Solving Customer Problems in Real-Time With at NetApp Cloud Field Day Exclusive

In her latest post, Phoebe Goh, NetApp presenter, discusses the recap of real-world issues alongside Google Cloud from the most recent Cloud Field Day Exclusive with NetApp. She goes into lengths on mitigating skill gaps, optimizing costs, ensuring constituency, and so much more. Check out Phoebe’s recap of the NetApp exclusive here, or visit the NetApp website for more.

Getting Real While Leveling Up With NetApp at the Cloud Field Day Exclusive

Pheobe Goh presented and monitored the discussion at the most recent Cloud Field Day Exclusive with NetApp! In her post, she talks about the key points that NetApp presenters and Field Day delegates covered throughout the day along with valuable questions that were sought out from delegates. Take a look here at her thoughts!

Phoebe Goh

Principal Architect and Cloud Evangelist at NetApp