Tech Field Day in Barcelona

Orhan Ergun joined us at Tech Field Day Extra a Cisco Live Europe in Barcelona this year. At the event, he got to hear presentations from Cisco on their Cloud ACI release, as well as visiting booths from companies that presented at past Networking Field Day events. Just as important was the networking he did with the other Field Day delegates at the event, whether it was trading technical expertise, or simply sharing stories from the IT trenches. We’re looking forward to having Orhan at more events in 2019!

Will Cisco Viptela continue to be one of the Leaders in SD-WAN ?

Orhan Ergun looks at Cisco’s SD-WAN efforts, which since acquiring Viptela in 2017 have been recognized by Gartner as Leaders in their Magic Quadrant. For Orhan, the strength of Cisco’s approach to SD-WAN is allowing it to run directly on IOS-based devices, bringing in new features with software updates. He also digs deep into the feature parity with other SD-WAN solutions, and the overall value proposition for enterprises.

2018 was a good and busy year ! Things I have done during the last year

Year in review posts are always a good time to take stock of accomplishments. Orhan Ergun took a look at 2018 and found he had a really busy year. For starters, he made the decision to open a company in Turkey. Other highlights included seeing students and friends pass their CCDE practical exam. In October, we were lucky to have Orhan attend Networking Field Day, where he got to hear from a variety of companies in the industry. We hope his 2019 is just as eventful!

Routers Getting Routered – Silver Peak SD-WAN

At Networking Field Day last month, Silver Peak made the argument that their SD-WAN appliances should replace routers in an enterprise deployment. As a delegate at the event, Orhan Ergun was impressed by their Unity Orchestrator SD-WAN controller, which provided a single tool for statistics , advanced reporting, configuration and maintenance. That combined with a very flexible feature set and zero-touch provisioning made Orhan think Silver Peak won’t have a problem fulfilling their router replacement promise.

Intent Based Networking , Is it the next big thing ?

This post by Orhan Ergun does a great job of providing background on Intent-Based Networking, why it’s getting so much buzz, and what some of the tradeoff can potentially be. This sets up his thoughts from Networking Field Day presentation from Apstra, a startup active in this space for a few years and who have started to innovate into the Intent-Based Analytics world as well. Orhan certainly found their presentation impressive, especially compared to other competitive solutions.

Orhan Ergun

CCIE#26567, CCDE#2014, Network Architect, CCDE Trainer