Cloud-Style Networking With Nile Service Block

Networking has become increasingly problematic with the growing heterogeneity of assets. At the recent Networking Field Day event, Nile presented the Nile Service Block that provides network as-a-service making everyday operations a breeze. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demos here on the Tech Field Day website.

A Look at Broadcom’s Jericho3-Ai Ethernet Fabric: Schedules, Credits, and Cells

Broadcom has devised innovative mechanisms to tackle the issues facing the development of an Ethernet-based fabric supporting AI workloads, offering solutions to alleviate congestion, latency, and prevent dropped frames or packets. These methods, which include a scheduling framework, cells, and credits, have been showcased at Network Field Day 32, demonstrating how Broadcom creates an Ethernet fabric optimized for AI via its Jericho3-AI and Ramon ASICs. By creating a scheduled fabric and dividing Ethernet frames into equal-size cells, Broadcom minimizes tail latency and optimizes load balancing, enhancing the handling of AI and HPC workloads. Read more in this article for Packet Pushers written by Drew Conry-Murray.

Life on the Edge – a Roundtable Discussion

Some of the biggest discussions happening in IT are around edge computing. Based on a roundtable discussion from the recent Networking Field Day event, this article throws light on what IT insiders think of this new computing paradigm, and the course it will take in the ever-shifting IT landscape. Read the article at Gestalt IT, or watch the Delegate Roundtable Discussion on the website.

Nile’s Changing Up How Enterprises Design, Build, and Consume Access Networks at Network Field Day 32

Nile recently presented their enterprise networking solutions at Networking Field Day, offering Networking as a Service (NaaS) for the enterprise and commercial market. Although Nile has built their own branded hardware and emphasizes IT simplicity, Ed Horley raises concerns about their lack of support for IPv6 and the need for clearer differentiation in the market. However, Nile’s NaaS model and comprehensive solution offering are worth keeping an eye on.

Accelerated Model Training With Broadcom Jericho-3ai and Tomahawk Family

This Gestalt IT article highlights Broadcom’s specialized solutions for AI processing, which address the challenges faced by enterprises in their AI/ML initiatives. These solutions offer fabric-based networking with receiver-based or endpoint-based scheduling, bypassing issues such as flow collision, link failure, and traffic oversubscription. Watch the demos of Broadcom’s Scheduled Fabric Solutions from Networking Field Day for a more detailed understanding.

Getting Past the Barriers of Cross-Domain Automation With Anuta Networks’ ATOM

In this Gestalt IT article, we consider how Anuta Networks’ Anuta ATOM overcomes the challenges of automation and enables its widespread adoption in businesses. Anuta ATOM’s closed-loop automation solution addresses these hurdles by offering unified cross-domain automation in hybrid cloud environments, supporting multiple vendors and platforms, and providing real-time visibility to operators. Check out the full article for more details and to see a demo of Anuta Networks’ new enhancements.

It’s an Edge-Y NUC World

Mark Houtz had the opportunity to attend the first Edge Field Day where he heard from Scale Computing, Avassa Systems, Mako Networks, Opengear, and more. One topic that stood out was the use of Intel NUCs in edge deployments. While Intel has decided to exit the PC business, other vendors like Simply NUC are stepping in to continue the NUC legacy. Read more about Mark’s experiences at Edge Field Day and thoughts about the demise of the NUC.

Broadcom’s AI Networking Solutions at Networking Field Day 32

At Networking Field Day 32, Broadcom presented their AI Networking solutions, which cater to the needs of AI-focused data center networks. These solutions address the unique attributes of AI workloads, such as fewer flows, high bandwidth flows, bursty traffic, and long training job durations. Read more about the presentation in this post by Ed Horley.

Nile Promises True NaaS

Ali was intrigued to learn more about Nile and their Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) offering after seeing them featured at Networking Field Day. Their service includes features like identity-based access, secure hardware encryption, and micro-segmentation. While there are still some aspects he’d like to see, overall, Nile presents a fresh approach to NaaS that could benefit various industries.

Nile’s NaaS! What Is It?  Does It Work for Every Enterprise?

During his participation in Networking Field Day, Faisal Khan discovered Nile, a young startup offering Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions. Nile’s unique approach to technology and product offering impressed him, as they simplify network operations by managing the hardware, software, and network maintenance for enterprises. While NaaS may not be suitable for every organization, Faisal suggests that Nile could expand its market by offering modular and customizable NaaS solutions to cater to different customer segments and eliminate vendor lock-in, similar to the success of cloud services with their varied IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS options.

Networking Field Day 32- A.I., Bandwidth, Automation & More!

In this blog post, Girard Kavelines reflects on his experience at Networking Field Day and highlights two standout presentations from Broadcom and Anuta Networks. Broadcom showcased Ethernet Fabric for AI at Scale, offering improved network performance, congestion management, and packet spraying for optimized traffic flow. Anuta Networks presented their cross-domain automation solution, Anuta ATOM, which enables low-code automation across multiple vendor networks and domains. Read more to get the Field Day experience first-hand from Girard!

Summer Field Day Fun at Networking Field Day 32

The summer edition of Networking Field Day is set to be an exciting event with presentations from top companies to an excellent panel of delegates. Join us on Wednesday, July 26th to hear from Broadcom about their latest advancements in Ethernet for AI and ML networking. We’ll also have a delegate roundtable discussion on pressing networking issues and the opportunity for you to add your voice to the conversation. Then we’ve got Nile talking network as a service. Thursday morning has Anuta presenting their flagship ATOM platform. Don’t miss out on the live streaming and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for updates!

Networking Field Day 32 Event Preview

Girard Kavelines is excited to return for Networking Field Day next week. The event will feature presentations from industry leaders like Broadcom, Nile, and Anuta Networks, offering insights into networking innovations and solutions. Girard looks forward to learning more about the latest developments in network-as-a-service, automation, and monitoring. See you at Networking Field Day next week!