On-Premises Networks Need to Work Like Cloud Networks

On-premises networks are still very common for specialize applications and need to adopt cloud network operational models. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by experts Ron Westfall, Chris Grundemann, and Jeremy Schulman as they discuss how to better implement these preferred methods. They also debate how each model has different requirements and may face headwinds in an enterprise.

HPE Aruba Networking Ready to Turbocharge Private 5G

Ron Westfall considers HPE Aruba’s positioning itself to enhance private 5G network solutions, promising to bring high-speed, reliable connectivity to enterprise environments. Aruba’s networking expertise is set to empower businesses with improved performance, better control, and tailored implementations of 5G technology. The insights presented highlight Aruba’s readiness to meet the burgeoning demand for private 5G networks, cementing its role as a catalyst in the enterprise networking transformation. This analyst note from The Futurum Group looks forward to the announcements at HPE Discover.

Juniper Choreographs AI-Native Networking Breakthroughs

Juniper Networks is steering the industry toward AI-native networking solutions, as discussed in a thorough this analyst note by Ron Westfall of The Futurum Group. At Mobility Field Day 11, the company showcased its vision for intelligent networking, integrating AI to enhance performance, simplify operations, and improve user experiences. These breakthroughs signal Juniper’s commitment to spearheading the AI-driven future of networking, cementing its role as an innovator in the space.

Wi-Fi 7 Isn’t Enough For Future Wireless Needs

New technology standards can’t anticipate how users will consume content and applications and revisions to the standards will be adopted to meet their needs. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Ron Westfall, Drew Lentz, and Rocky Gregory as they discuss where Wi-Fi 7 falls short.

Ron Westfall

Futurum Group Research Director for Digital Transformation, 5G, AI, Security, Cloud Computing, IoT and Data Center. Host of 5G Factor Webcast.