Oracle Cloud

As Oracle continues to expand into the public cloud market, they have to change a lot of minds along the way. At Tech Field Day, it seems like they got their message heard by Erik Ableson, who described the session as a “wake up call.” For Erik, what struck him is how Oracle Cloud is positioned to work well with existing enterprise workloads and cloud-native ones. While there are elements that are a managed service, their cloud offerings stand apart and should be of interest to anyone in the market.

Oracle works toward capturing enterprise Cloud IaaS demand

Tim Crawford heard from Oracle Cloud Instrastructure and go a review of the IaaS portfolio. He sees this as delivering true value for current Oracle customers looking to move to the cloud. Tim’s interested to see how Oracle catches up to more mature cloud offerings, and how they plan to expand beyond database as a service and HPC applications.

Is Oracle Cloud an alternative to AWS?

In this CTO Dose, Keith Townsend takes a look at if Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a viable alternative to AWS. He got to learn about the platform at both Ravello Blogger Day and Cloud Field Day earlier this month. He breaks down how Oracle compares as an IaaS offering to the other public cloud providers.

CFD3 Prep Post: Oracle

Justin Warren is excited to be coming to Cloud Field Day. In this preview, he provides some background on Oracle, a seemingly surprising entrant at a cloud focused event. Justin outlines the recently changes in Oracle’s strategy, as well as key acquisitions, that have made the company one to watch in the cloud market.

Cloud Field Day 3 Preview: Oracle

Chris Evans is previewing the companies presenting at Cloud Field Day next month. Oracle will be there, and Chris is interested to learn more about what they are offering. Of particular interest is their Ravello acquisition, which enables easily porting applications running in vSphere to Oracle’s cloud platform.

Mitigating the risk of Cloud Lift & Shift

Keith Townsend isn’t a fan of straight cloud lift and shifts. But if you must, he outlines how VMware Cloud on AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help mitigate some of the issues. Keith will get to see more from Oracle’s approach on this at Cloud Field Day next month.

An update on Oracle’s Cloud

Keith Townsend recently attended Oracle Ravello Blogger Day, and got to hear from the engineers and product manager building their public cloud platform. He gives an overview of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure, and the possibilities of their HVX hypervisor. Oracle will be presenting at Cloud Field Day next month, and Keith can’t wait to ask about their support for traditional layer-2 datacenter networking.

3 things infrastructure pros need to know about nested virtualization on Google Cloud

Keith Townsend reviews Google’s announce support for nested virtualization, which lets you run a hypervisor within a hypervisor. Keith outlines why this would be needed, and uses an example from Scale Computing running HC3 for disaster recovery inside Google Cloud as a use case. Keith saw this from Scale at Tech Field Day last week, be sure to check out the video of the announcement for more details.

Ravello expanding HVX platform to bare metal

Mike Preston shares his thoughts on the announcement of Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He first saw Ravello prior to their acquisition by Oracle, at Virtualization Field Day in 2015. He’s glad to see the solution getting support after the acquisition. With this release, Ravello can run VMs on Oracle Cloud with hardware support, including running their HVX hypervisor on bare metal. Mike ran some benchmarks and saw impressive initial performance with this offering.