Simplifying Complex Edge Network Stacks With RG Nets’ rXg

In this Networking Field Day article, Sulagna Saha reviews RG Nets’ rXg multi-services edge gateway solution. As network deployments become more and more complex with the rise of BYOD, enterprises need a solution that offers the coveted single-pane-of-glass management on one platform. Read the article at Gestalt IT, or watch RG Nets’ presentations of rXg here on the website.

Network Field Day 33 – Day 1 – RG Nets

In this YouTube video, Jordan Villarreal shares his experience learning about RG Nets Inc., a company new to him, and their first-time presentation at Networking Field Day. The video promises an insightful look into RG Nets and its offerings. This is a great opportunity for those interested in the networking field to discover a potentially unfamiliar company and gain understanding of its place in the industry.

Centralizing Network Services With RG Nets

In this LinkedIn article, Tim Bertino discusses the unique approach RG Nets, Inc. takes to address the issue of tool and service sprawl in networks. He outlines RG Nets’ strategy of consolidating network services into a singular platform, either natively or via the platform acting as the front-end management plane for external services. Additionally, Bertino highlights how RG Nets enables automatic network provisioning, thus easing the workload for IT staff, and sees great potential in their unique solution.

Network Field Day 33 – Day 0

Jordan Villarreal shares his excitement about Network Field Day 33 in this YouTube video. With leading names such as Cisco, Nokia, Fortinet, and Intel as well as new faces like Graphiant and RG Nets, the event provides significant insights into the ever-evolving networking domain. The topics range from versatile network solutions to edge gateways and from switching platforms to the anticipated wildcard entry of Intel.