Network Monitoring Made Easy With Progress WhatsUp Gold

Sulagna Saha talks about Progress WhatsUp Gold, an all-in-one network monitoring solution that discovers and maps networks instantly, and watches every asset with eagle eyes. Packed with a full spectrum of advanced monitoring solutions, WhatsUp Gold is a software designed for network operators to find and fix problems fast in a dynamic network. Read her article or check out Progress’ deep-dive presentations on WhatsUp Gold at the Tech Field Day website.

Progress Flowmon Is a Triple Threat for Network Traffic Monitoring

John Herbert sat on the delegate panel at the most recent Progress Tech Field Day Showcase. In his post he talks about how Progress’ Flowman offers visibility into data flows, network security, and application performance all in one platform. Check out John’s thoughts, at the Gestalt IT website, on how these tasks require parallel infrastructures so that Flowman is absolutely positioned as a triple threat in the monitoring space.

Monitoring Secure Networks With Flowmon & WhatsUp Gold

Jason Gintert, a Tech Field Day Showcase delegate panelist, discusses how Progress’s acquisition of Ipswich and Kemp provides network monitoring, performance monitoring, and network detection and response solutions all under one umbrella. Check out more of his thoughts on the Gestalt IT website.

Pure Gold: Progress WhatsUp Gold – Network Monitoring for a New Generation

At Progress’s Tech Field Day Showcase, Girard Kavelines, discusses on the Gestalt IT website how Progress’s WhatsUp Gold has set the bar for network monitoring and by providing complete visibility of infrastructure. Beyond monitoring capabilities, WhatsUp Gold provides a proactive solution to maximizing dependency and customization. Girard also details Flowmon, which Progress demoed at their Field Day Showcase. Flowmon’s network monitoring and usage reports allows for a more effective approach to remediating problems before they arise. Read more on the Gestalt IT website.

Progress: The WhatsUp Gold and Flowmon Integration

Pete Welcher was part of the virtual delegate panel at the most recent Progress Tech Field Day Showcase this past July. Writing on the Gestalt IT website, Pete talks about how Progress deep dove into their two new products; WhatsUp Gold and Flowmon, both of which have now integrated with one another and appear to be tying in SNMP data where relevant! Take a look at Pete’s thoughts on these new Progress advancements!

Achieving End-To-End Visibility With Progress

Writing for, Sulagna Saha talks about Progress’ presentation at this past Security Field Day. Progress showcased their newly acquired solutions; Flowman and WhatsUp Gold which are now a part of the bourgeoning Progress portfolio that go beyond traditional network surveillance. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here on how this will perform effective network forensics and deliver total visibility end to end.

IT Infrastructure: Network Field Day 28 – Recap and Review

Dan Kelcher attended this past Networking Field Day as a delegate! In this post he gives us a quick recap of each presentation at the event. Take a look at his thoughts here!

Network Field Day 28 – Day 3 Recap

As the last day of Networking Field Day came to end, Jordan Villarreal shared his thoughts on a few companies he has not heard of before. The third day of this event was full of presentations from Progress, Augtera, and Pica8, check out Jeremy’s positive thoughts here!

Networking Field Day 28 Is Here!

Networking Field Day 28 is here! This event is packed with presentations from beginning to end from Arista Networks, Augtera, Gluware, PathSolutions, Juniper Networks, NetBeez, Netris, Pica8, and Progress. Follow along live on LinkedIn or the Tech Field Day webpage. You don’t want to miss it!

Securing 2022 With Security Field Day 7!

Check out Tom Hollingsworth give us an update on what to look forward to at March’s Security Field Day!