Pure Storage Portworx: Taking the Challenge Out of Kubernetes

Amidst launches and anniversaries, Pure Storage presented on updates to their Portworx product at Tech Field Day in September. What new and exciting K8s capabilities are available from the cloud-forward storage solution? Read this piece to find out.

Pure Storage – Pure1 Makes Life Easy

Dan Frith shares his opinions on Pure Storage’s Pure1, which he witnessed as a delegate at their recent Storage Field Day presentation. This post details his thoughts on their cloud service, and how it works in the real world. Read the piece to learn more!

Pure1 by Pure Storage Optimizes Hybrid Storage Management

With legacy and cloud storage solutions at play in many IT environments, managing across each storage array holistically can be a challenge. Writing for GestaltIT, Zach DeMeyer expands on how Pure Storage, who appeared at August’s Storage Field Day, has innovated their Pure1 solution to be a one-stop-shop for hybrid storage management. Check out Zach’s take for more!

Tech Field Day 24 – Opening Cans of Worms at the Ultra Reliable Smart Edge

WirelessNerd Drew Lentz covers his opinions after watching the recent Tech Field Day event as a delegate in this post. Touching on all four presentations, Lentz explains his takeaways from each one. Read the post for more info!

Portworx Provides Software-Defined Storage for Kubernetes

Writing for Actual Tech Media, Keith Ward covers his experiences as a delegate during the Portworx Tech Field Day presentation in this post. In it, he describes their software-defined storage product as well as the presentation associated with it. Read the full piece for more.

Tech Field Day Returns With Avassa, Cisco, Pure Storage, and Xilinx

Tech Field Day is back this September! Join host Stephen Foskett as he and our esteemed delegates enjoy presentations from Cisco, Pure Storage, Avassa, and Xilinx. Watch all of the presentations to learn more!

Converged Architecture Built for AI

Matt Lieb attended January’s Storage Field Day as a delegate, his experiences from which serving as the basis for this piece. He details how AI and ML are entering the field of storage and how converged architecture serves the needs of today’s IT practitioners. Read on for all of his experiences.

Data://express 10: Datenmamagement, Backup Und Die Cloud

This episode of the German data://express podcast comes from the dynamic duo of Kerstin and Wolfgang Stief of data://disrupted. The latter attended August’s Storage Field Day presentationsn as a delegate, which serve as the topic of the episode. Listen to the show for all of their takeaways.

Storage Field Day 22: Ein Ausblick

We’ll see Wolfgang Stief as a delegate at this week’s Storage Field Day! In this piece on the German Data://Disrupted blog, Wolfgang gives an overview of the presenting companies he’ll be hearing from. He also encourages viewers to ask questions using #SFD22 and one of the delegates will ask and report back. Be sure to follow Wolfgang on Twitter at @SpeicherStief for all of his thoughts during the event!

Server Building Block + Storage + Networking = Pure Storage’s FlashBlade

During April’s Tech Field Day event, Pure Storage presented their solution to the problem of unstructured data in the enterprise: their new FlashBlade server blocks. FlashBlade combines storage and networking needs into a single package, reducing latency and compute times while maintaining a small form factor for server stack scalability. Read this piece to learn more about FlashBlade, and be sure to watch Pure’s presentation for a full technical breakdown.

Tech Field Day 23 Recap

First-time delegate alert! We were excited to have David Klee at his first event at Tech Field Day last month! On his blog, DavidKlee.net, he writes about his first event and focuses in on four presenters: Hazelcast, Vcinity, BlueCat Networks, and Pure Storage. Head over to his blog to hear his thoughts on his first event, and here’s to many more!

Presenters React to the Tech Field Day Experience

Tech Field Day last month was a success and presenters were thrilled with the experience. Check out this video and post to see what the presenters thought of the interactive format, delegate interaction, and more!

Pure Storage and Portworx Accelerate Cloud Native Apps on Any Infrastructure

At Cloud Field Day last fall, Pure Storage discussed its acquisition of Portworx and how it solves persistent storage in Kubernetes. Pure Storage and Portworx are working to accelerate traditional and cloud-native applications, providing storage to any application on any infrastructure. To learn more about Pure Storage and Portworx, check out the videos from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Pure Storage Delivers High-Capacity Storage With FlashArray//C With QLC

As applications have grown in size and sophistication, so has the struggle of storing them effectively. The data sprawl from using multi-vendor storage environments can be a time and energy waster. At Storage Field Day last year, Pure Storage presented a solution to this problem: The FlashArray//C with QLC. The team at Gestalt IT write that the larger capacity, storage optimization, and cloud storage management make this an excellent offering from Pure Storage. Check out the full breakdown on GestaltIT.com!

FlashStack Brings Simplicity and Flexibility to VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

Picking between simplicity, flexibility, and performance on the VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is a thing of the past. With their FlashStack Converged Infrastructure, Pure Storage is changing the game. They showcased how FlashStack (a joint offering between Pure Storage and Cisco) brings simplicity to an on-premises VCF deployment while at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020. Check out the Gestalt IT team’s thoughts on the offering on their website, and if you haven’t yet be sure to watch Pure Storage’s Vaughn Stewart tell the Tech Field Day delegates about the newest developments on our website!

CFD9: Cloud-Native State of Mind With PortWorx

Becky Elliott was a delegate at Cloud Field Day in November and follows the event with an analysis of Portworx by Pure Storage. Becky mentions that Portworx takes a cloud-native approach, where “Portworx’s software-defined storage control plane abstracts away a lot of the inherent complexity of managing storage in containers and also working with heterogeneous storage.” For more of Becky’s thoughts, visit her blog!

Pure Storage Presents Portworx at Cloud Field Day 9

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, writing for Six Feet Up, details the Pure Storage presentation of Portworx at Cloud Field Day in November. Portworx is a cloud-based software defined storage solution, and Calvin notes that it “runs on any Kubernetes distribution, on any cloud provider, and on-prem.” To try it out yourself or review their interactive tutorials, visit the Portworx website!

Why the PX-Backup Container-Native Approach Is Crucial for Data Protection

On his blog, Virtual Lifestyle, Joep Piscaer writes about his sit-down with the folks from Pure Storage and PortWorx to discuss their PX-Backup product. As a delegate at Cloud Field Day earlier this year, Joep had the chance to see presentations from Pure Storage about the PX-Backup product as well as some of their other offerings. Be sure to check out Joep’s deep dive into what Pure Storage and Portworx are up to including their Cloud Field Day presentations!

Pure Storage Highlights Challenge of Cloud Infrastructure for Enterprises

Justin Warren thinks that in tech, you need to “preserve optionality” – that is, keep your options open! Justin writes that the Pure Storage FlashArray helps you do exactly that. As a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020, Justin had the chance to see Pure Storage present and noticed how their FlashArray allows you to move your data around and be flexible in and around your clusters. Be sure to check out Justin’s post and the Pure Storage presentations on our website!

Pure Storage PortWorx – Kubernetes Storage Platform

Pure Storage’s acquisition of PortWorx and the resulting partnership, was presented at Cloud Field Day 9. Barry Coombs of Tech Doodles looks deeper at the companies’ solutions