Network Field Day 23

Delegate Tony Efantis talks about his experience at the last Networking Field day event earlier this year. He notes that although the in-person socializing can be missing with virtual events, they still provide excellent information and engagement from industry leaders. Also, Tony mentions some of his favorite presenters from Networking Field Day including mini awards for Air Vine, PathSolutions, and Broadcom. We miss the in-person camaraderie too, Tony! We’re grateful to Tony for taking the time to attend this event and we’re looking forward to seeing him and our presenters in-person in the future!

Network Field Day 22

Tony Efantis wrote up this piece looking back at Networking Field Day. An in-person event, Tony got to see first hand, not just the excellent presentations from a wide swath of networking companies, but to experience the community aspects that go on behind the scenes. We’re glad that Tony found the experience to be “magical”, and we’re happy that we’re able to keep the magic going with our virtual Field Day events too!

Network Field Day 22 – DriveNets

Tony Efantis attended his first Networking Field Day event, and thought DriveNets really set a high bar with their kickoff presentation. They showed how they’ve created a horizontally scalable routing platform by completely disaggregating the software from the hardware. While that may sound like a like of buzzwords, Tony was happy to see DriveNets offered a truly unique approach to routing that really makes them stand out in an increasingly crowded market. While horizontal scale isn’t something that every organization needs, Tony sees it as a natural fit for service providers and cloud scalers where growth is rapid and seemingly never ending. DriveNets lets its customers add resources as needed in the form of adding nodes. Be sure to dig into his full piece for all his thoughts, then jump into DriveNets’ presentation video.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Tony Efantis

Tony Efantis may be a new face to Networking Field Day, but not to networking. As a CCIE and Cisco Champion, we can’t wait to have his expertise around the delegate table. In this interview with Gestalt IT, he shares his origin story with both technology in general and his IT career specifically. Besides his networking background, he gets into his musical and skateboarding past in the piece, and talks about where he sees IT going in the coming years. We’re thrilled to have Tony join the delegate ranks and can’t wait to hear his thoughts on the experience.

Tony Efantis

Networking and Security professional supporting the DoD in network visibility and perimeter network defense.