Cloud Field Day 2 – A lesson learned

Last summer, Lino Telera attended his first Cloud Field Day. While the presenting companies showed off a vast array of products, platforms and solutions, for Lino the overall theme came down to being more dynamic with data across the cloud. He gives his impressions of all the presenters, from HPE’s Nimble Cloud Volumes to Nirmata’s SaaS solution to close the gap between developers and sysadmin.

Architecting Container Direction with Nirmata

Containers may have a lot of advantages. But when it comes to using Kubernetes to orchestrate them, complexity starts to become a substantial issue for organizations. Tom Hollingsworth looks at Nirmata’s presentation from Cloud Field Day as a way to address this. They offer an orchestration layer on top of Kubernetes, that lets organizations spent more time working on their business intent, and less time learning configuration.

Why the hybrid IT control plane is destined for the public cloud

Cloud growth is exploding, but analysts have shown that compared to a traditional data center, it can be much more expensive in the long haul. That’s why Keith Townsend things a hybrid IT approach will allow organizations to leverage the agility of the cloud without the cost associated with a complete migration. Keith takes a look at some SaaS-based data center control planes from Platform9, Skyport Systems, and HPE to compare their strategies for hybrid IT management.

Are We Really Concerned with Public Cloud Vendor Lock-in?

Fear of public cloud lock-in is real for many companies. Eric Shanks looks at why this is, why this fear is historically overblown, and also what the advantages of keeping your options open actually are. He then reviews how three companies he saw at Cloud Field Day last month, Scality, Platform9, and Nirmata, address the lock-in question.

Nirmata’s Cloudy Control-Plane Is The Catalyst For Container Calm

Ethan Banks saw a presentation from Nirmata recently at Cloud Field Day. Here, he recaps Nirmata’s product, customer base, and everything else you would like to know about the company. Ethan also says that Nirmata “is in the right place at the right time” with their orchestrator of orchestrator product, especially as ease of use and speed of application deployment become critical to businesses.

Cloud Field Day 2– DevOps agility with Nirmata

Lino Telera discusses Nirmata’s Cloud Field Day presentation as well as his own tests of their product. Lino, as others have, calls Nirmata an “orchestrator of orchestrators” and mentions that Nirmata’s integration with Kubernetes is great for devops. He sees Nirmata’s product as easy to use with excellent support and is interested in where they will go in the future.

Cloud Field Day 2: Event Summary

Bryan Krausen recaps Cloud Field Day, giving a quick review of each company’s presentation and relaying his thoughts on the event as a whole. He enjoyed most of the presentations, but found that each of the three days of the event had a different theme, from startups to industry giants. Bryan is thankful to have had the opportunity to attend Cloud Field Day and looks forward to more Field Day events in the future.

Orchestrating Containers with Nirmata

After Cloud Field Day, Eric Shanks reports that Nirmata’s “value proposition is to make managing and deploying container applications on Kubernetes clusters easier.” He says that Nirmata allows the management of multiple Kubernete clusters in different cloud providers with a single orchestration layer, also reporting that their solution was easy to set up and has a clean, visible console.

Nirmata is the cross-cloud orchestrator of orchestrators

After Cloud Field Day, Joep Piscaer calls Nirmata the “cross cloud orchestrator of orchestrators,” describing their approach to cloud management as “clean, simple and well thought out.” He also compliments their application modeling feature which enables cross-cloud migrations and deployment saying that with the right engineering effort, it could become one of Nirmata’s truly differentiating features.

CFD2 Prep: Nirmata

Justin Warren has some questions that he would like to discuss with Nirmata at Cloud Field Day next week. He looks forward to figuring out Nirmata in order to better understand their products and goals.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: Nirmata

Julian Wood gives a brief history of Nirmata in preparation for their presentation at Cloud Field Day. Then he asks the question, “why would you chose to go with Nirmata?” He looks forward to learning more about Nirmata to answer this question completely, but for now his answer praises their managed app catalogue for enterprise.