SFD24: Studies in Autonomy & ES[G]

Jim Czuprynski saw two unifying themes at Storage Field Day in November: Autonomy and ESG. In Jim’s take, Dell and AWS mostly talked about automation, while Pure Storage and Solidigm discussed sustainability. Check out Jim’s thoughts about all four Storage Field Day presentations!

New Generation: Solidigms QLC Offers 192 Layers and More Writing Performance

This article from Tech Gaming Report discusses the recent Solidigm presentation at Storage Field Day. They focus on Solidigm’s QLC flash and the potential for ever-larger capacity SSDs with faster random write performance and enough longevity to keep up with years of use.

Low-Cost Storage for Read-Intensive Workloads With Solidigm’s Gen 4 QLC SSDs

Sulagna Saha shares her thoughts about low-cost storage for read-intensive workloads from Solidigm’s latest presentation at the Storage Field Day event. Check out her thoughts on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website for all of the Storage Field Day event presentations.

Solidigm’s 61 TB SSD Hopes to Vanquish HDDs

Francisco Pires discusses Solidigm’s latest presentation of their new 61TB SSD. Read his thoughts on his website, Tom’s Hardware, and be sure to watch Solidigm’s and all of the presentation from the latest Storage Field Day event on the Tech Field Day website!

Solidigm Roadmap Promises 61TB SSD

Check out this article featuring Solidigm’s presentation from the latest Storage Field Day event. Solidigm’s new SSD roadmap boasts 61TB complete with two drives, Essential Endurance and Value Endurance. You can watch all of the videos from Storage Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Storage Field Day Returns to Silicon Valley!

Storage Field Day returns! We will be live in Silicon Valley November 2 and 3, 2022, with presentations from Solidigm, Dell, AWS, Pure Storage, and Intel! Make sure to tune in live on LinkedIn or visit the the Tech Field Day website for more.