Gigamon (and Splunk and Phantom) at NFD16

In this piece, Terry Slattery shares his thoughts on what he saw from Gigamon at Networking Field Day this past November. The company presented with partners Splunk and Phantom, and showcased how their traditional packet broker and visibility products can be used for overall network security. Terry thought their central premise of the impossibility of total intrusion prevention was reasonable. Instead the company’s Defender Lifecycle Model showcases how the company is working with partners to use big data and machine learning to make the most of the packet information collected.

What is your netflow strategy?

Network flow data will only increase as network traffic grows within organizations. Nick Buraglio shares a review of various solutions on how to address and monitor flows, from Solarwinds, Splunk, Arbor, and more. In the end, his takeaway isn’t that one solution is inherently superior. Rather that there are a number of options for budgets and scale, so there’s no reason not to have something

NFD16 – Gigamon and Splunk (with a Dash of Phantom)

At Gigamon’s Networking Field Day presentation last week, the emphasis was on how hard security is in the modern data center. The company showed how with their platform and partners like Splunk and Phantom, they can radically simplify this process and bring true visibility to your network traffic.