Rout Intruders With All New VMware NSX+ Network Detection and Response Service

In this Gestalt IT article, Sulagna Saha delves into the complexity of modern cyber threats and the rising need for enhanced cybersecurity. Discussing the issue of lateral movement in attack chains, Saha emphasizes the importance of total visibility to defeat rogue network invaders. VMware’s newly launched Network Detection and Response (NDR) service within the NSX+ suite, presented at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore, promises exactly this kind of visibility, enabling quick detection and elimination of threats.

Adopting a Standard Operating Format in Multi-Cloud With VMware NSX+

Sulagna Saha discusses VMware’s NSX+ in this article following their presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore, noting its ability to simplify transitions into a multi-cloud environment. NSX+ serves as a comprehensive solution for multi-cloud networking and security delivered as a service, unifying fragmented policies and operations, ensuring consistent security controls, and simplifying migration. Ultimately, NSX+ aims to address the increasing demand for consistent operation, promising comprehensive cross-cloud visibility, multi-tenancy, persistent security, and centralized operations.

VMware Goes for Multi-Cloud Support With NSX+

W. Curtis Preston shares his insights on VMware’s presentation of NSX+ at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore 2023. The evolution of NSX+ aims at providing comprehensive multi-cloud network management, with features such as policy management, network detection and response, load balancing, and migration services. Preston highlights the potential of NSX+ to manage not only ESX workloads across multiple clouds, but eventually native workloads too, reflecting VMware’s vision for a robust multi-cloud setup.

VMware Goes for Multi-Cloud Support With NSX+

Curtis Preston shares his insights on VMware’s evolution, specifically its NSX+ product, following their Tech Field Day Extra presentation at VMware Explore 2023. VMware has launched NSX+, which incorporates five key services, including policy management, flow visualization, network detection, response, orchestrating load balancers, and a migration service, aiming to provide effective management across multiple clouds. Right now, NSX+ focusses on managing ESX workloads on several clouds, but future plans aim to manage native workloads, with VMware positioning itself as a centralized orchestrator for multi-cloud setups.