Guarantees Are Good for Business and Engineering

Alastair Cooke has a long history with Pure Storage, first seeing the company at Virtualization Field Day all the way back in 2014. From an initial focus at offering an AFA at a price competitive with disk, the company has now expanded to offer a wide portfolio. Now, the company is offering the Forever Flash guarantee. Alastair looks at how this doesn’t stray too far from their original mission of making life simplier for customers. Instead of doing forklift upgrades, Pure replace the controllers in their array every three years.

How Pure Storage Delivers a Unified Cloud Experience

Hybrid cloud is becoming the preferred operating model of choice for enterprise IT. Ken Nalbone looks at why Pure Storage believes they can provide a consistent experience across clouds to their customers, based on what they presented at Cloud Field Day earlier this year.

Heading to Cloud Field Day 5

Chris Porter is at Cloud Field Day this week, a return appearance after being on hand for the event last year. He’s looking forward to hearing what all the presenters have in store, particularly Sysdig and Nginx given his background with containers. Rubrik will be a returning presenter for Chris. He also highlights what he’s interested in from Pure Storage, VMware and Veeam. The Cloud Field Day informational firehose can be intense, but it looks like Chris is up to the challenge again.

Achieving a New Level for Data Storage and Cloud Fluidity

Matt Leib has seen Pure Storage at a few Field Day events. In this post, he builds off the previous discussions the company had around NVMe to illustrate how the companies forward thinking approach to an all-NVMe portfolio enables greater density at the scale required for the largest enterprises.

Is Pure Play Storage good?

Chin-Fah Heoh has seen a number of pure play storage companies present at Storage Field Day over the years. In this post, he looks at the Gartner Magic Quadrants from 2010 and 2017, looking how the Big 5 storage companies have fared in that time. NetApp remains the only company in the leaders quadrant, with Pure Storage as the notable new kid on the block. But for Chin-Fah, this doesn’t represent the death of pure play storage, rather representative of a changing of the guard.

Cloud Proximate Data Storage

Matt Leib talks about what he calls Cloud Proximate Data Storage, where major storage vendors leverage locationally close datacenters to mitigate the cost of moving data. Matt goes on to discuss the solutions presented at Storage Field Day 16 as well as PureAccelerate such as Infinidat’s Neutrix, products from PureStorage, and HPE’s Cloud Volumes/CloudBank.

Pure Storage AIRI – CI for AI

Pure Storage’s AIRI platform provides a converged infrastructure approach for ML and AI workloads, combining FlashBlade and NVIDIA DGX-1 servers. After looking at the Storage Field Day Exclusive videos from Pure Accelerate in 2017, Chris Evans sees this as an important step for FlashBlade, what he hopes is a first in a series of reference architecture solutions for specific applications.

Pure Storage – You’ve Come A Long Way

With Pure Accelerate coming up next week, Dan Frith takes a look back at how Pure Storage has evolved, but stayed true to their core focus since debuting their first products in 2011. He’s looking forward to seeing what they have in store for this year’s event.

Cloudified Snapshots done two ways

Mark May shares his thoughts on what he saw from Dell EMC at Storage Field Day in June. He particularly focuses on their Unity storage array and how it integrates with their Cloud Tier appliance. This allows for moving data from the storage array into the public cloud. Mark really likes the ability to take snapshots of Unity, but writing the data to S3 storage.

He compares this to Pure Storage’s approach, which he saw at a Storage Field Day Exclusive event at Pure Accelerate. Pure allows you to write snapshots to AWS in its native format, as opposed to converting it to an object store. Both are interesting approaches to extending storage arrays into the cloud.

Cohesity FlashProtect – a look into Pure Storage and Cohesity Integration

After Tech Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate, Max Mortillaro talks about the collaboration between Pure Storage and Cohesity saying it “is not only logical, but also important for both companies.” The addition of Cohesity as a secondary storage and data protection solution allows for a deep integration with Pure Storage snapshotting capabilities. Max says that this will provide an advantage to both parties, helping them extend their respective ecosystems and expand their market share.

Pure1 META – Analytics for Pure Storage Arrays

After Pure Accelerate 2017, Chris Evans analyzes Pure Storage’s new storage array analytics solution, Pure1 META and its interesting testing applications.

Real-time Storage Analytics: one step further towards AI-enabled storage arrays?

At the Storage Field Day Exclusive event at Pure Accelerate, Max Mortillaro was struck by a recent storage trend. It seems that every storage vendor is now offering real-time analytics as part of their storage array offerings. Max looks at Pure Storage’s take on this, which combines their Pure 1 real-time analytics, with a machine learning extension called META.

The Eigencast 026: Pure Marketing

On his podcast, Justin Warren interviewed Jonathan Martin, the outgoing CMO at Pure Storage. It’s a really interesting conversation that focuses on the importance of storytelling for a company, while not losing sight of the importance of data metrics. It’s a really interesting insight into the company.

Pure Accelerate: FlashArray Gets Synchronous Replication

Chris Evans writes about some important news coming out of Pure Accelerate. Pure Storage is now offering synchronous replication on its FlashBlade line. The feature is called ActiveCluster, and Chris got a technical deep dive on it at the Storage Field Day Exclusive event at Pure Accelerate. Chris does a great job running through the ActiveCluster architecture, and how those decisions will impact its adoption in the data center.

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure//Accelerate 2017 – FlashBlade 2.0

Pure Storage’s FlashBlade 2.0 has been getting a lot of coverage coming out of Pure Accelerate, and Dan Frith is no exception. In their Storage Field Day Exclusive presentation, Pure Storage went over how FlashBlade is designed now to scale beyond fifteen blades, and went into detail on other architectural features and refinements.

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure//Accelerate 2017 – Purity Update

Dan Frith shares his notes from “Day 0” of Pure Accelerate. There, he saw Pure Storage talk about their new ActiveCluster, which Dan seems pretty excited about. He also gives his initial thoughts on Pure Storage’s announcements regarding VVols support and DirectFlash Shelf.

Don’t Build Big Data With Bad Data

Big data, machine learning, AI. If you were playing buzzword bingo, you just need to throw in IoT to win. But Tom Hollingsworth makes some great points about some of the blind spots that become apparent in these technologies that otherwise engender hagiography. For Tom, it’s an issue of where data comes in for these systems. If the starting point is flawed, either in how it was collected or in a cultural sense, the end result cannot help but be impacted.

Pure Storage Charts A Course To The Future Of Big Data

Justin Warren runs down the announcements from the 2nd annual Pure Accelerate conference. He focuses on the ActiveCluster synchronous replication being brought in as a software upgrade for the Purity FA 5 release. Justin sees this as key for Pure Storage to grow in the European market. The FlashBlade platform was also announced, which provides 8 petabytes of storage in a single namespace.

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure//Accelerate 2017 – General Session Notes

Dan Frith wrote up his initial notes from Pure Storage’s general sessions at Pure Accelerate. He reviews each of the speakers during the presentation, along with some general notes about each speaker. The session focused on the role Pure Storage sees for itself as storage needs across the enterprise rapidly expand in the coming years and how the company has positioned themselves to the data platform for the cloud era. There was also a lot of talk about updates to Pure Storage’s Purity for both FlashBlade and FlashArray. Dan does a really good job of pulling out the relevant points from each speaker, while still maintaining a bit of stream of consciousness.

Pure Accelerate 2017 Keynote Live Blog

Stephen Foskett was living blogging during the Pure Accelerate keynote! Make sure to check it out to get his initial reactions to all the exciting announcements.