199a Sesión De Tesos en Wi-Fi: Intro a Mobility Field Day 11, Ubiquiti, ClearPass Y Cisco

In the 199th session “Tesos en Wi-Fi,” a lively introduction to Mobility Field Day 11 was provided for a Spanish-speaking audience, spotlighting discussions on Ubiquiti’s market movements, ClearPass’ role in network access control, and Cisco’s latest endeavors. The session served as a precursor for attendees and online viewers, setting the stage for in-depth explorations of critical wireless topics and industry leader strategies. Such engaging discussions underscore the event’s role as a key forum for understanding shifts in the Wi-Fi landscape and for forecasting future networking trends.

200a Sesión De Tesos en Wi-Fi: Resumen De Mobility Field Day 11

The 200th session of “Tesos en Wi-Fi” offered a comprehensive recap of Mobility Field Day 11 for a Spanish-speaking audience, showcasing the latest trends and discussions in the wireless networking arena. The event highlighted significant technological shifts and product announcements from key players in the Wi-Fi industry, reflecting the current state of enterprise wireless solutions. Participants and viewers were privy to in-depth analyses and perspectives on cutting-edge Wi-Fi developments poised to influence the direction of enterprise networking.

Dissecting Cloud Networking

Sulagna Saha’s recent piece on dives into the complexities and challenges of networking within the cloud ecosystem. The article sheds light on how organizations can navigate the intricacies of cloud connectivity, security, and architecture to optimize their network operations. Readers are guided through the nuances of cloud networking, based on a roundtable discussion hosted by Tom Hollingsworth at Networking Field Day last month.

Exploring Data in the AI Era With Solidigm – New Data Insights Series

The TechArena has launched a Data Insights Series, joining forces with Solidigm, where they will explore the intricate landscape of data in the AI era. Hosted by Allyson Klein with Jeniece Wronowski and Ace Stryker from Solidigm, the series will delve into the objectives of understanding and leveraging data, underscoring the central role of SSD innovation in crafting modern data pipelines. This initiative aims to shed light on the transformative influence of storage solutions in AI advancements, positioning SSDs as a cornerstone technology in data-centric environments.

Compute Requirements in the AI Era With Intel’s Lisa Spelman

In this TechArena interview, Allyson Klein explores with Intel’s Lisa Spelman the evolving compute demands as enterprises gear up for the AI revolution and strive for widespread AI integration. They delve into the current state of AI adoption across industries while highlighting the critical role of software, tools, and standards in scaling AI solutions effectively. This insightful discussion underscores the thriving synergy between hardware advancements and software ecosystems necessary to power the next generation of AI applications.

The Bedrock of AI Is Data With Nick Magnuson and Clive Bearman of Qlik

The latest Utilizing Tech podcast episode dives into the critical role of enterprise data integration for the success of generative AI, featuring insights from Qlik’s Nick Magnuson and Clive Bearman prior to their presentation at AI Field Day 4. They discuss the challenges enterprises face, such as preparing quality data for AI models and using machine learning to enhance data organization and tagging. The conversation also explores the potential of large language models to democratize data querying, underscoring the importance of curated data in the AI-driven future.

Podcast – Season 6 – Season Opener

The Utilizing Tech podcast returns for another season focused on AI. Frederic Van Haren is co-hosting this season with Stephen Foskett, and discussions will delve into how enterprises integrate AI across various sectors, focusing on their infrastructural stack and data pipeline management. As AI cements its omnipresence in technology, this season promises to unpack its applications and influence in current and future markets.

AI in the Marketing Arena With Digital Sunshine’s Gina Rosenthal

In the latest episode of TechArena, host Allyson Klein engages with Digital Sunshine’s Gina Rosenthal in a thought-provoking discussion on the transformative impact of AI on the marketing landscape, setting the stage for AI Field Day 4. The conversation delves into current trends and future implications of AI in marketing strategies, offering insights on how businesses are adopting these technologies. As AI Field Day 4 approaches, this dialogue serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the potential and challenges AI presents to both marketers and technologists.

The Imposter Syndrome Podcast: Daren Fulwell

In the latest episode of the Imposter Syndrome Podcast, hosted by Chris Grundemann, guest Darren Fulwell, Chief Evangelist at IP Fabric, shares his 25+ years of networking expertise. Darren discusses the evolution of networking technology, the importance of understanding fundamentals, and how certifications have served as a pathway for learning and career development. The conversation highlights Darren’s passion for mentoring, his insights into network automation, and the impact of community on professional growth.

Cloud Field Day – Infrastructure Matters on the Road

During Cloud Field Day 19, Infrastructure Matters hosts Steven Dickens and Camberley Bates, alongside industry experts Stephen Foskett and Keith Townsend, explored the use case for presenters NeuroBlade, SoftIron, and Platform9. Each contributes a unique on-premises and cloud solutions aimed at optimizing infrastructure performance and management. The discussions, rooted in technical expertise, provide a comprehensive look into the role of these companies’ technologies in shaping the future of IT infrastructure. Listen to the entire webcast from The Futurum Group for more!

SoftIron’s Breakthrough in Private Cloud Technology Was on Display at Cloud Field Day 19

The Chaos Lever podcast takes on Cloud Field Day 19, with a focus on SoftIron, offering custom hardware and software integrations to construct resilient private cloud environments, providing an alternative perspective on the historical progression of IT infrastructure. Their commitment to private clouds is reflected in meticulously developed solutions, tailored for demanding scalability and flexibility, encompassing networking, compute, and storage. Listen in as delegate Ned Bellavance and Chris Hayner consider this product and the rest of the Cloud Field Day news!

Security in the AI Era With Fortinet’s Srija Allam and Julian Petersohn

In this TechArena podcast, Allyson Klein spoke with Fortinet’s security experts Srija Allam and Julian Petersohn about how Fortinet is integrating AI into their comprehensive security solutions. As cybersecurity becomes increasingly complex with rapid technological advances, Fortinet is optimizing with AI to stay ahead of threats. Their approach is a proactive one, aiming not only to respond to attacks but to predict and prevent them through intelligent monitoring and AI-driven insights.

Security Field Day With Forward Networks

At Security Field Day 10, Chris Hayner was impressed by Forward Networks and their digital twin technology, which offers comprehensive network visibility and security. The digital twin concept, which is not a new but increasingly essential tool in cybersecurity, is leveraged by Forward Networks to create a highly detailed network model allowing for in-depth analysis and proactive threat mitigation. The platform’s potency lies in its ability to model complex network changes over time, support security compliance efforts, and give IT teams an in-depth look at potential breach points and network vulnerabilities.

DXPRS0048: Security Field Day 10 Mit Viel Chichi Und Wenig Substanz

In the latest episode of Data Disrupted, Kerstin Stief shares her experience with Security Field Day for a German-speaking audience.

Mind the Gap Between Hyperscale and Enterprise IT

Stephen Foskett and Cloud Field Day delegates Allyson Klein, Eric Wright, and Nathan Bennett examine the gap between hypserscale and enterprise IT in this episode of the On-Premise IT podcast. The episode’s guests scrutinize the disparities across numerous areas, including AI and sustainability. They propose that these differences stem from the influence hyperscalers have on technological developments and discuss the importance of bridging the hypserscale-enterprise IT gap.

155: GreyBeards SDC23 Wrap Up Podcast With Dr. J Metz, Technical Dir. Of Systems Design AMD and Chair of SNIA BoD

Dr. J Metz, Technical Director of Systems Design at AMD and Chair of SNIA BoD, recently made a guest appearance on the GreyBeards on Storage podcast, detailing highlights from the Storage Developers Conference 2023 and Storage Field Day and charting the ongoing research directions of SNIA. The discussion touched on topics from DNA data storage and Smart Data Transfer Interfaces (SDXI) to challenges and future opportunities in storage and memory sectors. With a track record of deconstructing complex systems and technologies, Dr. Metz’s expertise in storage networking constitutes essential listening for professionals and enthusiasts in the IT industry.

VMware Explore 2023

The IT Reality podcast offers a recap of VMware Explore 2023 from Las Vegas, providing first-hand experiences and insights beyond the typical marketing narrative typically associated with such tech events. Featuring interviews with Mike Masters and Franky Barragan, the hosts discuss various tech topics within businesses, while also highlighting the fun side of the conference through Sandbox VR experiences. The discussion dives into VMware’s NSX+ announcement, highlighted during their Tech Field Day Extra presentation attended by Richard Kenyan.

Thirty-Six GigaToasters

In this episode of Chaos Lever, Chris Hayner and Ned Bellavance cover Security Field Day 9, highlighting presentations by Comvault, Noname Security, Cisco, Cribl, and NetAlly’s Cyberscope. They discuss Comvault’s ThreatWise platform, which focuses on ransomware detection, and the use of fake hosts and lures to trap potential attackers. They also mention Cisco’s new hardware firewalls, the 4200 series, and their multicloud network security model. Chris shares insights on NetAlly’s Cyberscope, a handheld cybersecurity analyzer.

Edge to Cloud (To Edge) on the Biggest Stage on Earth

In the latest from The Tech Arena, Allyson Klein and Carl Moberg of Avassa discuss the complexities of delivering live broadcast media on a global scale. They bring up the transformation happening in the production side of the broadcast chain, highlighting the challenges of real-time video processing and the need for specialized infrastructure. They also share their thoughts on the future of production infrastructure, including the potential for cloud-based solutions and the importance of considering the specific requirements of each production scenario.

Day Two Cloud 198: Modern Cloud Design Themes From CFD 17

Day Two Cloud’s Ned Bellavance, Ethan Banks, and Michael Levan highlight some key design themes at Cloud Field Day 17, hosted by Tech Field Day. These themes include platform engineering, data protection, disaster recovery, and the co-existence of old and new technologies in modern IT. Kubernetes’ growing status as the default platform choice was mentioned. Backup and disaster recovery solutions by HYCU, Zerto, and others bridge the gap between on-prem and cloud environments. Listen to this episode to learn more!