sulagna Saha talks about Juniper Networks Mist Wired Assurance, a cloud-based service that provides deep visibility into switch health and simplifies switching operations for improved user experience. Read her story on Gestalt IT and watch Juniper Networks’ demo of the solution in the article.

Closed Loop Automation With Anuta Networks’ Active Service Assurance

When it comes to design and engineering of networks, Ethan Banks is optimistic that a tool like ATOM Active Service Assurance from Anuta Networks can relieve some of the tedium. Closed-loop automation is a tool that can help a network administrator ensure that networks are deployed properly. Read Ethan’s blog post and check out the Anuta Networks presentation at the Tech Field Day website!

Brief: When to Consider Anuta Networks for Automation

David Varnum was at the Anuta Networks presentation at Networking Field Day in January and found their ATOM to be very impressive. Anuta Networks should be in the discussion, according to Varnum, opening new a new alternative in the build vs. buy question. Read David’s post and check out the Anuta Networks presentation on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel!

Selector – Like Spotify, but for Your Network

AJ Murray reflects on Selector AI’s presentation from the most recent Networking Field Day saying it was “an absolute privilege to be a delegate for this one!” Selector AI was a new company for us at Field Day events and discussed event correlation and observability solutions. Take a look here as AJ deep dives into what Selector AI has to offer.

Fortinet Presents at NFD30

At the most recent Networking Field Day, AJ Murray took a real in-depth look at Fortinet for the first time. He gives us a summary of their SD-WAN and SASE solutions and demos from both. Check out Tim’s thoughts here!

Making Networks More Sustainable With Cisco

Sulagna Saha writes about the Cisco Crosswork Network Controller, a network automation solution designed to simplify service lifecycle functions, and assure high level QoE across multi-vendor IP transport networks. Read her thoughts on Gestalt IT, or watch the demo presentation on the Tech Field Day website.

Networking Field Day 30- Event Preview

Girard Kavelines gave us a quick preview of what to have expected on the presentation schedule for this past Networking Field Day. Girard gives some quick thoughts about each company and what he was most excited to hear about. For all full presentations, head over to the Tech Field Day website, and be sure to check out Girard’s blog for more Networking Field Day content!

Gaining Intelligent Observability W/ Selector AI

In his post, Tim Bertino discusses Selector AI’s presentation from January’s Networking Field Day where Tim was introduced to Selector AI’s solution. Selector AI has come up with a solution to the scale and complexity of modern networks and how they are making it increasingly hard for the remediation workflow. Check out Tim’s thoughts on how Selector AI is solving this problem, how they address the challenges, and how their partners can benefit from the Selector AI solution.

Friday Networking Field Day Thoughts

Tom Hollingsworth wrapped up the first Networking Field Day of 2023 this past January and leaves his thoughts for us to ponder with. Tom goes into detail on the Network-as-a-Service roundtable discussion that the delegates recorded at the event, what the companies are up to overall, and shared some news about Twitter. Take a look here at more of what Tom has to say.

Juniper Campus Fabric and Segmentation

Field Day delegate, Tim Bertino wrote a recap on Juniper Networks’ presentation from the most recent Networking Field Day. He goes into detail on Juniper’s story of how they are helping their customers build campus fabrics with the Mist AI cloud platform. They are preparing to provide an overall goal of Experience-First Networking, be sure to check out Tim’s thoughts here!