Micron Authenta: A Safety Seal for the Digital Age

Brian Knudtson reviewed Micron’s Authenta, which provides automatic, silicon-level integrity for a zero trust architecture. This article on Gestalt IT, sponsored by Micron, provides a review of Authenta following their presentation at Security Field Day in November 2022. Learn more about Micron Authenta by reading Brian’s article and watch their presentation videos on the Tech Field Day website!

118: GreyBeards Talks Cloud-Native Object Storage With Greg DiFraia, Scality and Stephen Bacon, HPE

In one of the latest GreyBeards On Storage Podcasts, Ray Lucchesi and Keith Townsend talk with HPE’s Stephen Bacon and Scality’s Greg DiFraia to talk about their joint partnership to release ARTESCA: a new cloud native object storage solution. The Scality-HPE solution ARTESCA was announced at a Tech Field Day Exclusive event last month where Ray was a delegate. On the podcast they discuss the direction of the IT world, edge solutions, and of course ARTESCA! Head over to the GreyBeards On Storage page to listen to the full, enlightening conversation

StorPool Review – Part 1 – Installation & Configuration

While attending Storage Field Day in 2019 as a delegate, Chris Evans had the chance to see StorPool present and was impressed with the their software. Chris just wrote the first part of a deep dive on StorPool and “how the distributed storage architecture works, how it performs and how it integrates into an on-premises public cloud strategy.” In Part 1, he takes an in-depth look into the underlying architecture and the concepts of the software as a whole. Be sure to check out the deep dive from Chris as well as the videos from StorPool’s multiple presentations on our website!

Kubernetes Persistent Storage Managed Well

Chin-Fah Heoh first saw StorPool back at Storage Field Day as a delegate more than a year ago and has followed their progress closely since then. In his blog, StorageGaga, he explores what he says are the many advantages of StorPool Storage and their market offering, including its expansion into managing Kubernetes services. Check out Chin-Fah’s full analysis of StorPool’s Kubernetes prowess on his blog.