HPE Nimble dHCI Bridges the Gap Between Converged and Hyperconverged

Hyperconverged solutions have done a great deal to simplify the way datacenter infrastructure is approached. However, these types of solutions do have their flaws, and they aren’t a good fit in every situation. HPE has recognized this and brought the best attributes of converged stacks and hyperconverged solutions to market in the form of HPE Nimble dHCI.

Reviewed HPE InfoSight Is a Force-Multiplier for IT Operations

Infrastructure complexity is becoming an issue that impedes ongoing operations, and solution vendors have a role to play in addressing this problem. In addition, it’s no longer good enough to just produce infrastructure solutions that do not have awareness of the rest of the stack. This piece looks at Tech Field Exclusive with HPE Storage how HPE is meeting these challenges with InfoSight, which they acquired with Nimble Storage a few years ago.