Storage Field Day 22: Ein Ausblick

We’ll see Wolfgang Stief as a delegate at this week’s Storage Field Day! In this piece on the German Data://Disrupted blog, Wolfgang gives an overview of the presenting companies he’ll be hearing from. He also encourages viewers to ask questions using #SFD22 and one of the delegates will ask and report back. Be sure to follow Wolfgang on Twitter at @SpeicherStief for all of his thoughts during the event!

Storage Field Day #22

Christian Mohn will be returning as a delegate to this week’s Storage Field Day! It has been over ten years since Christian has joined us, and we are so excited to have him back! We’ll be streaming the event live Wednesday-Friday this week. Be sure to tune in and follow along with #SFD22!

The On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast: It’s Time to Embrace the Bottlenecks in Storage

Christian Mohn joined us on the Gestalt IT On-Premise IT Roundtable Podcast to discuss bottlenecks in storage and how it’s important to match bottlenecks to the position in the infrastructure stack and application. He was joined by moderator Stephen Foskett and panelists David Klee and Rob Koper. You’ll see Christian, David, and Rob as delegates at this week’s Storage Field Day!

I’ll Be at Storage Field Day 22

We’ll see Dan Frith on the delegate panel at Storage Field Day this week! He’ll be hearing from six presenting companies at the event. Be sure to follow Dan on Twitter at @PenguinPunk for his thoughts on the presentations. Thanks for joining us, Dan!

Announcing Storage Field Day 22, August 4-6, 2021

Storage Field Day is this week! We’ve got a great lineup of presenters and delegates for this event. Tune in Wednesday through Friday to hear from companies such as Pure Storage, Infrascale, and Komprise. Be sure to watch live and follow along with #SFD22 on Twitter!

Storage Field Day #22 — Here We Go

Storage Field Day returns this week, and Christian Mohn will be joining us as a delegate! It has been over ten years since Christian participated, and he will be hearing from companies such as Infrascale, CTERA, and Fujifilm. Be sure to tune in Wednesday through Friday this week for the live event and look for Christian on the delegate panel! You can also follow along on Twitter using #SFD22.