Miscreants in Action: Edge Computing (Or Something)

John Osman recaps his experience as a delegate at Edge Field Day. Despite engaging discussions and presentations from Solidigm, StorMagic, and NodeWeaver, he admits to remaining unclear on the precise definition of Edge Computing, expressing that it may be too vast and varied to reduce to a strict definition. Ultimately, the author settles on the understanding of Edge Computing as an optimization strategy that involves distributed computing, recognizing the breadth of its applications.

Exciting Innovation Is Happening at the Edge

Brian Knudtson emphasizes the growing innovation within the Edge sector of the IT industry, illustrated by the advancements showcased at Edge Field Day 2. Companies like Solidigm, StorMagic and NodeWeaver are developing impressive solutions for storage and deployment at the Edge, each with their unique approaches and functionalities. The author anticipates the lessons learned from the technological innovations for extreme use cases at the Edge will eventually influence the core data center and cloud sectors.

Design Edge Infrastructure With NodeWeaver

In this LinkedIn post, Gina Rosenthal gives an overview of NodeWeaver’s presentations and demos at Edge Field Day 2. NodeWeaver introduced their platform, designed to behave like a public cloud, hiding hardware intricacies and making it easier for users to manage edge infrastructure. The article further delves into how NodeWeaver automates tedious specifics of deploying, managing, and operating edge compute infrastructure and concludes with how it simplifies day-to-day operational tasks as well.

Navigating Data Security at the Edge

Security is one of the most debated areas in edge computing. In this delegate roundtable recorded at the recent Edge Field Day event, the panel uncovers the risks and security limitations of edge sites. Watch the roundtable or read the article at Gestalt IT that talks about navigating these risks.

Edge of Tomorrow: Tech Field Day EFD #2

Reflecting on his experience as a delegate for Gestalt IT’s Edge Field Day event, Jim Czuprynski speaks to the exponential evolution of edge computing. Three vendors presented diverse solutions to edge computing challenges, with key topics including growing analytics at the edge, maintaining communication between nodes in small-scale settings, and managing edge computing devices. The firsthand experience at the event offered plentiful insights into the realities and future prospects of edge computing technologies.

Hands-Off Management at the Edge With NodeWeaver

The only companies that stand a chance in the edge race are the ones that have the smartest solutions in their toolbox. NodeWeaver, with a proven record of leveling challenges and complexities at the edge, is easily the sharpest tool out there. Watch the demo from the recent Edge Field Day event here on the site, or read the review at Gestalt IT.

NodeWeaver: Pioneering Edge Computing Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges

In this LinkedIn article, Stephen Foskett explores the innovative software-defined edge operating platform developed by NodeWeaver. With compelling features such as adaptability across various hardware and edge locations, and a focus on long-term management and maintenance of edge clusters, NodeWeaver is raising the bar for edge computing solutions. Known for successful deployments under budget and on time, the platform’s versatility, scalability, operational excellence, and security make it a strong contender in the evolving edge computing landscape.

NodeWeaver at Edge Field Day 2

In a detailed article about Edge Field Day, Ned Bellavance highlights a presentation from NodeWeaver on their edge solution. NodeWeaver is an operating system designed to sit between hardware and the orchestration layer, which supports a myriad of hardware and operates on a small device footprint. Particularly emphasizing NodeWeaver’s zero-touch deployment method, the article suggests that the solution could be beneficial not only for the emerging edge, but potentially in standard data centers as well.

The Present and Future of Edge at Edge Field Day 2

The second Edge Field Day, scheduled for October 4th and 5th, will feature presentations from StorMagic and HPE, NodeWeaver, and Solidigm. The event, which will stream live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website, kicks off with a delegate roundtable discussion on the latest developments in Edge Computing, followed by various presentations touching on high-density storage, AI inferencing, and zero-touch provisioning. To engage with the event, view it live or watch recorded sessions on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel, and follow the conversation on LinkedIn or X/Twitter using #EFD2.