Wide-Scale Automation in Hybrid Cloud With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

A tool that automates all aspects of IT in a business from configuration to deployment is a dream come true for companies in the hybrid cloud space. A platform that comes close in parts is the very familiar Ansible Automation Platform. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha discusses Red Hat’s newly enhanced capabilities in their Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform that was demonstrated at this past Cloud Field Day. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here!

Cloud Field Day Returns November 3-5, 2021

It’s that time of year again. Cloud Field Day returns to Silicon Valley from November 3 through November 5, 2021.

The Cloud Is Finally Ready for the Enterprise

The question of cloud readiness has plagued the enterprise for a decade, but we have finally gotten to the point that enterprise IT is coming to the public cloud. Check out the latest On-Premise IT Roundtable where two Field Day delegates, Jim Jones and Nico Stein, and founder of Gestalt IT, Stephen Foskett, discuss the cloud enterprise and the upcoming Cloud Field Day in November.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Brings Operational Consistency to the Edge

Last December, at Tech Field Day, Red Hat highlighted its OpenShift Container Platform, which has multiple configurations to run Kubernetes at the edge and as-a-service in the public cloud and on-premises. Red Hat has brought this offering to the edge with three new deployment models aimed at making it easier to run AI/ML at the edge. For more on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, check out the videos from Tech Field Day on our website!

Buying Into the New Oil and Making It Work for You

Red Hat highlighted AI/ML market trends at AI Field Day last fall, and what it brings to the table. The company claims that 80% of a data scientist’s time is spent doing mundane tasks, which Red Hat is trying to solve. Data scientists want a self-service cloud-like experience for their AI and ML projects. This is where Red Hat OpenShift comes in. To learn more about how Red Hat OpenShift is helping with AI/ML projects and models, check out its videos from AI Field Day on our website!

Managed OpenShift in the Cloud: Red Hat at Cloud Field Day

At Cloud Field Day last November, Red Hat highlighted its managed service options and competitive advantages in the cloud. Red Hat addresses the challenges of maintaining day-to-day operations through its OpenShift Managed Services. There are three major Managed OpenShift offerings: OpenShift Dedicated, Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO), Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA). For more information on Red Hat’s OpenShift, watch its presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

Red Hat at the Edge

In a video on his Youtube channel “Ned in the Cloud”, Ned Bellavance talks about the presentation that Red Hat gave to him and eleven other delegates at Tech Field Day in December. In the video, he talks through Red Hat’s presentation including their focus on OpenShift for Developers and OpenShift at the Edge. Be sure to check out Ned’s video to learn more about the relationship between OpenShift and the Edge as well as watch Red Hat’s presentation from Tech Field Day on our website!

Tech Field Day 22: The TECHunplugged Take on Red Hat OpenShift

After seeing Red Hat present on their OpenShift offering at Tech Field Day last week, delegates Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman jumped on YouTube to give their thoughts. In this video they talk about Red Hat’s place in the market, some of the interesting Kubernetes offerings, and their perspective on OpenShift. A big thank you to both Red Hat for presenting and to Max and Arjan for being excellent delegates!

Red Hat Shows Off OpenShift at Cloud Field Day 9

Writing for Six Feet Up, delegate Calvin Hendryx-Parker writes about Red Hat’s Cloud Field Day presentation which introducted a Managed Cloud Services solution that will funnel certain monitoring services to be included in a regular OpenShift subscription. Red Hat also showed off their AWS Rosa solution and Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes as well! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Calvin’s analyses of these on the Six Feet Up website, and take a look at the Red Hat videos on the Tech Field Day website!

Check Out Our Videos From Cloud Field Day

We were delighted to host Red Hat as a presenter at Cloud Field Day earlier this month where they demonstrated the capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift. In a post on the OpenShift website, Red Hat shares recaps of their three presentations including a focus on OpenShift hosted and managed services, managing the open hybrid cloud, and finally Stu Miniman’s journey toward joining Red Hat. We look forward to seeing Red Hat at the next field day event!

Delivering End-To-End Visibility and Control to Kubernetes Clusters

During Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat we were excited to see the company showcase its Advanced Cluster Management, designed to give end-to-end visibility to Kubernetes clusters on-prem or in the cloud. Red Hat has stated that Kubernetes is to cloud what IP was to networking, what are your thoughts?

TECHunplugged Videocast: Cloud Filed Day 9 Part 1

Veteran Field Day delegate Arjan Timmerman virtually attended Cloud Field Day earlier this month and had the chance to see a fantastic lineup of presenters. As we headed into event week, Arjan was looking forward to the presentations and previewed each of the presenting companies on his TECHunplugged videocast! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Arjan’s preview on YouTube as well as all the presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Red Hat OpenShift

Enrico Signoretti joined us as a delegate for our Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat event. For Enrico, rnterprises are quickly moving from an initial evaluation and exploration phase to extensive adoption of containers and microservices for all new applications under development. At the event, he saw how Red Hat is now uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between a rock-solid, open-source foundation already adopted by many enterprises across the world and the innovation introduced by containers and Kubernetes. All of this while mitigating the risk associated with the immaturity of the nascent Kubernetes platform. Be sure to check out his Executive Summary on OpenShift that includes a lot of what was presented at the event.

Forget Transformation. Go for Digital Stability

Evangelists of digital transformation emphasize speed and change, something often anathema to infrastructure professionals. In the end though, both want the same thing, infrastructure that’s robust, resilient, and stable. In this post, Drew Conry-Murray looks at red Hat’s presentation from Cloud Field Day, who showed how with telemetry, automation, tooling, training, and processes, organizations can build infrastructure to support rapid change and innovation. In the end, this isn’t just a technology problem, people and process need to be part of this for it to work.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management – Bringing the Control Plane Back On-Premises

Bhavin Shah was trying to keep up with the announcements from Red Hat virtual summit and Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat. One thing that stood out in the new OpenShift Container Platform 4.4 was Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management. This new control plane that helps you manage your OpenShift and/or your managed Kubernetes clusters running either On-Prem or in any of the major Public cloud platforms. This allows customers to deploy this control plane on any OpenShift Cluster, whether on-prem or in any of the public clouds. Red Hat ACM is currently in Tech Preview, so be sure to check out the full videos from Red Hat’s event to get all the details.

RedHat (Virtual) Summit 2020

We were extremely proud to organize Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat, providing a virtual event in conjunction with Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience. This event focused on OpenShift, and provided an overview, deep dives into the latest updates, and answered all the delegate questions gathered around the (virtual) roundtable. We were thrilled to have delegates like Andrea Mauro join us for the event, and we can’t wait to see more of his thoughts on the presentations.

Marketplaces Are Changing the Way We Do Enterprise IT

Enrico Signoretti has been looking into the increasing importance of marketplaces for unstructured data management solutions. These allow IT to add functionalities to your infrastructure quickly, without having to go through a complex purchase, installation, and configuration process. Enrico got to see two examples of these at recent Field Day events. At Cloud Field Day, VMware showed off their marketplace for VMware Cloud on AWS, with another marketplace on display at Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat. With more mature technology, Enrico see marketplaces not just as the purview of cloud providers, but rather being extended to hybrid cloud platforms and eventually the private enterprise marketplace.

Tune in for Tech Field Day Virtual With Red Hat on April 29

We’re thrilled to be able to present Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat on April 29th! This will focus on Red Hat OpenShift and follow on the announcements from the virtual Red Hat Summit. Red Hat has a whole day of excellent presentations in store, from an overview of their portfolio and strategy, to Kubernetes multi-cloud management, networking, and more. Be sure to mark you calendar and catch the entire live stream!