CFD13 – Day 3 – Kubernetes Resource Management

Adam Post, a Field Day delegate, gives us a deep dive into the presentation from StormForge at this past Cloud Field Day! StormForge presented on a solution that is focused on observation of existing deployments, correction recommendations and automated remediation. Adam explains how this solution evolved because of customer demand, check out his thoughts here!

CFD13 – Day 2 – Cloud-Based Recovery Vaults

Metallic, a Commvault company, presented at this past Cloud Field Day and made for an interesting conversation, according to Adam Post, a Field Day delegate. Take a look at Adam’s thoughts on Metallic’s presentation!

CFD13 – Day 1 – “The Cloud” Acquiesces to Enterprise Storage

Adam Post, a Field Day delegate, dives into the partnership between NetApp and AWS that was discussed during the roundtable discussion at this past Cloud Field Day! Their joint partnership has resulted in a fully-fledged cloud service, where the functionality of ONTAP is hosted and exposed using the same approach as other core AWS services. Take a look at Adam’s thoughts here!

CFD 11 – Day 3 – No One Cares About Backups

In his coverage of the final day of June’s Cloud Field Day event, Adam Post discusses a common denominator task of nearly every IT admin: backups. The piece then goes on to speak about the presentation by Kasten, whose product provides backups to Kubernetes deployment. You’ll find the entire post at

CFD 11 – Day 2 – It’s All About the Ingress

This piece by Adam Post covers his time as a delegate during June’s Cloud Field Day event. Specifically, he hones in on NGINX and their cloud-based ingress controller. Read on for Post’s “Semi Technical” breakdown of the product, and watch NGINX’s Cloud Field Day presentations for more info.

CFD11 – Day 1 – Storage Is Still Hard

We kicked off Cloud Field Day on Wednesday of this week! Delegate Adam Post covers Day 1 of the event in this blog, which he titles “Storage is Still Hard.” In it, he takes a closer look at MinIO’s presentation and solution. Adam notes, “They take a focused, software-defined approach and rely on a distributed, containerized architecture to aggregate local units of storage into a centralized pool for shared consumption.” Be sure to check out Adam’s blog for more of his thoughts from Cloud Field Day!

Architecture, Governance and Multi-Cloud: Takeaways From TFDx at VMworld

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld had a lot of great technical deep dive content. There was also a great Cloud Roundtable discussion, which we were fortunate to have Adam Post participate in. Be sure to check out this post with his takeaways from the talk.

TFDx @ DTW ’19 – Get to Know: Big Switch

Adam Post is a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World this week. He’s hearing from Big Switch at the event, and in this post, he’s giving an overview of the company and a preview of what he wanted to hear more about. In his view, Big Switch’s recent partnership with Dell EMC to OEM Big Switch products is another signal of Dell’s commitment to open networking. He reviews some of their recently announcement hardware along those lines, and how it interacts with Big Switch Networks Big Cloud Fabric.

TFDx @ DTW ’19 – Get to Know: Kemp

Ahead of the Tech Field Day Extra presentations at Dell Tech World 2019, Adam Post is taking a look at some of the presenters. In this post, he focuses on Kemp. Ahead of the show, the company announced it had the only load balancer to be certified under the Dell EMC Select program for use with Dell EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage. Adam runs down why load balancing is needed in a scale-out storage solution, and he’s looking forward to a deep dive on it during their presentation.

TFDx @ DTW ’19 – Get to Know: Liqid

Adam Post is out at Dell Tech World and will be a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at the event. He’s taking a look at some of the presenters, giving Liqid a look in this post. He thinks the company has an interesting take on composable infrastructure, made possible by recent advancements in interconnects and fabrics. For Adam, composabile infrastructure as a category may still be a work in progress, but what he’s seen from Liqid shows they are going in the right direction.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Adam Post

We consciously work to make sure that we invite new delegate voices to all our events, and Cloud Field Day is no exception. Adam Post will be joining us for the first time at the event. Before you hear him around the table, be sure to read Gestalt IT’s profile of him to find out how he got into IT, where he sees IT going in the near term, and what the biggest challenges facing the industry are.

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