BiB 26: Extreme Networks At NFD17 – Composing Workflows For Mean Time To Payrise

Greg Ferro and Drew Conry-Murray posted a Briefings in Brief episode on what they saw from Extreme Networks at Networking Field Day last week. They focus on their presentation reviewing their automation efforts with StackStorm and Workflow Composer. Once you listen to the episode, be sure the checkout the full video of Extreme Networks presentation for yourself.

Introduction to StackStorm

Automation is east, but autonomy is hard. Matt Oswalt thinks the answer to making it a little easier is event-driven automation. This allows an engineer to eliminate the weakest part of any system, human error. Instead, by setting up automation event conditions ahead of time, the system can step in when needed. Matt goes through how StackStorm makes this happen. StackStorm has a wide range of support, and a number of different sensors and triggers to make this kind of setup possible.