Pure Storage and Portworx Accelerate Cloud Native Apps on Any Infrastructure

At Cloud Field Day last fall, Pure Storage discussed its acquisition of Portworx and how it solves persistent storage in Kubernetes. Pure Storage and Portworx are working to accelerate traditional and cloud-native applications, providing storage to any application on any infrastructure. To learn more about Pure Storage and Portworx, check out the videos from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Pure Storage Delivers High-Capacity Storage With FlashArray//C With QLC

As applications have grown in size and sophistication, so has the struggle of storing them effectively. The data sprawl from using multi-vendor storage environments can be a time and energy waster. At Storage Field Day last year, Pure Storage presented a solution to this problem: The FlashArray//C with QLC. The team at Gestalt IT write that the larger capacity, storage optimization, and cloud storage management make this an excellent offering from Pure Storage. Check out the full breakdown on GestaltIT.com!

FlashStack Brings Simplicity and Flexibility to VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

Picking between simplicity, flexibility, and performance on the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is a thing of the past. With their FlashStack Converged Infrastructure, Pure Storage is changing the game. They showcased how FlashStack (a joint offering between Pure Storage and Cisco) brings simplicity to an on-premises VCF deployment while at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020. Check out the Gestalt IT team’s thoughts on the offering on their website, and if you haven’t yet be sure to watch Pure Storage’s Vaughn Stewart tell the Tech Field Day delegates about the newest developments on our website!

CFD9: Cloud-Native State of Mind With PortWorx

Becky Elliott was a delegate at Cloud Field Day in November and follows the event with an analysis of Portworx by Pure Storage. Becky mentions that Portworx takes a cloud-native approach, where “Portworx’s software-defined storage control plane abstracts away a lot of the inherent complexity of managing storage in containers and also working with heterogeneous storage.” For more of Becky’s thoughts, visit her blog!

Pure Storage Presents Portworx at Cloud Field Day 9

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, writing for Six Feet Up, details the Pure Storage presentation of Portworx at Cloud Field Day in November. Portworx is a cloud-based software defined storage solution, and Calvin notes that it “runs on any Kubernetes distribution, on any cloud provider, and on-prem.” To try it out yourself or review their interactive tutorials, visit the Portworx website!

Why the PX-Backup Container-Native Approach Is Crucial for Data Protection

On his blog, Virtual Lifestyle, Joep Piscaer writes about his sit-down with the folks from Pure Storage and PortWorx to discuss their PX-Backup product. As a delegate at Cloud Field Day earlier this year, Joep had the chance to see presentations from Pure Storage about the PX-Backup product as well as some of their other offerings. Be sure to check out Joep’s deep dive into what Pure Storage and Portworx are up to including their Cloud Field Day presentations!

Pure Storage Highlights Challenge of Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprises

Justin Warren thinks that in tech, you need to “preserve optionality” – that is, keep your options open! Justin writes that the Pure Storage FlashArray helps you do exactly that. As a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020, Justin had the chance to see Pure Storage present and noticed how their FlashArray allows you to move your data around and be flexible in and around your clusters. Be sure to check out Justin’s post and the Pure Storage presentations on our website!

Pure Storage PortWorx – Kubernetes Storage Platform

Pure Storage’s acquisition of PortWorx and the resulting partnership, was presented at Cloud Field Day 9. Barry Coombs of Tech Doodles looks deeper at the companies’ solutions

TECHunplugged Videocast: Cloud Filed Day 9 Part 1

Veteran Field Day delegate Arjan Timmerman virtually attended Cloud Field Day earlier this month and had the chance to see a fantastic lineup of presenters. As we headed into event week, Arjan was looking forward to the presentations and previewed each of the presenting companies on his TECHunplugged videocast! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Arjan’s preview on YouTube as well as all the presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Pure Storage at #TFDx #VMworld

Ned Bellavance has been acquainted with Pure Storage for a while and has always been impressed with their product capabilities. He had the chance to see them at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld and talks about their presentations on his Daily Check-In video on YouTube. Ned says that Pure Storage has taken a step up with FlashStack by adding extra functionality that might have been missing in previous VCF deployments. He also analyses Pure Storage’s acquisition of Portworx and how it has brought more capabilities to their company as a whole. Be sure to watch Ned’s Daily Check-In and the Pure Storage presentations on our website.

Pure Storage Acquires Portworx

There’s big news in the storage world this week as Pure Storage announces they are acquiring Portworx. Writing for Architecting IT, Chris Evans notes that he had the chance to see the CTO of Portworx present in another capacity at the very first Tech Field Day event in 2009. Chris writes that Pure Storage has made a significant move that will help them expand options for their customers. Pure Storage clearly has a long-term strategy planned out, and it will be interesting to see what they decide to do next.

Pure Storage Announces Second Generation FlashArray//C With QLC

Pure Storage recently announced an all-QLC version of the FlashArray//C and presented at Storage Field Day last month to explain the unique technical capabilities of their new offering. Dan Frith was (virtually) at that presentation and writes in his latest post that the new FlashArray//C could be a compelling option for workload consolidation as it moves to all-QLC. Dan has been impressed with the growing Pure Storage portfolio and will be watching them with interest moving forward. Take a look at Dan’s post and the Pure Storage presentations on their second generation FlashArray//C with QLC on our website!

Pure Storage Announces FlashRecover

Chris Evans, a frequent delegate at our Tech Field Day events, writes about the partnership between Pure Storage and Cohesity on the new FlashRecover solution. Chris analyzes and reviews the design for the new system as well as the implications for consumers. Be sure to give his analysis a read and take a look at the past Pure Storage and Cohesity Storage Field Day presentations on our website!

Pure Storage FlashRecover Brings Cohesity to FlashBlade

Pure Storage and Cohesity have teamed up to launch a new integrated product: the Pure Storage FlashRecover. This jointly engineered product has gotten the attention of Stephen Foskett. At Storage Field Day earlier this year, Stephen saw Cohesity’s presentations and gained a better understanding of the architecture of their products. You also might remember seeing FlashBlade introduced at Pure Accelerate 2016. Stephen writes that Pure Storage and Cohesity joining forces has a chance to make some real waves in storage.

The Wisdom of the (Storage) Crowd

In this post, Chris Evans considers the how storage providers will continue to use storage telemetry in the future. As Chris points out, lots of storage companies have been innovating in this space. Still the scale of it can be staggering, with Pure Storage saying at a 2015 Storage Field Day event that they collect over 1 trillion data points per day. Chris would like to see the industry standardize on a way to deliver consistent anonymized data to a central location, and points to the Open Source storage community to drive this initiative.

Hadoop Is Truly Dead – LOTR Version

Chin-Fah Heoh didn’t initially set out to write a post declaring the death of Hadoop. But what he heard at Storage Field Day made it seem like he had to. While at the event, he participated in the On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast at Pure Storage, ostensibly to talk about storage metrics. However Hadoop quickly became the focus of the discussion. From there, other presentations further showed solutions that made it impossible to consider any other premise. Because this is the world of technology, Chin-Fah doesn’t think it’s impossible for Hadoop to live again in some other fashion, but right now the case is beyond terminal.

Pure Storage Announces New DirectMemory (SCM), FlashArray//C, & Other Enhancements at //Accelerate

At Pure Accelerate, Pure Storage announced the DirectMemory was coming to FlashArray//X, as well as the general availability of Cloud Block Store. In this post, Ray Lucchesi breaks down the details and the importance of these two announcements.

Cloud Block Store: How Pure Storage Built a Cloud-Native Block Storage Solution

Cloud Block Store was one of the major announcements from this year’s Pure Accelerate. Max Mortillaro was at the event and got detailed technical briefings as a delegate at Storage Field Day Exclusive as part of the show. In this post, he digs into the architecture and use cases.

Pure Storage Cloud Block Store Goes GA

Pure Storage’s cloud-native solution for implementing independent block storage in the public cloud, Cloud Block Store, just became generally available. In this post, Chris Evans digs into the specifics of its features, how it compares in the market, and what makes it stand out. He got a deep dive session on the new solution during Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate 2019.