Introduction to Terraform

Snehal Patel attended Networking Field Day in April 2023 and was able to refresh his knowledge on Infrastructure-as-Code, specifically through a detailed demo of Terraform by HashiCorp. This first part of his 3-part blog series delves into Terraform basics, a tool that allows for the definition of infrastructure in code, its use with various platform providers, and how it approaches Create, Update, and Delete operations utilizing a declarative programming style. He also explores the transactional Terraform Workflow process consisting of Write, Plan, and Apply stages, and will continue with practical examples of creating Azure Network resources using Terraform in the next article.

Fortinet @ NFD20

In this post, Snehal Patel shares his thoughts on what he saw from Fortinet at Networking Field Day earlier this year. At the event, Fortinet showed off their secure SD-WAN solution. This is available as a feature on all Forinet devices, allowing customers to get more features out of things like Fortigate Firewalls. This was Snehal’s first time looking at Fortinet, and he was really impressed with their controllerless approach to SD-WAN.

Networking Field Day 20 Is Here

Snehal Patel joined us at Networking Field Day as one of our industry delegates. At the event, he got to hear from a jam packed selection of prominent networking companies and emerging startups. Be sure to check out our fully edited videos from each of presentations to see the same deep dives that Snehal did at the event.

Snehal Patel

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