Infrascale Recovery for SMBs

Infrascale continues to focus on SMBs with its portfolio of data protection products, and Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, continues to be impressed by what they have to offer. At last year’s Storage Field Day, Infrascale mainly focused on Disaster Recovery. Justin was very intrigued by what they had to offer, look at his thoughts here!

CTERA Global File Sharing With Modern Security

CTERA is storage software for a global filesystem accessible from anywhere in your organization. Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, discusses this multi-cloud but also private storage software that CTERA presented at Storage Field Day last year. Take a look at Justin’s thoughts here!

Tape Lives! At Fujifilm

Have you heard about FujiFilm’s new product, FujiFilm Object Archive? They presented this product at the latest Storage Field Day! Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, explains that this is basically AWS Glacier but for inside your datacenter. Check out Justin’s thoughts on this S3 compatible API for accessing data that will integrate with anything else that speaks S3!

Disclosure: #SFD22 Edition

Take a look into what Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, received Komprise and FujiFilm for participating in August’s Storage Field Day! From towels, to pens, to bookbags, and more, we love to see our delegates being so spoiled by these swag boxes from the different presenting companies! Check out what else Justin received!

Komprise Is Klever

The way Komprise handles the movement of data is quite nifty. Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, discusses the new auto-tiering solution that Komprise presented at last month’s Networking Field Day. Check out Justin’s post to see how this new Komprise solution can index metadata from primary file data!

Endlich: LTO-9 Ist Da!

If you are anything like Wolfgang Stief, you are very excited that LTO9 was finally announced in mid-September! Wolfgang, a Field Day delegate, expands on his thoughts of tape and how it’s a reliable and mature basic technology that gets the expected amount of data under control in the long term. Check out Wolfgang’s post for more in depth information!

Storage Field Day 22 – Wrap-Up and Link-O-Rama

We love to see our delegates enjoying their time at Storage Field Day! Check out Dan Frith’s blog,, for the most recent topics discussed in early August. Dan also highlights other delegates that attended, be sure to check them out!

Fujifilm Releases LTO-9 Tape Series

Today’s IT professionals need ways to securely store massive amounts of data while also limiting their effects on the environments and their budgets to boot. Writing for GestaltIT, Zach DeMeyer covers Fujifilm’s release on their new LTO-9 tape that drives to serve the needs of environmentally conscious organizations. Check out Zach’s take on Fujifilm’s new release!

Pure Storage – Pure1 Makes Life Easy

Dan Frith shares his opinions on Pure Storage’s Pure1, which he witnessed as a delegate at their recent Storage Field Day presentation. This post details his thoughts on their cloud service, and how it works in the real world. Read the piece to learn more!

Storage Short Take #35

The Doctor is in, as J Metz takes a swing at what’s net and noteworthy in the world of storage. This piece covers all of his takeaways from recent events, including Storage Field Day. Read the post for more info.

Pure1 by Pure Storage Optimizes Hybrid Storage Management

With legacy and cloud storage solutions at play in many IT environments, managing across each storage array holistically can be a challenge. Writing for GestaltIT, Zach DeMeyer expands on how Pure Storage, who appeared at August’s Storage Field Day, has innovated their Pure1 solution to be a one-stop-shop for hybrid storage management. Check out Zach’s take for more!

CTERA – Storage the Way Your Users Want It

There are many problems to solve around unstructured data but don’t fret, Storage Field Day presenters like CTERA are offering solutions! Writing on his blog,, Dan Frith shares his thoughts with unstructured data and the solutions being proposed. Check out Dan’s take for more!

Analytics-Driven Unstructured Data Management From Komprise

Our world is becoming increasingly digitized, and as such, the general amount of data — especially unstructured data — continues to rise to astronomical proportions. Komprise combats this through their analytics-driven data management solution, which they showcased at August’s Storage Field Day event. Read this piece for full context.

CTERA: Multi-Cloud Unstructured Data Management

CTERA realizes the need for multi-cloud data management, especially unstructured data. At the recent Storage Field Day event, they presented their solution for the issue. Read this piece to learn what they presented.

Handling Object Storage at Scale With Fujifilm Object Archive

During August’s Storage Field Day event, Fujifilm presented their enterprise-grade object storage solution. This piece covers their presentations, including the success of their enterprise storage vertical and how their product bridges the gap between tape and the cloud. Read the whole piece for more info.

Intel – It’s About Getting the Right Kind of Fast at the Edge

After watching Intel present during August’s Storage Field Day event, Dan Frith shares the opinions he developed as a delegate in this piece. In particular, he covers the problem of content delivery networks (CDNs), and how Intel is positioned to solve it. Read the whole post to learn more!

Intel and Lightbits Labs Make Storage Optimization Easy

During August’s Storage Field Day presentations, Intel detailed how they have integrated with Lightbits Labs to optimize enterprise IT storage. This post describes the events of the presentation and what the combined technology approach is capable of. Read the piece and watch the Intel + Lightbits presentation for more information.

Streamlining BDR With DRaaS From Infrascale

In a day and age riddled with malware and ransomware, Infrascale offers their BDR product as a solution to the problem. In their recent Storage Field Day appearance, Infrascale showcased the product, and how it serves the need of enterprise IT practitioners. Read the full coverage post for more details.

Fujifilm Object Archive – Not Your Father’s Tape Library

At the recent Storage Field Day event, Dan Frith watched Fujifilm’s presentations as a delegate. This post covers his takes on their tape-based storage solution. Please read on to learn more!

Komprise – It’s About Data, Not Storage

Dan Frith shares his time as a delegate during the Komprise portion of the recent Storage Field Day event he attended. In this post, he breaks into the concept of data-driven storage that Komprise showcased, and how it affects IT admins. Read on for the entirety of Frith’s thoughts and opinions on the matter.