Defending Against the Widening Threat Landscape With Racktop BrickStor SP

Despite smaller businesses believing they are not significant targets for ransomware attacks, they are increasingly vulnerable with 62% of information security incidents targeting the top 2.1% of businesses, according to public records. RackTop’s BrickStor SP (Security Platform) provides easy and automatic cyberstorage solutions for SMBs and large organizations alike, not only encrypting data and creating a rolling snapshot of every file but also providing high-speed monitoring for unusual activity to detect data modifications such as those in ransomware attacks. BrickStor SP’s scalability makes it a fitting solution for any businesses, regardless of their size or net growth. This Gestalt IT Tech Note, sponsored by RackTop, gives Jody Lemoine’s perspective.

Active Defense Against Ransomware With RackTop Systems’ BrickStor SP

RackTop Systems’ BrickStor SP is an active cyberstorage solution safeguarding data assets against cybersecurity breaches. The software leverages a zero-trust architecture built on continuous validation before access grant. BrickStor SP’s data-centric zero-trust principle analyzes every user interaction for potential security alerts and provides real-time detection and quick response and recovery against threats such as insider theft and ransomware attacks through built-in encryption, policy-based key rotation and auditing, and user and entity behavior analysis. This article by Gerard Kavelines, sponsored by RackTop, explores BrickStor from the perspective of a network security expert.

RackTop BrickStor – Protecting Data Against Ransomware

Data storage and security solutions provider, RackTop Systems, has introduced its BrickStor Security Platform (SP) that is designed to cover both insider and external threats to prevent ransomware attacks that have become prevalent in recent months. Karen Lopes explores their Data-Centric Zero Trust Policy approach in this sponsored article. It evaluates user behavior, account permissions, file activity, metadata about files and the user, and other features to protect unstructured data for SMB and NFS file shares, thereby enabling speedy detection and lock-out that saves money and time for the resumption of normal operations. The platform also identifies user behavior anomalies with User and Entity Behavior Analysis and, once detected, stops all access by that user that was the weak point.

Identity-Centric and Data-Centric Security With RackTop BrickStor

RackTop Systems’ BrickStor is a comprehensive cyberstorage solution that helps organizations secure their digital assets from ransomware attacks with an identity-centric and data-centric approach. This sponsored article by Chris Grundemann explores the system’s zero trust architectures for the effective authorization of subject and resource ensuring only approved access is granted. BrickStor’s active security platform uniquely intersects identity and data-centric security with encryption, policy-based key rotation, auditing, and UEBA and SOAR capabilities to begin securing data from day one, over unstructured data.

Zero Trust Data Security With RackTop BrickStor SP

Sulagna Saha talks about RackTop’s presentation at this past Storage Field Day in her latest post for Gestalt It. She states that RackTop is seeking to change the harrowing reality for enterprises with a cybersecurity solution that embeds security into storage, known as the BrickStor SP. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here!

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