BLOG – NFD20 – SnapRoute

At Networking Field Day earlier this year, we were happy to have Rodrigo Rovere attend as a delegate. He’s written on quite a few of the presentation, and in this post turns his attention to SnapRoute. For their first Networking Field Day presentation, the company showed off their Cloud Native Network Operation System, which moves away from a monolithic approach and embraces a cloud-native architecture. Be sure to check out their full presentation video to get up to speed.

Keeping the Network OS Contained With SnapRoute

The monolithic network operating system isn’t the most exciting. For Tom Hollingsworth, the category had a “been there, done that” feel to it. That’s why what SnapRoute presented at Networking Field Day was so exciting. They showed a rethought approach to the NOS. Instead of making everything a process running on the kernel, they break things up into a Kubernetes container. Tom reviews the performance and monitoring implication in this piece.

Off the Cuff – NFD20 Wrap Up

From a rainy recording in Silicon Valley, Jordan Martin gathered together some fellow delegates from Networking Field Day to discuss what they heard at the event. They run down each presenter and discuss what stood out and struck their interest. Guests include Mario Gingras, Nick Shoemaker, Richard McIntosh, Brian Gleason, and Drew Conry-Murray.

SnapRoute – Is There Something New Happening in Networking?

SnapRoute launched their Cloud Native Network Operating System at Networking Field Day earlier this month. For Ed Horley, this marks a significant shift in thinking. It classifies networking as just another compute object with specific characteristics, one that is utilized to serve a workload. This takes networking from something apart, and sets it at the same level of the rest of the software-defined data center. It’s an interesting approach, and Ed digs into the implications in this piece.

Network Break 222: SnapRoute Launches Network OS; Carbonite Buys Webroot

In this episode of Network Break, the podcast crew looks at SnapRoute’s CN-NOS Demonstration from Networking Field Day, which was previously profiled in their Briefings in Brief show as well. Be sure to give it a listen to get their take on the event.

A Cloud-Native NOS, at Last!

Nicola Arnoldi was excited to hear form Snaproute at Networking Field Day last week. That’s because the company demoed their CN-NOS (Cloud Native NOS) for the first time. This uses a Kubernetes-API-centric approach to attempt to breakdown the wall between NetOps and DevOps. Nicola thinks this is as much a cultural as a technical divide, but CN-NOS provides a compelling tool to get everyone speaking on the same terms.