On-premises Serverless with Docker via OpenFaaS

If you like Docker and serverless computing, OpenFaaS may be a project to watch. Keith Townsend got a look at the project at a Tech Field Day Extra presentation at DockerCon EU this year, and was impressed by the power and simplicity of it.

Notes from Dockercon 2017 – Copenhagen

For Alex Ellis, DockerCon Europe 2017 was well worth some expensive Copenhagen coffee. The big announcement from the show was that Docker Enterprise Edition will now be bundled with Kubernetes. He also enjoyed talking with various Docker Captains, as well as presenting on OpenFaaS at a Tech Field Day Extra presentation.

Understanding Serverless Computing

Serverless computing doesn’t mean there are no servers involved. Instead, as Keith Townsend explains in this post, it abstracts the infrastructure away from a developer, letting them focus on code not on what it will run on. He further explains how this leads to more efficient consumption of cloud resources, which are only used when a function is called.

Cisco auf dem Tech Field Day Extra der DockerCon EU 17

Jens Soeldner shares his experiences from DockerCon Europe from earlier this month. He attended Tech Field Day Extra sessions for OpenFaaS and Cisco. German readers, make sure to check it out!

DockerCon 17 EU – Through the eyes of a VMware guy

One of the great things about Tech Field Day is that it exposes smart people to companies and ideas that they might otherwise never get a deep dive into. This was the case with Ian Sanderson, a self-professed “VMware guy”, attending Tech Field Day Extra at DockerCon EU 2017. Ian quickly found out why containers get a lot of buzz, he sees them now as less virtualization-lite and more as a specialized application delivery system. It got him thinking how he could apply containers to solve problems, even as he was still getting familiar with the technology.

OpenFaaS: Serverless for Containers Made Easy

Rich Stroffolino takes a look at what the OpenFaaS project presented at Tech Field Day Extra from DockerCon EU 2017. The project provides a framework to easily implement serverless functions in a container framework. The project now includes support for Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, and creator Alex Ellis even provides walkthroughs on how to roll your own cluster using Raspberry Pis.