Self-Service Networking in Multi-Cloud With Prosimo

Sulagna Saha reviews Prosimo’s cloud networking solution that makes multi-cloud networking more like a self-service option. Navigating the ever-evolving challenges of multi-cloud networking is a constant hassle. Prosimo presents full-stack cloud networking that implements a cloud-native blueprint to optimize network operations in multi-cloud. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here on the website.

Cloud Field Day 18: After-Action Perspective From the Delegates

We loved Nathan Bennett’s group Cloud Field Day after-action report video and wrote up an article to go with it at Gestalt IT. The event offered a platform for tech companies to showcase their developments and gain feedback from our delegates. Juniper Networks presenting their AI integration into Apstra, while Mezmo impressed with its telemetry capabilities and user-friendly interface. Long-standing industry player, VMware, was noted for its adaptability in the multi-cloud environment, proving that the evolving tech landscape remains exciting and innovative. Get the delegate reaction to all the presentations in this video!

Regaining Network Sanity Amongst the Clouds With Prosimo

Jon Hildebrand dives into the challenges of multi-cloud networking and how Prosimo aims to address these. Prosimo’s multi-cloud platform is designed to simplify the process of setting up secure connections among major cloud platforms. However, Hildebrand expresses some concerns over the long-term business model, such as the need to constantly sync with developments from multiple cloud providers and the potential risk of service deprecation.

Cloud Field Day 18 – After Action Report

This “after-action report” is a YouTube video featuring a group of Cloud Field Day delegates discussing the presentations and content from our recent event. Organized by Nathan Bennett, these videos give an immediate and unvarnished look at the presentations.

Prosimo: A Game-Changer in Cloud Networking CFD18

Chris Hildebrandt presents an in-depth review of Prosimo, a modern cloud network delivery and security platform designed to optimize application performance, security, and reliability. Chris highlights Prosimo’s key features, such as application performance optimization, strong security through Zero Trust Network Access principles, multi-cloud integration scope, scalability, and simplified management. He lauds Prosimo as a game-changer for enterprises seeking to enhance user experience, increase security, reduce network infrastructure costs, and future-proof their set-up.

Addressing Common Multi-Cloud Networking Challenges With Prosimo

Ken Nalbone discusses Prosimo’s attempt to simplify multi-cloud networking during its presentation at Cloud Field Day 18. With a focus on consistency and cost control, Prosimo’s ‘full stack cloud networking’ solution serves as an abstraction layer for networking operations across all of a customer’s environments. Using the journey of a global healthcare customer as a case study, Prosimo demonstrated how its solution can address common challenges such as account sprawl, lack of governance, and complex network requirements.

Addressing Common Multi-Cloud Networking Challenges With Prosimo

In this LinkedIn article, Ken Nalbone discusses the common challenges experienced in networking across multiple clouds. These challenges include dealing with varied network limitations in different cloud environments, inconsistencies across cloud’s networking construct, limited visibility and control, and managing costs. Prosimo’s AXI platform is highlighted as a potential solution, providing a unified layer across all cloud environments to streamline network connectivity, enhance security, reduce latency, and manage costs effectively.

Navigating Multicloud Security Challenges: A Deep Dive Into Prosimo’s Approach

In this article, Keith Townsend of the CTO Advisor explores the complex landscape of multicloud security, prominently featuring Prosimo’s approach to addressing associated challenges. Prosimo’s offering, labeled as ‘Full Stack Cloud Networking’, stands out for its ability to deploy a network edge wherever customer applications exist, creating a consistency layer to connect multiple environments. The post recognizes Prosimo’s key role in managing multicloud security, including features such as robust discovery capabilities and straightforward application and network onboarding.

Prosimo – How Multi-Cloud Networking Should Work – CFD18

Nathan Bennett dives into the challenges and benefits of multi-cloud networking with a focus on the solutions provided by Prosimo. Highlighting how the complexity of multi-cloud networking can be addressed, Prosimo’s capabilities of establishing connections across different network areas are pointed out. With three encounters with Prosimo, Bennett concludes that the platform is an efficient solution to these challenges, noting Prosimo’s ability to create a mesh, guide traffic between clouds, and enable services without relying on IP addresses.

Prosimo Is Proudly Back at Cloud Field Day 18

Eric Wright discusses the innovative approach of Prosimo, a platform that facilitates multi-cloud and multi-platform interconnectivity. The article emphasizes Prosimo’s ability to simplify cloud networking complexities. Wright appreciates Prosimo’s ability to function in both new and existing environments, its provision of unified solutions, and its ability to make changes safely and efficiently while providing clear visibility to the user.

Automation, Analytics, and More at Cloud Field Day 18

Announcing Cloud Field Day, streaming live next week! This event is broadcast live on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website, and includes presentations from Juniper Networks, Mezmo, Prosimo, and AMD on Wednesday and VMware, WEKA, and Fortinet on Thursday, focusing on automation, data center analytics, and telemetry. Join the conversation about cloud-native networking, application migration, and monitoring strategies during the sessions on October 18th and 19th!

Fixing Firewall Sizing Issues With Prosmio

Tom Hollingsworth sheds light on the challenges of deploying an appropriately sized firewall and highlights Prosimo’s solution, as seen at Cloud Field Day last year. Prosimo Adaptive Service Insertion helps in deploying firewall resources in appropriate locations with minimal fuss by creating spokeless environments. Additionally, Prosimo introduces the possibility of directing guaranteed, critical traffic to a Prosimo instance to be processed, thus enabling businesses to ensure that their operational rules are respected. Finally, Prosimo’s tool allows for variable flow discovery and resource consumption, allowing organizations to manage their financial payments better.

Prosimo Solves Cloud Networking Problems

Gina Rosenthal attended the most recent Cloud Field Day and took an interest in Prosimo’s presentation! In her post, she talks about the problems Prosimo is solving and how they are trying to get people to think about cloud networking differently. Check out more from Gina here!

Simplifying Multi-Cloud Networking With Prosimo

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha gives her take on Prosimo’s presentation at Cloud Field Day. Read about her thoughts on how integrating Prosimo into existing infrastructure could ease the complexity of the multi-cloud transition. You can read more on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out all of the videos from Cloud Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Cloud Field Day 15 – Day Three

While back on-site for our hybrid Cloud Field Day, some delegates got together and discussed what they saw from RackN on Day Three. Nathan Bennett, Jim Jones, Lino Telera, Ray Lucchesi, Eric Wright, and Calvin Hendryx-Parker all sat down to give their in-depth thoughts from the day along with a brief recap from other presentations throughout the week. Take a look here or visit Nathan’s YouTube channel for more!

Cloud Field Day 15 – Day One

Field Day delegate, Nathan Bennett, is joined by delegate, Eric Wright to discuss the first day of September’s Cloud Field Day. In this video, they both go into detail on presentations from Prosimo, Google Cloud, and Kentik. If you want to learn more, watch the video here, or visit Nathan’s YouTube channel.

Cloud Field Day 15 Returns to Silicon Valley!

Cloud Field has returned to Silicon Valley! There was a wide variety of companies who presented on multiple different topics. Excited to hear about more? All the videos from each presentation have been uploaded to the Tech Field Day website and available on YouTube, check them out!

Back to Silicon Valley for NetApp, CloudFieldDay 15 and More!

Lino is back for September’s Cloud Field Day! There was a great line up at this past Cloud Field Day including presentations from Prosimo, Kentik, Google Cloud, Commvault, and RackN along with a special Cloud Field Exclusive with NetApp. Check out Lino Telera’s post here on what he is looking forward to the most!

State of the Cloud

Check out the latest State of the Cloud interview featuring Gestalt It’s Stephen Foskett and Field Day delegate Matt Leib. They discuss the observations made at Cloud Field Day in November 2021 while talking about containerization and container orchestration as the next-generation platform for enterprise application.

Multi-Cloud Doesn’t Have to Be an Erector Set Approach

Looking for an approach to Autonomous Multi-Cloud Networking? Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha discusses Prosimo ‘s presentation that outlined the underlying challenges of multi-cloud networking and how their approach helps overcome them at November’s Cloud Field Day. Check out Sulagnas’s thoughts here!