Spinning Disk Use Cases Are Getting Smaller

Jim Jones shares his perspective on the evolving landscape of data storage, noting the diminishing number of use cases for spinning disk technology in his latest blog post. As the performance gap between spinning disks and SSDs continues to widen, he explores the implications for enterprises and their storage strategies. Dive into his analysis to understand the current state of storage solutions and the direction in which the industry is headed.

Computational (DNA) Storage – End of Evolution Part 4

Ray Lucchesi explains the progression of DNA storage as presented by SNIA at the recent Storage Field Day event. The author explains the concept of computational storage in DNA strands and elaborates on the potential efficiency of this methodology in terms of data density and orchestration. The article implies that the technology is still in its nascent phase with accuracy rates around 70-80%, but suggests a promising future with the incorporation of innovative features like error-correcting codes (ECC).

Storage Short Take #69

In J Metz’s latest “Storage Short Take,” he covers a wide variety of topics in the storage industry, from Ceramic Nano Memory to the Storage Developer Conference and new developments in storage media. The blog touches on important industry updates like NodeWeaver’s bare-metal operating system, No-Code configuration tool, and the evolving approach of Nyriad. Additionally, it highlights SNIA’s new technical white paper on Storage Security, Encryption, and Key Management, and preparatory updates for SuperComputing 23.

155: GreyBeards SDC23 Wrap Up Podcast With Dr. J Metz, Technical Dir. Of Systems Design AMD and Chair of SNIA BoD

Dr. J Metz, Technical Director of Systems Design at AMD and Chair of SNIA BoD, recently made a guest appearance on the GreyBeards on Storage podcast, detailing highlights from the Storage Developers Conference 2023 and Storage Field Day and charting the ongoing research directions of SNIA. The discussion touched on topics from DNA data storage and Smart Data Transfer Interfaces (SDXI) to challenges and future opportunities in storage and memory sectors. With a track record of deconstructing complex systems and technologies, Dr. Metz’s expertise in storage networking constitutes essential listening for professionals and enthusiasts in the IT industry.

Storage Field Day 26 Is Headed to SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference

Stephen Foskett announces the upcoming Storage Field Day 26, set to take place on September 20th and 21st, in collaboration with SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference. In this highly-anticipated tech event, industry leaders and delegates will dive deep into the future of storage technology, exploring areas such as cybersecurity, data management, application performance, and artificial intelligence. With exciting presentations, roundtable discussions, live broadcasts and podcasts, Storage Field Day 26 promises a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic evolution and disruptive potential of storage technologies.