Cribl: A Refreshing Approach to Product – XFD8

After attending Cribl’s presentation at Security Field Day in November, Vince Schuele thinks Cribl’s customer first approach is a “refreshing way to provide training, resources, and product information.” Read his thoughts on the IP Architechs website.

Networking Field Day: Service Provider – Arista VPLS

Vince Schuele attended this past Networking Field Day: Service Provider, where he took a special interest on the presentation from Arista Networks. Take a look at what Vince has to say!

Underlays and Overlays – A Networking Field Day Service Provider Retrospective

Nick Buraglio, Vince Schuele, Kevin Myers, and Chris Cummings discuss the latest technology on service providers that was highlighted at the very first Networking Field Day: Service Provider this past December. Check out the latest podcast from a few of our Field Day delegates and their thoughts!

A Service Provider Network Is Not Your Enterprise Network

Join Gestalt IT’s, Tom Hollingsworth as he brings on Nick Buraglio, Chris Cummings, and Vince Schuele, a panel of service provider networking experts, for the latest On-Premise IT RoundTable. They will be dissecting the differences between the traditional enterprise network and a service provider or transit network. Find out the ultimate goals of your infrastructure and who the customer is for a service provider network.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Vince Schuele

We are excited to welcome Vince Schuele as a delegate at the upcoming Networking Field Day: Service Provider event in December! Learn more about Vince here!

Vince Schuele

Network architect with passion for disruptive innovation