NETAPP INSIGHT 2018 – TFDX- Data Fabric 2.0

At NetApp Insight 2018, the company provided more details on Data Fabric 2.0. Roger Lund attended as part of Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight, and wrote up some of the details in this post. With Data Fabric 2.0, NetApp is now able to offer management & monitoring, orchestrations, data services, and data storage across clouds.


Roger Lund provides some updates that he saw at Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018. In this post, he focuses on NetApp MAX Data. This comes out of their recent Plexistor acquisition, and offers data management services for persistent memory. NetApp sees this as optimized for workloads in real-time analytics, in-memory DBs, AI, and data warehouses.

Netapp Insight 2018 – TFDx- HCI Revealed! Hyper Converged or Hybrid Cloud?

Roger Lund was at NetApp Insight as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra presentation. At the event, he got a deep dive into NetApp’s HCI solutions. NetApp has gone to great lengths to define specifically what their intent is behind developing HCI, designed around solving actual customer challenges. Roger reviews the features and how it fits into the company’s overall Data Fabric vision.

Kingston – NVMe Overview at VMworld 2017 – Tech Field Day Extra

It was great to hear from Kingston Technology at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld. They presented extensively on NVMe, including their DCP1000 PCIe card capable of 1.25 million read IOPS. Roger Lund shares their slide deck from the event.

Pluribus Networks Netvisor & Adaptive Cloud Fabric @ VMworld 2017 – Tech Field Day Extra

Roger Lund shares some thoughts on the presentation from Pluribus Networks at Networking Field Day last week. Make sure to checkout the slide deck from the presentation, and see how Roger thinks Pluribus can pivot into the wider SDN world with their Adaptive Cloud Fabric.

Uila – A view into your data center

Roger Lund shares a brief product overview of Uila. The company offers a Application-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring solution, which Roger thinks is essential for identifying performance issues between the virtualization layer and the application layer. All of this is wrapped up in easy to understand visualizations.

Netapp‘s SolidFire HCI Overview

Roger Lund reviews NetApp’s presentation from Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld. At the event, they went into a deep dive of their new hyperconverged infrastructure solution, which gives organizations simple provisioning while allowing them to scale compute and storage independently.

See the data, not just the storage with DataGravity

See the data, not just the storage with DataGravity

Infino : An VMware Cache Acceleration kit, in a Virtual box

Infino : An VMware Cache Acceleration kit, in a Virtual box

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