CTS 271 – Ventev VenVolt 2 at MFD6

A new release that has Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges excited is the VenVolt 2 that Ventev demoed at Mobility Field Day this past July! This podcast dives deep into the newest updates of the VenVolt 2 and how it compares to the old edition. Listen into this podcast from two Field Day delegates to see what changes were implemented for the VenVolt 2!

CTS 272: NetAlly’s BLE Survey & LANBERT

In this episode, Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges, two Field Day delegates, take a look at two features for the EtherScope nXG that NetAlly showcased at July’s Mobility Field Day. The two features include the BLE survey and LANBERT, and by utilizing these features more tests can be done over a longer period of time! Check out the podcast for more detailed information!

CTS 268 – MFD6 Aruba Central & Wi-Fi 6E AP Reveal

Over the last few years, Aruba Networks has improved Aruba Central significantly as it becomes a huge part of any Aruba installation. Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges, two Field Day delegates, expand how the Edge Services Platform makes it super easy for organizations to adopt Aruba Networks without all those capital expenditures. Check out their latest podcast about what Aruba Networks presented at Mobility Field Day last July!

CTS 269 – Arista at MFD6

Arista Networks rejoins Mobility Field Day and, in this podcast, Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges discuss Arista’s cloud solution and the openness of the amount of data stored. Check out these two Field Day delegates, expand on RCA, domain knowledge, and infrastructure in their latest podcast!

CTS 273 – Fortinet at MFD6

Did you miss out on what Fortinet brought to Mobility Field Day in mid-July? Rowell Dionicio and Francois Verges, Field Day delegates, dive deep into the security solutions that Fortinet is bringing closer to the edge. Tune into the podcast hosted by Rowell for more!

CTS 270: MFD6 – Juniper / Mist

This podcast episode from Rowell Dionicio and Verges Francois of ClearToSend covers the Mobility Field Day appearance by Juniper Networks, who presented facets of their Mist AI solution. Both men attended the event as delegates, and this episode details their time and experiences during Juniper’s presentations. Listen to the show for full information.

Impact of 6 GHz on the Future of Wi-Fi

Rowell Dionicio of the Packet6 blog shares his takeaways from his time as a delegate watching Aruba’s recent Networking Field Day presentation. In particular, Dionicio hones in on Aruba’s announcement of WiFi 6E and the effects of the 6 GHz on the networking space. Read on to learn the impact of 6 GHz on the future of WiFi, and be sure to watch Aruba’s Networking Field Day appearances to learn more.

Coffee Hour – Mobility Field Day 5

Rowell Dionicio and François Vergès over at the Clear to Send podcast recently previewed what to expect at Mobility Field Day. They were particularly interested to see VMware as a presenting company and can’t wait to hear what they’ll be discussing. They also look at some of the delegates attending to the event, note the increased importance of wireless security within the voices around the table, and how the virtual event is changing who can be a delegate.

Disaggregated Routing Software With DriveNets

In this piece, Rowell Dionicio considers the state of whitebox networking. While being around for about six years, it’s not something that he’s personally seen really gaining a lot of traction. But after seeing DriveNets present at Networking Field Day, he thinks the age of whitebox networking might be now for Service Providers. DriveNets wants to bring a disaggregated network approach to Service Providers, using their software-based Network Cloud to scale whiteboxes and software. Rowell digs into how this disaggregation can work financially for SPs, and how DriveNets is up to the technical challenge as well.

Cloud and Network Automation at Networking Field Day 22

Rowell Dionicio has been a delegate at a number of Field Day events, previously coming to Mobility Field Day and our newest event, Security Field Day. But this time around will be his first time at Networking Field Day, and we’re excited to hear what he thinks of the experience. Rowell has really enjoyed not just the technical content offered by Field Day, but the ability to directly connect with the presenters and fellow delegates. These are the kind of connections that help make Field Day a unique industry experience. Check out the post for his preview of the presenters at the event.

CTS 193: Fortinet @ MOBILITY FIELD DAY 4

This episode of the Clear to Send podcast looks at what Fortinet presented at Mobility Field Day. While perhaps being best known in security, the company has built a comprehensive wireless solution. This got started when customers started asking them to secure their wi-fi networks, and has been built out from there.

CTS 192: Aruba @ Mobility Field Day 4

This episode of the Clear to Send podcast focuses on what Aruba Networks showed off at Mobility Field Day. Be sure to listen to get the latest on IoT, Wi-Fi in the 6GHz band, Wi-Fi 6, new Wi-Fi security and Passpoint.

CTS 184: Cisco @ Mobility Field Day 4

François Vergès joined us a Mobility Field Day this year, and seemed to really find a lot of interesting content. In this episode of the Clear to Send podcast, he reviews what Cisco presented at the event. They showed off their new Catalyst wireless routers and APs, which run IOS-XE. They also gave details on their latest IoT and OpenRoaming offerings. Be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details.

CTS 183: Mist @ Mobility Field Day 4

This episode of the Clear to Send podcast focuses on Francois Verges’ experience seeing Mist Systems present at Mobility Field Day. At the event, they showed off their AP supporting Wi-Fi 6, demonstrated the latest updates to the Mist AI, how they’re pushing microservices to the edge, and more.

CTS 182: Mobility Field Day 4 – An Overview

Francois Verges was one of several new faces that attended Mobility Field Day earlier this week. He recently spoke to Rowell Dionicio on an episode of the Clear to Send podcast. Francois recapped the Mobility Field Day Experience and what he thought of the presentations. Be sure to listen as a preview before diving into the full presentation video.

CTS 141: Analytics Data & Wi-Fi

Rowell Dionicio gives an overview of what he saw from Nyansa at Mobility Field Day this year. Nyansa Voyance gathers together a massive amount of information across the network to represent a full client experience within their dashboard. All of this helps drill down to the root cause of problems, and surface actionable solutions.

Mist Unveils AI-Driven Wi-Fi

In this post, Rowell Dionicio looks at the WiFI advances shown by Mist Systems at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. The company offers a cloud-managed WiFI service with a constant stream of updates, bug fixes, and new features through their dashboard at scale via microservices. He also got to see Marvis, Mist’s AI-driven Virtual Network Assistant. This can be used with troubleshooting, including being smart enough to open tickets with Mist automatically.

CTS 139: Aruba Networks Demos OWE at MFD3

On this episode of the Clear to Send podcast, Rowell Dionicio discusses what he saw from Aruba at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. Specifically, the company demoed an improvement to unsecured wireless networks, called Opportunistic Wireless Encryption. This would enable users to connect without a password, but not allow any other connected users to see that traffic. Although not a mandatory part of the WPA3 specification, Aruba think OWE will be vital in securing the unsecured.

Mark Your Calendars: Mobility Field Day 3

In this video, Rowell Dionicio discusses coming back for his third Mobility Field Day. He discusses what he expects to hear from each of the presenters, including Arista, who recently acquired previous presenter Mojo Networks. There are a lot of new faces on the delegate side, and Rowell is looking forward to the discussions and perspectives that they will bring.

CTS 116: Aruba Atmosphere 2018

The Clear to Send podcast posted an episode looking at what they saw at Aruba Atmosphere this year. They highlight the sessions attended, the Tech Field Day panel discussions, and the Cape Networks acquisition news.