MPLS for the masses: The need for simplicity and standardization, at least in networking (The wheel has already been invented)

Nicola Modena found a kindred spirit when he heard Apstra present at Networking Field Day last month. Both share an appreciation for removing the superfluous and using the right tools and in the right way. Their Apstra Operating System was made to create and manage multivendor Clos IP Fabrics. As part of this, Apstra included a number of standard configuration models that fit within this ethos. After talking to Apstra, while their customers are at liberty to modify these configuration, the vast majority leave them in their essential state.

Nicola Modena

He is attracted and intrigued by every technology related to networking with particular fields of interest in MPLS, any forms of BGP, Data Center, Wan, interoperability, and networks architecture in general. He loves the simplicity and elegance of the solutions and he is satisfied only when he removed every unnecessary item or performed a hit-less […]