Cloud Field Day 3

Droplet Computing came out of stealth at Cloud Field Day last month, introducing their unique browser-based application container technology. Jane Rimmer worked with Droplet to coordinate the launch and found that “anyone wanting to work with a highly professional team, with a unique event concept, you MUST consider participating in a Tech Field Day to raise awareness for your company!”

Droplet Computing at Cloud Field Day 3

Jane Rimmer is happy to see Droplet Computing come out of stealth at Cloud Field Day this week. The company uses a unique container solution that allows for legacy and production applications to be run directly in a web browser. This isn’t just app layering or a different take on virtualization. Make sure to check out the full video of their presentation for the details.

Mystery, Intrigue and CSR

Jane Rimmer is excited to working with a company that will be coming out of stealth at Cloud Field Day next month! Make sure to follow #CFD3 on Twitter to follow along with the conversation and check back for the full live stream of the event!