Robin Systems Defines Applications

Redefining IT infrastructure isn’t something to take on lightly. Robin Systems believe they have an approach. It’s focused around making the infrastructure application aware. The entire system is designed around an application manifest, a YAML file where the actual requirements of an application are laid out in a simple rules based format. This is the basis which the system uses to automate everything from deployment to performance.

IoT Puts On-Premises Back on the Agenda

In this piece, Alastair Cooke takes a look at the state of storage as we enter the age of IoT. For Alastair, he thinks projects of central object stores being inundated with tons of IoT data miss the point. Instead he sees compute moving close to the edge to be closer to the source of the data, only sending on composites of the gross data tonnage to the data center. As part of this, he thinks Robin System’s software HCI solution has the right approach. It simplified containerization on whatever servers and storage are available, giving enterprises the flexibility and simplicity to move compute closer to the edge.

Robin Systems at Tech Field Day Feb 1-3, 2017

Robin Systems presented at Tech Field Day, and they shared their excitement on their blog. Make sure to check out the video coverage after the event to rewatch all of the specifics of their unique application-aware infrastructure.

Tech Field Day 13 Preview: Robin Systems

Thom Greene takes a look at Robin Systems ahead of Tech Field Day next week. They take an application-specific approach to the data center, which Thom finds interesting, considering how much virtual machines generally dominate. They do this by abstracting the application away from the OS in containers, using a smart storage and compute fabric as a management layer. It’s a really interesting approach. Thom appreciated looking into the company to get a better handle on containers in general. He’ll only get more info at their Tech Field Day presentation.

Back to Tech Field Day

Andrea Mauro is heading to Tech Field Day in Austin, coming up February 1st. He give a little context for his own involvements with past events, including some Virtualization Field Days and Tech Field Day Extras, but this is his first full Tech Field Day. He gives a rundown of his impressions of the presenting companies, but overall is excited to meet with other delegates, and to get into the technical deep dives. We’re excited to have Andrea coming to Austin, and can’t wait to hear his impressions of the presentations!

Vendor Briefing – Robin Systems

Vendor Briefing – Robin Systems