Aruba – Edge Connect E WIFI 6E

The Portuguese Rodrigo Rovere of the Cisco Redes blog details his time as a delegate during Aruba Network’s appearance at Networking Field Day in this piece. He steps through each of their presentations, including technical breakdowns of Aruba’s products. Read on for more, and watch Aruba’s appearance for even more deep dives into their offering.

vRNI ( VMware vRealize Network Insight )

This piece from the Portuguese Rodrigo Rovere covers VMware’s Networking Field Day appearance and his experience of it first hand as a Field Day delegate. The company’s presentation mainly covered their vRNI (vRealize Network Insights) product and how it can be used to increase network visibility, and this piece addresses those uses and Rovere’s take on them thereafter. Visit Rovere’s site,, for all of his opinions on the matter, and be sure to watch VMware’s presentation for full context.

NFD25 – Kemp – Visibilidade Com NPM

The Portuguese Rodrigo Rovere describes his time as a Networking Field Day delegate in May, specifically honing in on the presentation by Kemp in this post. Follow his observations and how they relate to each specific portion of Kemp’s appearance by reading the blog. Be sure to watch each associated video from Kemp’s Networking Field Day presentation for more context.

NFD25 – Juniper + Apstra – IBN

This article from the Portuguese Rodrigo Rovere, blogger at Cisco Redes and Tech Field Day delegate, describes his experiences acting as a delegate at May’s Networking Field Day event. The piece focuses on the presentations by Juniper Networks and Apstra, specifically their demos and what their announcements mean for the networking industry. Read on for Rovere’s full opinions, and watch the presentations by Juniper and Apstra to see for yourself.

Networking Field Day 25 – Estaremos Lá!!!

We always love to see wide-ranging and diverse the Tech Field Day community can be and are happy to report that Networking Field Day delegate panel is no exception to this! Hailing from Brazil, we’re pleased to welcome back Rodrigo Rovere! Rodrigo previously attended Networking Field Day in 2019 and this will be his first virtual event with us. He wrote a post previewing his involvement in the event on his blog “Cisco Redes.” Be sure to check out what he has to say and, if necessary, use the translate feature on your favorite web browser.

PathSolutions – Nova Forma De Troubleshooting

Rodrigo Rovere heard from PathSolutions at Networking Field Day earlier this year. The company has been around since 2007 and showed their TotalView solution at the event. This monitors all the interfaces of a network device and searches its 19 counters to show you a complete view of the health of your network. Rodrigo found it to be a great tool for mapping a network, although he wished it could be exported to use in other tools going forward.

BLOG – NFD20 – SnapRoute

At Networking Field Day earlier this year, we were happy to have Rodrigo Rovere attend as a delegate. He’s written on quite a few of the presentation, and in this post turns his attention to SnapRoute. For their first Networking Field Day presentation, the company showed off their Cloud Native Network Operation System, which moves away from a monolithic approach and embraces a cloud-native architecture. Be sure to check out their full presentation video to get up to speed.

BLOG – NFD20 – Kemp Technologies

Rodrigo Rovere got to hear from Kemp Technologies at Networking Field Day earlier this year. The traditional load balancing company presented on a more holistic vision for application delivery. This includes their 360 Vision solution, a cloud offering that can take in information from various load balancers and ADCs. The goal of all of this is to provide better predictive analytics, correlation, and monitoring for customers.

BLOG – Tech Field Day 20 – Estaremos lá!!!

It’s always great to expand the delegates that attend Field Day events. We’re really looking forward to seeing what Rodrigo Rovere thinks of Networking Field Day next month. He introduces the event series and introduces what he expects to see at the event in this post. With nine companies set to present, it should be an event packed with great content.