Streamlining Storage Operations With vVols

Sulagna Saha shares her thoughts on Pure Storage and their presentation on Virtual Volumes at Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US. Check out what she has to say on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out all of the videos from this past event on the Tech Field Day website!

Was That the Last VMware Conference?

Check out what Gina Rosenthal has to say about this past Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US. You can read her thoughts on her website, Digital Sunshine, and be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website for all the updates from this past event!

vVols 2022 Adoption Update: Current Barriers and Will It Ever Go Mainstream?

Eric Siebert gives his thoughts on VMware Virtual Volumes from this past Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US showcase. Check out all of the videos from this past event on the Tech Field Day website!

Gestalt IT Is Headed to VMware Explore US 2022!

Gestalt IT was back at VMware Explore this year in beautiful San Francisco! We had presentations from NetApp and Pure Storage and were able to attend some delegate sessions such as VMunderground, vBrownBag and the CTO Advisor Road Trip booth. Take a look here at a brief overview of our Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore.

Secure Communication Between Cloud and the Arrays With Pure1 Edge Service

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha talks about the presentation from Pure Storage at this past Storage Field Day. Pure Storage presented on their Pure1 platform that helps manage and monitor all storage arrays from a single interface. Check out her thoughts here!

The Pipeline Guys: Episode #3

In their latest podcast, Enrico Signoretti, a Field Day delegate, and Lino Telera discuss this past Cloud Field Day. Check out their recap on all presenting companies and what to look forward to in each presentation!

Storage Field Day 23 – Tag 3: Intel Und PureStorage

Wolfgang Stief, a Field Day delegate, has given us a great recap of the presentations from Intel and Pure Storage at this past Storage Field Day! Take a look at Wolfgang’s thoughts on what’s new with these companies!

Elvis Is Everywhere. So Is Kubernetes.

Jim Czuprynski attended his very first Cloud Field Day in February as a delegate! Check out this great recap of all the presenting companies on Jim’s personal blog. Maybe you too will be reminded of the Elvis is Everywhere music video!

CFD13 Day One Recap – NetApp, Pure Storage and Kasten by Veeam

Are you looking for a recap on the first day of presentations from this past Cloud Field Day? Adam Fisher attended as a delegate and gives us a great outline on the new solutions from NetApp, Pure Storage, and Kasten by Veeam. Check out Adam’s thoughts on what these companies have been up to!

Implementing a Cloud Model Across Different Infrastructures With Pure Fusion

At this past Cloud Field Day, Pure Storage introduced their new Pure Fusion model. Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha explains how this faster, easier to manage solution delivers a cloud model for all infrastructures so that enterprise storage is easy as a breeze. Take a look at her thoughts here!

DXPRS0024: Cloud Field Day 13 – Automatische Automatisierung

Wolfgang Stief tuned in live to watch this past Cloud Field Day! Check out his podcast here, along with Kerstin Stief, for a recap of the presentations from Cloud Field Day and what was discussed by each company.

The Future of the Data Center Control Plane Is in the Public Cloud

Keith Townsend, a Field Day delegate, attended this past Cloud Field Day, where Pure Storage presented on a solution for managing their FlashArray Storage system. Check out Keith’s thoughts, here on YouTube, about how this is the future of all data center management!

Cloud Field Day 13 – Presenter Previews

Chris Evans will be joining the Tech Field Day team in San Jose, California, as a delegate, for the upcoming Cloud Field Day! Take a look at what the presenting companies will be discussing and what might form part of the technical presentations.

Pure Storage Portworx: Taking the Challenge Out of Kubernetes

Amidst launches and anniversaries, Pure Storage presented on updates to their Portworx product at Tech Field Day in September. What new and exciting K8s capabilities are available from the cloud-forward storage solution? Read this piece to find out.

Pure Storage – Pure1 Makes Life Easy

Dan Frith shares his opinions on Pure Storage’s Pure1, which he witnessed as a delegate at their recent Storage Field Day presentation. This post details his thoughts on their cloud service, and how it works in the real world. Read the piece to learn more!

Pure1 by Pure Storage Optimizes Hybrid Storage Management

With legacy and cloud storage solutions at play in many IT environments, managing across each storage array holistically can be a challenge. Writing for GestaltIT, Zach DeMeyer expands on how Pure Storage, who appeared at August’s Storage Field Day, has innovated their Pure1 solution to be a one-stop-shop for hybrid storage management. Check out Zach’s take for more!

Tech Field Day 24 – Opening Cans of Worms at the Ultra Reliable Smart Edge

WirelessNerd Drew Lentz covers his opinions after watching the recent Tech Field Day event as a delegate in this post. Touching on all four presentations, Lentz explains his takeaways from each one. Read the post for more info!

Portworx Provides Software-Defined Storage for Kubernetes

Writing for Actual Tech Media, Keith Ward covers his experiences as a delegate during the Portworx Tech Field Day presentation in this post. In it, he describes their software-defined storage product as well as the presentation associated with it. Read the full piece for more.

Tech Field Day Returns With Avassa, Cisco, Pure Storage, and Xilinx

Tech Field Day is back this September! Join host Stephen Foskett as he and our esteemed delegates enjoy presentations from Cisco, Pure Storage, Avassa, and Xilinx. Watch all of the presentations to learn more!

Converged Architecture Built for AI

Matt Lieb attended January’s Storage Field Day as a delegate, his experiences from which serving as the basis for this piece. He details how AI and ML are entering the field of storage and how converged architecture serves the needs of today’s IT practitioners. Read on for all of his experiences.