MoSMB, Less Problems

MoSMB from Ryussi offers a proprietary SMB3 alternative to SAMBA for Linux and Unix systems. Rich Stroffolino looks at it’s feature set and why this may be the sweet spot for many NAS vendors looking for something more robust than SAMBA.

Storage Field Day 12 Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview

Adam Bergh wrote up his thoughts after the first day of Storage Field Day, held last week in Silicon Valley. First up was Ryussi with their MoSMB solution. Adam found it an interesting SMB3 stack, ideally suited for scalable environments due to it’s lightweight and performance considerations. Starwind then presented, and Adam enjoyed hearing about their Cloud Gateway hardware, basically a hard drive without the drive to make cloud storage more addressable to your server. Elastifile presented about their distributed file system for block storage on Linux, using a very interesting consistency algorithm to keep performance from suffering. Finally, to finish the day, Excelero presented, launching their NVMesh solution. Adam was impressed when he saw 2.4 million IOPs at 0.2ms latency using relatively inexpensive hardware.

Ryussi – Or Why Another SMB Stack Is Handy

First time Storage Field Day company Ryussi presented at last week’s event, showing off MoSMB, their SMB3 stack. Dan Frith wrote up his thoughts on the solution. Dan thinks it could be an interesting solution for companies not comfortable with the terms of open source alternatives, like Samba.

Ryussi MoSMB – High performance SMB

Chin-Fah Heoh saw a presentation from first time Storage Field Day company Ryussi, and they were talking about their MoSMB product, a proprietary SMB stack. Chin-Fah wondered what benefits it has over SAMBA, which has a long legacy and is free. Unlike SAMBA, MoSMB is designed for high availability and more demanding workloads. It also has support for enterprise grade applications like MS SQL and MSCS. Chin-Fah thinks there’s definitely an eager market for an enterprise-grade network file share system, and MoSMB seems up to the task.