SD-IoT With VMware Nyansa

What do analytics have to do with SD-WAN? Simple really. How do you know that your SD-WAN is operating efficiently and effectively if it can’t tell you how it’s doing? Nyansa’s analytics tie in perfectly, giving companies the visibility to ensure that SD-WAN devices are operating correctly with the best possible configurations. Tom Hollingsworth dives into how Nyansa works to improve your network and how it is enhancing and promoting the growth of IoT.

VMware to Acquire Nyansa for WAN Network Analytics

VMware recently announced it intends to buy Nyansa for an undisclosed sum. We’ve had both companies present at Field Day events, and we can’t wait to see what they can create together post-acquisition. In this post, Seeking Alpha’s Donovan Jones looks at the financial impact of the deal, and how the move is part of VMware’s strategy to provide enterprises with an end-to-end solution as they demand integrated and simplified capabilities in an increasingly complex environment. Be sure to check out our video coverage of both companies to get up to speed on the tech so you can judge for yourself.

Really Late Company Christmas Shopping

As he packed for Cisco Live Barcelona, our own Tom Hollingsworth noticed something of a post-Christmas shopping spree among tech companies this year. VMware VeloCloud bought Nyansa, Arista is buying Big Switch Networks, and Tom thinks more is on the way. What’s behind this Q1 shopping spree? Tom isn’t sure!

What Are Your IoT Devices Up To? Nyansa’s Voyance IoT Has Answers

Nyansa has offered a pure play high velocity streaming analytics platform with impressive comparative capabilities for a while. At Networking Field Day, the company showed a new solution, Voyance IoT, which brings that analytic capability to fingerprint these connected devices, monitor performance, and alert admins of anomalous behavior. In this piece, Drew Conry-Murray gives the platform a complete overview.

Nyansa Wants to Be the IoT Sheriff

Nyansa returned to Networking Field Day with their presentation earlier this year. At the event, they showed their solution for how to handle the proliferation of IoT devices in the enterprise. In this post, Stephen Foskett looks at how they inventory the devices, verify connectivity and performance, characterize their behavior, detect and secure unusual actions, and verify that mitigations are working.

Off the Cuff – NFD20 Wrap Up

From a rainy recording in Silicon Valley, Jordan Martin gathered together some fellow delegates from Networking Field Day to discuss what they heard at the event. They run down each presenter and discuss what stood out and struck their interest. Guests include Mario Gingras, Nick Shoemaker, Richard McIntosh, Brian Gleason, and Drew Conry-Murray.

Nyansa; A Clearer Picture From a Data Gathering Powerhouse at #MFD3

Nyansa made a return to Field Day presentations last month, presenting at Mobility Field Day. Mitch Dickey looks at how Nyansa’s Voyance analytics platform is able to ingest massive amounts of data, creating a full client picture of wireless performance and experience. Mitch seemed particularly interested in how Voyance can help bring visibility and sense to the increasing volume of IoT devices on networks.

CTS 141: Analytics Data & Wi-Fi

Rowell Dionicio gives an overview of what he saw from Nyansa at Mobility Field Day this year. Nyansa Voyance gathers together a massive amount of information across the network to represent a full client experience within their dashboard. All of this helps drill down to the root cause of problems, and surface actionable solutions.

Analyzing analytic offerings

Sam Clements reviews some of the recent analytics solutions, including many from Mobility Field Day earlier this year. He looks at solutions from Nyansa, Mist Systems, Meraki, Aruba, and Cisco.

Nyansa Brings a Social Aspect to Network Analytics

Lee Badman has seen quite a bit of Nyansa’s Voyance analytics platform, both at Mobility Field Day last month as well as in use over the last year. The most recent ability shown by Nyansa is the ability to share non-anonymized performance baseline data with selected parties and peer institutions. Voyance has always excelled at gathering a large amount of WLAN data and establishing performance metrics with perspectives. Providing the capability now adds a social aspect to the platform for additional context.

Nyansa; A Clearer Picture From a Data Gathering Powerhouse

Mitch Dickey looks at what Nyansa presented at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. The company provides an analytics platform that “delivers a crazy amount of data and insight into your network.” Mitch looks into how the company presents and makes sense of all the data they collect, how they approach putting agents on client devices, and how they handle IoT devices. Overall, Mitch thinks they can be a player in the analytics market, provided the company molds how they present the data collected to their clients, and not overwhelm them with noise.

Figuring Out What Bothers Me About Wi-Fi and “Analytics”

Lee Badman heard about a number of wireless analytics solutions at Mobility Field Day last week. But one thing stuck in his mind. Outside of the merits of any solution over another, the underlying assumption behind many was that an analytics solution was needed because the wireless network is in some way being managed poorly. For Lee, WLAN problems often come from problems in vendor code, not something an admin can really be proactive about. This isn’t to say that these analytics solutions aren’t needed, but Lee wants them put in the proper context of why WLAN problems most often arise.

Mark Your Calendars: Mobility Field Day 3

In this video, Rowell Dionicio discusses coming back for his third Mobility Field Day. He discusses what he expects to hear from each of the presenters, including Arista, who recently acquired previous presenter Mojo Networks. There are a lot of new faces on the delegate side, and Rowell is looking forward to the discussions and perspectives that they will bring.

Management Frame Detection?

Samuel Clements considers the acronym MFD. What could be better than Management Frame Detection? Mobility Field Day of course! He’s heading out to the event later this month. In this post, he reviews the announced presenters and what he expects to hear about from each. Remember, you can follow along with all presentations during the event on our live stream, and engage with the conversation on Twitter using #MFD3.

Nyansa Voyance at NFD18

In this post, Aaron Conaway takes a look at Nyansa’s Voyance, which he saw at Networking Field Day last month. This network analytics solution focuses on user experience. He focuses on how the Voyance Crawler sits inside a network, looking at a variety of data points, from wireless controllers to API calls and more. This is correlated to get a full understanding of how a user experiences a network, and provides suggestions on how to remediate issues.

Network Field Day 18 – Some Preparation and Review

Greg Ferro does his homework for Networking Field Day 18, giving a brief explanation of his thoughts and the facts about each presenting sponsor. He also goes over what themes he think will be consistent talking points throughout the event, such as Multi-cloud, Kubernetes, and SDN.

CTS 105: Measuring User Experience with Voyance

Rowell Dionicio and the Clear to Send podcast take an updated look at Nyansa’s Voyance network analytics platform. Since initially seeing this at Mobility Field Day in July, Rowell reviews how the platform visualizes network information and can help you get to root causes of issues faster.

Voyance – Visibility into the User Experience

Keith Parsons wrote up some impression of Nyansa’s Voyance networking monitoring solution, after speaking with their Director of Product and Technical Marketing, GT Hill. GT presented for Nyansa at Networking Field Day last year. Keith reviews how Voyance helps track network changes, its recommendation engine, and visibility into user experience.

Nyansa Takes Analytics Beyond the Controller

Lee Badman is currently doing a long term evaluation of Nyansa’s Voyance analytics platform. The company recently updated its User Performance Monitoring in Voyance to include an API interface to better integrate into workflows, adding a remediation engine, and much more. Lee thinks this is an interesting, and necessary, evolution of the platform.

It’s Probably Not The Wi-Fi

After Mobility Field Day, Tom Hollingsworth has one important takeaway, “it’s Not The Wi-Fi.” So often problems are blamed on the wireless network or firewall, etc. when that actually was not the case. Tom argues that the solution to this issue is accelerating the time to diagnose and resolve by involving professionals that manage systems that are actually down and telling users to make sure it is actually a wireless issue before proclaiming that its the wireless.