What Will HPE Do With Silver Peak? | Gestalt IT Rundown: July 15, 2020

In this episode of the Gestalt IT Rundown, Rich Stroffolino and Tom Hollingsworth breakdown the recent acquisition of Silver Peak by HPE. The SD-WAN company will be integrated into HPE’s Aruba business unit. Tom and Rich have seen Silver Peak at Networking and Cloud Field Day events in the past, and are well versed in their portfolio. They see the acquisition as a further bolstering of HPE’s ambitions with Aruba. We can’t wait to see the first fruits of this exciting acquisition.

Routers Getting Routered – Silver Peak SD-WAN

At Networking Field Day last month, Silver Peak made the argument that their SD-WAN appliances should replace routers in an enterprise deployment. As a delegate at the event, Orhan Ergun was impressed by their Unity Orchestrator SD-WAN controller, which provided a single tool for statistics , advanced reporting, configuration and maintenance. That combined with a very flexible feature set and zero-touch provisioning made Orhan think Silver Peak won’t have a problem fulfilling their router replacement promise.

Automating the Mundane with Silver Peak

Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at what Silver Peak presented at Networking Field Day. The SD-WAN company doesn’t just stop at basic SDN automation. SDN has long been used for automatic VLAN provisioning for ports, but Silver Peak showed how their automation can handle even more mundane tasks, like an RMA process. This takes it off the plate of admin busy work, and frees up productivity.

Silver Peak is Serious about SD-WAN

Silver Peak’s presentation at Networking Field Day last month got Pete Welcher thinking. He thinks the company made a well timed jump from WAN appliances to SD-WAN, with their Unity EdgeConnect being their unified SD-WAN offering. Their presentation made the case for replacing traditional WAN routers with SD-WAN devices. Pete looks at some of the technical benefits and drawbacks to that approach.

BiB 063: Can An SD-WAN Device Replace A WAN Router?

On this episode of Briefings in Brief, Ethan Banks looks at what Silver Peak presented at Networking Field Day last month. The SD-WAN company focused their Field Day presentation on how their solutions can be replacements for conventional WAN routers. Ethan looks at if WAN routers are the ancient devices Silver Peak presented, and if an SD-WAN device is a suitable replacement.

Meet Wayne McFarkus

Al Rasheed heard a deep dive from Silver Peak at Networking Field Day earlier this year. They have a unique approach to their SD-WAN solution, positioning it not just as software-defined, but rather self-driving. What stood out in their presentation was how their solution takes a business driven approach to networking, making it work for the needs of the business rather than the other way around. Al runs through everything the company showed at the event. Be sure to read it before watching their complete presentation video.

Anticipating Network Field Day 19 (NFD19)

The inimitable Pete Welcher returns as a Networking Field Day delegate next month. In this post, he previews the presenting companies. The roster is stacked for the event, including networking stalwarts like Cisco and Riverbed, emerging startups like Barefoot Network, Apstra, and Illumio, and those that Pete wants to see more from like Silver Peak, Kentik, and Bluecat Networks. You can catch all their presentation on our live stream during the event.

Still Backhauling All Internet-Bound Traffic To Your Data Center?

Many organizations depend on a hub-and-spoke model for performing enterprise-grade traffic inspections, but in this post James Green illustrates why this can prove insufficient for cloud first branch networks. He then highlights how a recent partnership between Riverbed and Zscaler allows for better overall WAN management and branch security. James originally saw this at Riverbed’s Tech Field Day presentation.

SD-WAN Series Part 3: Silver Peak EdgeConnect

Eyvonne Sharp continues her excellent video series looking at SD-WAN. This time she’s talking about Silver Peak, who presented at Networking Field Day last month. Notably, due to their end-to-end control, Silver Peak is able to identify applications based on the very first packet received.

PQ Show 106: Whitebox, SD-WAN & More – An NFD14 Wrapup

It’s a Networking Field Day delegate super show on the latest episode of the PQ Show podcast! Greg Ferro, Drew Conry-Murray, Eyvonne Sharp, and Kevin Myers all give their impressions from Networking Field Day from January. SD-WAN, Whitebox networking, analytics, and orchestration are all on the table. Give it a listen and check out our video coverage for more details.

Introduction to SD-WAN

So you’ve heard about SD-WAN, but you still have some questions? Eyvonne Sharp made a video just for you. In this introduction, she lays out what the requirements of a complete SD-WAN solution are. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, she includes links to some specific company implementations from Networking Field Day!

Silver Peak’s End-to-End SD-WAN

There’s a lot of agreement in the enterprise about what is wanted out of an SD-WAN solution, but a lot of different ways of getting there. Rich Stroffolino looks at a solution from Silver Peak. Instead of using deep packet inspection, the company uses it’s end-to-end network control to derive their analytics. This allows for an understanding of network traffic from the very first packet, which allows the SD-WAN to be more secure and efficient. It’s a really interesting spin on this booming technology.

Sorting Through SD-WAN

The SD-WAN landscape can be a little tough to navigate. While the basic idea is easy enough to understand, every company out there seems to have their own implementation and market focus. Tom Hollingsworth thinks the moment of SD-WAN maturity is finally upon us. If anything, Tom thinks there might not be any more room for differentiation for new companies. Overall though, the space is really exciting, as it can only get easier to deploy and extend. 2017 may indeed be the year of SD-WAN!

A network geek pilgrimage

Kevin Myers is attending Networking Field Day this year. He’s excited to drink from the deluge of knowledge about to be poured his way. In this post, he talks about some of the topics he’s interested in getting more details about. One of them is SD-WAN. Kevin wants more under the hood details about specific mechanics. He’s also in seeing it an non-traditional applications, like Wireless ISP. We’ll be excited to see what Kevin’s takeaways are after the event. Stay tuned!

Redefining the WAN

Redefining the WAN

NFD11: Reviewing Silver Peak’s WAN Optimization Product

NFD11: Reviewing Silver Peak’s WAN Optimization Product

Thoughts On The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN Solution

Thoughts On The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN Solution

Silver Peak @ NFD11

Silver Peak @ NFD11

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD WAN – Is It Any Good?

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD WAN – Is It Any Good?

What is SD WAN?

What is SD WAN?