Voices in Data Storage – Episode 3: A Conversation with Leo Leung of Oracle

In this episode of Voices in Data Storage, Enrico Signoretti spoke with Leo Leung, Oracle’s Senior Director of Product & Strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They discussed how Oracle’s cloud offerings have really impressed, specifically their presentation at Tech Field Day earlier this year. This isn’t simply a play to have traditional Oracle legacy apps in the cloud, but a play to offer high performance instances for cloud native applications.

Oracle Cloud with SLA?

Yusuf Emre Özensoy attended Tech Field Day earlier this year, his first time as a delegate at the event. He got to see a great presentation from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, who made a great case why the industry needs another cloud provider. Oracle Cloud differentiates itself by offering a large number of bare metal cloud instances as well as integration of the K8S engine for containers.

BiB 057: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Wants Your Workloads

On this episode of the Briefings in Brief podcast, Ethan Banks runs down what he heard from Oracle Cloud at Tech Field Day last month. This goes far beyond just being a platform for enterprises to run Oracle applications. Instead, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has slowly worked its way to feature parity with the public cloud big boys.

Oracle Cloud

As Oracle continues to expand into the public cloud market, they have to change a lot of minds along the way. At Tech Field Day, it seems like they got their message heard by Erik Ableson, who described the session as a “wake up call.” For Erik, what struck him is how Oracle Cloud is positioned to work well with existing enterprise workloads and cloud-native ones. While there are elements that are a managed service, their cloud offerings stand apart and should be of interest to anyone in the market.

My First Tech Field Day

It’s always great to hear the perspective of first time Tech Field Day delegates. Yusuf Emre Özensoy came to his first event last month, and shared a little bit about his experience. For him, what stood out not just being an attendee of the event, but being invited into a wider family as a part of it. He also enjoyed all the technical deep dives from DriveScale, Cisco, Oracle, Dell EMC, and Hammerspace.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to prove skeptics wrong

Chin-Fah Heoh got to hear from Oracle at Tech Field Day earlier this month. They gave a detailed look at their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, outlining recent enhancements and updates to the service. Despite some corporate baggage, Chin-Fah found the product messaging remarkably focused, with OCI seeking to offer the highest performance, enterprise-grade IaaS on the market. What impressed Chin-Fah the most was OCI’s willingness to break with legacy in order to do what’s best for customers.

Oracle Cloud, Better Than You Might Think

Enrico Signoretti was like a lot of IT professionals when he heard about Oracle Cloud, looking at it with a healthy dose of skepticism. This came both from the competitive public cloud landscape, and past experiences with the company that weren’t exactly positive. But after hearing Oracle Cloud present at Tech Field Day earlier this month, he found the team had an exciting mix of humility and audacity. He outlines how Oracle is focusing on bare metal performance and “amazingly good” SLAs to offer a compelling service.

Head in the Clouds: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Jon Hildebrand takes a look at what Oracle presented at Cloud Field Day last month. They specifically focused on their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He appreciate what Oracle is trying to do with their infrastructure SLAs, which can represent significant risk reduction for more timid organizations. Overall he found their messaging and solutions should keep them relevant in the overall cloud infrastructure conversation.

ThinkPiece: Cloud Field Day: Can an old dog, learn new tricks?

At Cloud Field Day Michelle Laverick saw some encouraging sign from established companies adapting to the reality of the cloud. NetApp, Oracle, and Veritas all showed that despite being incumbent companies, they have identified how to be competitive against newer cloud-focused startups. This often involved spinning up entirely new teams that can operate with agility. Not every company was convincing in their cloud play, but Michelle was definitely impressed to see older companies making moves to stay competitive with the cloud giants.

Oracle works toward capturing enterprise Cloud IaaS demand

Tim Crawford heard from Oracle Cloud Instrastructure and go a review of the IaaS portfolio. He sees this as delivering true value for current Oracle customers looking to move to the cloud. Tim’s interested to see how Oracle catches up to more mature cloud offerings, and how they plan to expand beyond database as a service and HPC applications.

Is Oracle Cloud an alternative to AWS?

In this CTO Dose, Keith Townsend takes a look at if Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a viable alternative to AWS. He got to learn about the platform at both Ravello Blogger Day and Cloud Field Day earlier this month. He breaks down how Oracle compares as an IaaS offering to the other public cloud providers.

Cloud Field Day 3; Day 1 – That One Thing…

With Cloud Field Day over delegate Chris Porter takes a look back at day one of the event. This saw presentations from Morpheus Data, Delphix, and Oracle. Morpheus shows how they create an abstration layer for cloud services while still retaining unique features to particular services. Delphix showed how they can speed up the cycle of getting database backups to test/dev systems. Finally, Oracle gave a deep dive into their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.