Hadoop Is Truly Dead – LOTR Version

Chin-Fah Heoh didn’t initially set out to write a post declaring the death of Hadoop. But what he heard at Storage Field Day made it seem like he had to. While at the event, he participated in the On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast at Pure Storage, ostensibly to talk about storage metrics. However Hadoop quickly became the focus of the discussion. From there, other presentations further showed solutions that made it impossible to consider any other premise. Because this is the world of technology, Chin-Fah doesn’t think it’s impossible for Hadoop to live again in some other fashion, but right now the case is beyond terminal.

Accelerate Day 1 Recap With Stephen Foskett From Gestalt IT by Pure Storage

In this Pure Report podcast, our own Stephen Foskett provides a recap of the first packed day of Pure Accelerate. If you missed any of the announcements from the show, be sure to listen to his thoughts on FlashArray//C, Storage Class Memory, Cloud Block Store, FlashBlade, Pure1 and more.