Join Us on April 27th for Making the Future of Data Possible: An Event by Scality and HPE!

What is the future of data? See how Scality in conjunction with Hewlett Packard Enterprise are revolutionizing the way we store data in this exclusive Tech Field Day event. Stay tuned for the launch of Scality’s newest product, ARTESCA, to see how it works.

Even More Networking Field Day Headed Your Way May 12-14, 2021!

Ready or not, here comes Networking Field Day! We’re so excited to share so many updates with you! Writing for, event lead Tom Hollingsworth has this to say about the event. “This Networking Field Day event is packed with companies that are building the next generation of hardware and software to keep your networks operating at peak performance. They’re helping you solve the hard problems to keep your users happy and productive. Whether it’s a router, a switch, or a software platform, you’re going to find something here that you need to know about.” Check out all Tom’s thought and tune in live for Networking Field Day!

Join Us for Networking Field Day 25

We’re excited to have Aruba back at Networking Field Day! In a post on their website, Aruba Networks tells us about their plans to kick off the event that include talking about how they plan to accelerate the edge-to-cloud innovation, conducting a deep dive into Wi-Fi 6E, and showing how they ensure the secure deployment of network services. Check out their blog post on their appearance to learn all about their plans at Networking Field Day (and to see some cool superhero graphics!)

What Makes the Latest Intel Xeon Platform an AI Workhorse?

As a delegate at the Intel Data Center Update with Tech Field Day last month, Frederic Van Haren got an up close and personal look at Intel’s new Xeon Scalable processors. Writing for Gestalt IT, Frederic Van Haren takes a look at the Xeon processor from an AI perspective. He thinks that the combination of consistent hardware innovations andd the investment of time and money into software optimization helps make Xeon a “true AI workhorse.” Check out Frederic’s post on to learn more about Intel’s latest announcement!

Intel Updates the Xeon Scalable Platform With Tech Field Day

Intel’s “How Wonderful Gets Done 2021” event featured keynotes from new CEO Pat Gelsinger, as well as Navin Shenoy of the Data Platforms Group and Lisa Spelman of the Xeon and Memory Group. During this event, they announced their 3rd generation Xeon Scalable processor line, code name “Ice Lake.” Tech Field Day also participated, with sessions and roundtable discussions following the announcement. For links to the keynotes, as well as the Tech Field Day presentations, head over to!

Intelligent Data Management at Cloud Field Day

Komprise joined us last month for Cloud Field Day! Their presentation focused on three sections: Intelligent Data Management in the cloud, Komprise architecture overview/demonstration for hybrid cloud, and Komprise architecture overview/demonstration for multi-cloud. Check out the event page on for all videos from the Komprise presentation!

Join Tech Field Day on April 21-23, 2021

Tech Field Day is returning this week! Join us April 21st-23rd as we learn about the latest trends in datacenter, hybrid cloud, networking, and security. Check out this video and post from our Organizer in Chief, Stephen Foskett, to learn more!

Networking Field Day 24: Takeaways and Highlights

NetBeez presented at Networking Field Day in February where co-founder and COO Panos Vouzis and CTO Panickos Neophytou discussed their network monitoring solution. This is the fourth Field Day event NetBeez has participated in, with the first being back in 2015! Be sure to check out their blog for highlights from this presentation, including a discussion of how NetBeez helps IT Infrastructure and Operations teams maximize the performance of their network.

Security Field Day 5: All About SASE and Secure Access

VMware joined us at our Security Field Day event last month! During the presentation, they covered VMware SASE, a VMware Secure Access use case, and a VMware Secure Access demo. Kelsi Cooke explains in this blog that SASE and how cloud-based security can solve real problems for companies and their employees is one of their favorite topics to cover. Head over to the VMware website for more information on SASE and how it is helping those working from home.

Is VMware Cloud Really the Right Strategy for App Modernization?

VMware joined us to present at Cloud Field Day in March, highlighting VMware Cloud on AWS. In this VMware blog, Kit Colbert recaps the discussion from Cloud Field Day, “The answer is simple: VMware Cloud provides better infrastructure allowing for better app modernization.” To learn more about VMware’s approach of “migrate then modernize,” be sure to check out this blog from VMware, as well as the videos from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Actions Not Words, Demos Not Slides

Forward Networks understands that in network operations, it’s never the same day twice. In February, Forward Networks showcased “what a day in a network operations professional’s life using the Forward Enterprise Platform looks like, from unboxing to integrations—covering killer use cases between” at Networking Field Day. To learn more about the Forward Enterprise Platform, check out this post from Forward Networks on its website, as well as the videos from Networking Field Day!

A Recap of Networking Field Day 24

DriveNets presented at Networking Field Day last month, showcasing what’s new and a live demo with multiple routers running on the same infrastructure. In this blog, Run Almog of DriveNets mentions, “Networking Field Day provided a uniquely-focused forum where we could discuss the issues surrounding this evolving space, giving us a unique opportunity to share our vision for building the network of the future.” Run also details DriveNets’ different sessions from the event. For more information, be sure to check out this blog and watch the videos from Networking Field Day on our website!

Network & Cloud Automation at Networking Field Day 24

Last month, Itential presented at Networking Field Day, where it showcased its latest product features and capabilities for automation across network and cloud infrastructure, receiving questions and input from our delegates. In this blog, Itential recaps the different topics discussed and even features tweets from those who were watching in! Be sure to check out its blog for more information and watch the videos from Networking Field Day on our website!

Cloud Field Day 10: VMware Cloud on AWS Delivering Resilient Yet Cost Effective Infrastructure Platform for Modern Applications

VMware is coming to Cloud Field Day! They will be presenting on March 11th, from 1-3 PM PT. This isn’t their first event, as they have participated in many different Field Day events since 2009! Tune in to the upcoming Cloud Field Day to learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS, which has been helping customers with their cloud migration journey for over 3 years, with VMware experts looking at how this is a resilient and cost-effective platform, as well as how it compares to other public cloud alternatives. For more details on the upcoming presentations, check out this blog from VMware!

Why MinIO Wins the Private Cloud

It was great to host MinIO at Storage Field Day last month! In the last of their blog posts on the event, MinIO makes their case on why they’re winning the Hybrid Cloud. If you want to learn more about MinIO, check out this great post, download their code and give a whirl, or check out their Storage Field Day presentation on our website!

Storage Field Day Session Four: The Hybrid Cloud and MinIO

On their blog, MinIO writes that they didn’t have quite enough time to share their full hybrid cloud vision at Storage Field Day in January. In a quick review of their fourth session, Jonathan Symonds at MinIO shares their goals on how they can “win the hybrid cloud” and be better than AWS outside of AWS. Be sure to check out the post or, as Jonathan suggests, download the MinIO code and take it for a spin!

Storage Field Day Session Three: Innovation at MinIO

We were excited to host MinIO at Storage Field Day in January! In the third installment on their blog, the MinIO team reviews their Innovation Showcase presentation where they highlight VMware Data Persistence as well as SUBNET. Head over to the MinIO blog to check out their showcase and some really great demos!

Storage Field Day Session Two: Kubernetes and MinIO

During MinIO’s presentation at Storage Field Day in January, MinIO took the time to explain its connection with Kubernetes. MinIO is cloud-native, and its storage can be orchestrated natively with Kubernetes. It understands Kubernetes’ dominance, as mentioned in its blog, “Kubernetes is winning. That means object storage is winning. Block and File are legacy architectures on the cloud. Kubernetes is accelerating their demise.” To learn more about MinIO and Kubernetes, check out MinIO’s blog and presentation from Storage Field Day!

Storage Field Day Session One: All Things MinIO

MinIO presented at Storage Field Day in January about three main points: MinIO and Kubernetes, MinIO’s punishing pace of innovation, and MinIO and the Hybrid Cloud. MinIO states, “we love Storage Field Day because it is a chance for us to reflect on our accomplishments while forcing us to confront our future.” MinIO had the opportunity to bring attention to its growth story. This includes having 58% of the Fortune 500 running MinIO today, which is up from 50% last year. To learn more about MinIO, check out MinIO’s blog and its session at Storage Field Day!

Storage Field Day 2021: A Sneak Peek Into What Tintri Will Be Talking About

Tintri is coming back to Storage Field Day! In a post on their blog, Tintri gives us a sneak peek at what they’ll be showing off to our delegate panel and all of you through the livestream. They write that alot has changed for them in the past couple years, and they’re excited to show off some of the amazing things they’ve been working on. We’re excited too, and we hope you’ll join us in welcoming Tintri back to Storage Field Day! Be sure to check out their blog post for all the details.