Mind the Gap Between Hyperscale and Enterprise IT

Stephen Foskett and Cloud Field Day delegates Allyson Klein, Eric Wright, and Nathan Bennett examine the gap between hypserscale and enterprise IT in this episode of the On-Premise IT podcast. The episode’s guests scrutinize the disparities across numerous areas, including AI and sustainability. They propose that these differences stem from the influence hyperscalers have on technological developments and discuss the importance of bridging the hypserscale-enterprise IT gap.

Figuratively Baggels

In this episode of the Chaos Lever podcast, Field Day delegates Chris Hayner and Ned Bellavance discuss our recent participation in the CXL Forum at OCP Summit 2022. Chris joined the rest of the Tech Field Day delegates at this special event and shares what he learned about CXL technology in this episode. And as usual Chris and Ned have lots to say about many other subjects besides!

CXL Is the Future of Enterprise Hyperconvergence

After attending the latest Tech Field Day event Enrico Signoretti gives his thoughts on the OCP Summit and the CXL forum. Check out his thoughts on LinkedIn and be sure to catch all of the updates from the Tech Field Day event on the Tech Field Day website!

Tech Field Day 26- Recap- Part 2

Check out part two of Girard Kavelines’ recap of Tech Field Day joining the CXL Forum at OCP Summit and be sure to catch all of the latest recaps and updates from Tech Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Tech Field Day 26

Check out what it means to Emre Özensoy to be selected as a Tech Field Day delegate! You can read his post on the Gestalt IT website and you can find all the videos from Tech Field Day on the Tech Field Day website.

Tech Field Day 26- Recap- Part 1

In his latest post, Girard Kavelines gives us a great recap on Day 1 of October’s Tech Field Day. All delegates visited the OCP Summit where Micron, and other companies like MemVerge and Broadcom, delivered their CXL forum presentations. Girard says “Micron never fails to deliver” because they play a huge role in bringing Summit to life! Check out more thoughts from Girard here on CXL.

Tech Field Day 26 – Event Details and Summary

Field Day delegate, Chris Hayner, gives us a great recap of October’s Tech Field Day including details from OCP Summit. Throughout the week, delegates discussed Enterprise Infrastructure, CXL, ZPE Systems Network Automation, and so much more! You can check out more from Chris here or visit his personal website.