Developer Advocacy Isn’t Exactly What We Think It Will Be

Check out the latest Gestalt IT Roundtable podcast! Stephen Foskett, podcast moderator, was joined with a few Tech Field Day delegates, Andy Banta, Gina Rosenthal, and Josh Warcop, to discuss developer advocacy. Check out their thoughts here!

Do Enterprises Need Private Cellular?

In the latest On-Premise IT Podcast, a panel of experts discuss the question; Do Enterprises Need Private Cellular? Check out this discussion that took place at the Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere, you don’t want to miss it!

Keeper a Zero Trust Passwordmanager

In his latest podcast, Dominik Pickhardt discusses the presentation from Keeper Security at this past Security Field Day. Check out his thoughts on the Trust model, which to him, is the most important factor in selecting a Passwordmanager.

Half an Arsonist

Chris Hayner and Ned Bellavance finish their thoughts about each presentation from this past Security Field Day. Check it out!

Secure Virtual Giraffe

In this latest podcast, Chris Hayner and Ned Bellavance talk about this past Security Field Day where Keeper Security and Microsoft presented. Check out their thoughts here on NFTs and much more!

DXPRS0025: Storage Field Day 24

Wolfgang Stief attended this past Storage Field as a delegate and discusses what he learned throughout the three-day event from each presenting company. Wolfgang is joined by Kerstin Stief in this latest podcast where they also talk about news from around the world of enterprise IT. Check it out here!

Episode 14 – Having a Field Day With AI Expert Stephen Foskett

Check out Rob Telson’s latest episode from this past AI Field Day! Gestalt IT’s founder, Stephen Foskett, had the opportunity to join Rob for the exciting discussion of AI technology in consumer, industrial, and commercial settings. Take a look here!

The Pipeline Guys: Episode #3

In their latest podcast, Enrico Signoretti, a Field Day delegate, and Lino Telera discuss this past Cloud Field Day. Check out their recap on all presenting companies and what to look forward to in each presentation!

Episode 5 – The One Where Jim Gets Touchy Feely at Conferences

Looking for more information on the hybrid Field Day setup versus being all remote? Jim Jones, and Brian Knudtson, Field Day delegates, discuss their experience from this past Cloud Field Day and Field day as a whole with special guests Joe Houghes and Matt Crape. Take a look at their podcast discussion here! . Take a look at their podcast discussion here!

Underlays and Overlays – A Networking Field Day Service Provider Retrospective

Nick Buraglio, Vince Schuele, Kevin Myers, and Chris Cummings discuss the latest technology on service providers that was highlighted at the very first Networking Field Day: Service Provider this past December. Check out the latest podcast from a few of our Field Day delegates and their thoughts!

A Service Provider Network Is Not Your Enterprise Network

Join Gestalt IT’s, Tom Hollingsworth as he brings on Nick Buraglio, Chris Cummings, and Vince Schuele, a panel of service provider networking experts, for the latest On-Premise IT RoundTable. They will be dissecting the differences between the traditional enterprise network and a service provider or transit network. Find out the ultimate goals of your infrastructure and who the customer is for a service provider network.

GaiaX, the Cost of Data Breach, Lieferengpässe

In early November, MemVerge unveiled their Big Memory Cloud at Cloud Field Day! Kerstin Stief, a field day delegate, explains the heart of the system, the Memory Machine Cloud Edition, which can create an in-memory snapshot of a single application. Check out Kerstin’s thoughts on MemVerge here!

D://xprs0017: Processors in Italy, a British Comeback and the Email Celebrates Its Birthday

Kerstin Steif and Wolfgang Steif, Field Day delegates, lay out some interesting information that was leaked by AMD about the next generation EPYC processors. They discuss facts leaked about Intel, Versa Networks, Juniper Networks, and Apstra and what Field Day events a few of these companies presented at. Check out what Kerstin and Wolfgang are up to!

D://xprs0016: IT-SA, XFD6 Und Ein T.I.D.

Kerstin Stief attended Security Field Day in October as a Field Day delegate! She discusses SASE, ZTA and complex IoT devices that Cisco, Intel, Juniper Networks and Versa Networks presented. Check out Kerstin’s thoughts and other events she has attending this past year!

Prosimo at Cloud Field Day 12

Looking to effectively tie together the networking for your cloud presence and your on-prem datacenters and branch offices? Ned Bellavance, a Field Day delegate, discusses the solution that can leverage the native constructs in each cloud and their massive backbone to provide high-performance, low-latency connectivity from an orchestrated SaaS solution that was presented by Prosimo at Cloud Field Day! Check out Ned’s podcast here or on Spotify for more information.

Ondat at Cloud Field Day 12

Ned Bellavance, a delegate from November’s Cloud Field Day, was set straight with Ondat’s presentation on their solution for Kube-native storage. Ondat is laser focused on supporting stateful workloads on Kubernetes and nothing else. Although their solution seems solid, Ned thinks it may lack some key features. Check out Ned’s podcast to see if their recently launched SaaS will be enough in comparison to their competitors!

MemVerge at Cloud Field Day 12

There is a big chance that MemVerge will make a huge impact in the next five years with their new AppCapsule technology solution. Ned Bellavance, a delegate from November’s Cloud Field Day, has his mind buzzing from MemVerge’s presentation. Check out the developing product on Ned’s recent podcast on spotify!

Yotascale at Cloud Field Day 12

Ned Bellavance, a delegate from November’s Cloud Field Day event, gives a brief 10-minute podcast on the depth of analytics and integration that Yotascale offered in their presentation. Ned was impressed by their multi-cloud cost management solution and thinks Yotascale can give cloud economists the data they need to do their job. Check out Ned’s podcast here or listen in on Spotify!

Draining My Social Battery

In this 10-minute, daily podcast, Ned Bellavance, a Field Day delegate, discusses technology, career advancement, and anything else relevant to the IT Professional in a brief, conversational style. Find Draining My Social Battery on your favorite podcast app through Anchor.

The Cloud Is Finally Ready for the Enterprise

The question of cloud readiness has plagued the enterprise for a decade, but we have finally gotten to the point that enterprise IT is coming to the public cloud. Check out the latest On-Premise IT Roundtable where two Field Day delegates, Jim Jones and Nico Stein, and founder of Gestalt IT, Stephen Foskett, discuss the cloud enterprise and the upcoming Cloud Field Day in November.