Cloud Field Day 11 With Intel, Kasten, NGinx and More…

Nico Stein breaks down his time as a delegate at June’s Cloud Field Day event in this blog. He hones in specifically on the presentations by Kasten by Veeam, but covers other appearances as well. Read the piece to learn about all of the presentations, and be sure to watch the ones that catch your eye.

Cisco Live 2019 and TechField Day in Review

Losing your phone in a cab isn’t the best way to kick off Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. Luckily for Nico Stein, the rest of the even was a much better experience. The Cisco Arrival Tweet Up, Cisco Champions behind the scenes tour, and Tech Field Day Extra presentations by the likes of Fred Niehaus and Dave Zacks helped to still make it a great event.

Cisco WiFi 6 and the New Cisco Catalyst Access Points

In this post, Nico Stein looks at the new Wi-Fi 6 specific features found on the Cisco Catalyst Access Points. He got a deep dive into the latest on this during Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019 from the inimitable Fred Niehaus. Overall Nico sees Wi-Fi 6 being more about efficiency than about maximizing throughput, something he saw reiterated in Cisco’s latest.

TechField Day Delegate at Cisco Live TFDx

Nico Stein is out at Cisco Live US this week, and attending Tech Field Day Extra presentations at the event. For him, it’s a perfect combination of community and technology to create real conversations. He’s looking forward to getting to know the delegates and seeing what interesting presentations are on tap.

Meet Field Day Delegate: Nico Stein

While regular Field Day events are always special, it’s also great to get to do presentations at larger industry events. They don’t get much bigger than Cisco Live. In this post, we’re getting to know one of the new delegates coming to Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019, Nico Stein. Be sure to read it to find out how he went from editing autoexec.bat files to working in IT. We can’t wait to have him around the delegate table and to see what he thinks about the presentations.

Nico Stein

Nico Stein is a AVP of IT at Signal Financial FCU, a Maryland based Credit Union with branches in MD, VA and DC. Originally started with IBM Germany, he has over 15 years of IT experiences, managing campus networks and critical systems. He has a passion for all things virtualized and tends to get excited […]